It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Hidy-ho readers. What time is it on your clock? I had time to sit down and prep this post Sunday morning which is what I generally like to do for a book post. Mondays can be hard after a weekend as you know. Plus I’ve been kickin’ my butt into gear again on the workout track. Last week I power walked three times with two of the days having follow-up weight and crunches sessions. By Friday, I decided to roller blade, giving a nearby neighbor some comic relief during his gardening stint when I freaked out at the coming truck while I was about to head out of a court and instead swerved around and fell; it’s not easy trying to get back up on inline skates. While he looked on in concern, I yelled I was okay and took off. Despite that, I was able to get in near 13 miles last week. But oh boy, each time after the adrenaline rush died down I’d sit in front of here and feel the fatigue come down, not being motivated to do much else.

So while I’ve been gone, I’ve been doing some light reading in different formats:

  1. Audiobook
  2. Kindle
  3. Paperback.

I. Audiobooks, Overdrive Listen


I really love the convenience of audiobooks. They are a great accompaniment to my knitting. Can you believe I have listened to 10 of them so far?dyeingwishes

Right after I had finished Last Wool and Testament, I jumped right into Dyeing Wishes. I was still ridin’ off the high of a good cozy and this second installment started off with a bang! I rubbed my hands in glee ready to listen to another good tale, but, (yes there is that but) I felt this plot was all over the place. I felt there was reaching in the dark and boy was it slow. I made myself stick with it and when it was all wrapped up, I was not impressed. I was disappointed. So I’m going to give book three a chance and if it sucks, I won’t be continuing this series. Two stars.
crimepoetryCrime and Poetry was a much better listen. I wanted to get out of the knitting world and try something else. It was interesting to listen to bits of poetry, a genre I’m not too familiar with, sprinkled throughout the plot. I liked how the murder was connected to just one poet’s works. I do have to admit though that I didn’t quite pick up fully the connections with the poetry verses to the storyline. I probably could have listened a bit closer and plan to do so with the second book. I do like the protagonist. I’m not sure I like the old boyfriend who the author has as the love interest. I’ll reserve judgement when I try out the next installment. Three stars.
killercollectionI finished A Killer Collection most recently. I enjoyed learning tidbits about pottery. It’s a subject I’m not knowledgeable about so the audiobook held my attention. I liked the protagonist, Molly, and how she was a real woman who had struggles and insecurities many of us have today. I found the murder mystery to be relevant to the potters and collectors. I look forward to listening to the second book. Three stars for this one.

II. Kindle


This Kindle book was actually a two-in-one. There are two titles that make up this eBook: The Quiche of Death and The Vicious Vet.

The title you see there, Introducing Agatha Raisin, is definitely true to its name. I definitely was introduced to Agatha. I didn’t know what to make of her in the beginning. She is quite a character! Agatha can be like a grown up toddler who needs to get her way any means necessary and boy is she crotchety. By the second book, I liked her more and damn, some of her antics had me LOLing! I think Agatha was balanced by the other characters in the village who you also get to know well. Three stars. I will continue this series for sure.

III. Paperbacks

I decided to revist the Bridgertons as I had no other book to read in the car when I was taking a break from knitting. In a week I was able to knock out books six and seven in this series. When He was Wicked, is about the sixth child, Francesca. She widowed young and suddenly finds herself attracted to the cousin of her late husband, a rake who had been a close friend and who actually loved her from the first moment he had met her. And so begins the changes and uncertainty. I appreciated how Julia Quinn came at this storyline from a different angle and gave Francesca different circumstances from which to start on, but I was a bit bored during this read. Two stars.

It’s in His Kiss is about the eighth child, Hyacinth. What a change this plot was from the last book. She and her love interest were witty. I really enjoyed their banter and interactions. Four stars.

Currently Listening To

  1. Murder is Binding (A Booktown Mystery #1) by Lorna Barrett

Currently Reading

  1. A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley

What the Crew’s Reading

  1. The nine-year old is reading Alexis Cupcake Crush (Cupcake Diaries #28) by Coco Simon
  2. The tween’s reading The Right Track by Harmony Jones
  3. Husband is reading the same, nonfiction Kindle books mentioned in past posts (he only reads at dinner).

It feels good to knock out this post. I dislike it when my read pile gets backlogged. I hope your week is starting off well. Have a good Monday and TTYL.


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Wow, roller blading! I am impressed, but don’t think that means I’d ever do it…lol. I’m glad audio works for you…I don’t think I’d remember any details afterwards for my reviews, though. I have to take notes and visualize the words in order to remember. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES


  2. I love that you include what the rest of your family is reading! I’m always on the lookout for new books for my kids. 🙂

    Audiobooks seem a perfect choice for knitting. I tend to listen to mine while cooking or cleaning up the kitchen.


  3. Good job on the workouts, sound like you have that under control! I wish I could do audio- maybe I could if I tried, but I get distracted and it takes longer too, seems like. Still, it would be convenient…

    I like Ellery adams and have read a few of her cozies but I’m not familiar w/ that one.


  4. Glad you weren’t hurt when you fell rollerblading. Now that’s something I haven’t done in many years. Wishing you all the best with your workout routine.


  5. What a great week of workouts! I’m impressed! Roller blading sounds….. hectic. 😉 I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself and I hope that it was a lot of fun other than the beginning!

    I have been listening to Harry Potter #6 for a while now and I am really enjoying it although I don’t normally do audio. I am trying to stick at it!

    I hope you’ve been having a lovely week otherwise and that it’s as good at least as the last!


  6. Not sure how I missed all your posts. They are just showing up in my Bloglovin’ feed now! Wow ten audio already. That is amazing. Not sure where I am but about half that number! I just finished an 18 and half hour one and now on a 16hr one, the longer ones seem to cut down the number of books I get read! But too bad, I am listening to what I want.


  7. Your outdoor adventures are inspiring! I can’t wait to get outside again! Darn Michigan.

    I love M.C. Beaton, but I read the Hamish Macbeth series. I read one Agatha Raisin and had a tough time with her ~ it sounds like I need to give her another shot though!


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