A Year of Projects, Week 36

Good morning. How has the first weekend of March been for you? The husband and I have been up while I suspect our daughters are still huddled in their beds. It poured last night so everywhere is wet and muddy, but today may be on and off rain. Today will be one of chillaxin’ after yesterday.

Yesterday our crew had a full day out, traveling up to the city to spend QT with their Ninoong and Ganma and our godsons. Our two families met up at Park Chow. My oldest godson, AJ, was happy to see his godsisters, wanting to sit by one. His rascal brother, E, dissed me the whole day until it was time to go our separate ways, LOL. I had the salmon hash, copying my fraternity brother who ordered it. It was good. I seriously wolfed it down, starving as I was. What a sight to break open the poached egg and see it run down the mix of smoked salmon, cabbage, and home-dried potatoes. I’m so glad I had ordered this entrée.

We took a walk around the ninth avenue shops which was great because I never really explored that area before. I was happy to see Green Apple Books opened up a site there; three of the kids each scored a book to take home. After thoroughly hitting the J family’s favorite spots, all of us drove over to the mall for some more walking and catching up. I marveled at the changes in the mall as it’s been two years since I’ve last visited it. I used to go every Monday to knit with Purl & Sympathy. And boy was it packed because of the muggy, wet weather.


There has been some progress the past two weeks. Last week I was MIA with having gone to STITCHES West; some of you only follow me on Sundays or have seen my IG posts but you can read about it here in full detail if you’re curious. I also posted about Speckle Me Waffles already this past Thursday, taking part in Once Upon a Sock. BTW, if you’re a big fan of knitting socks, you are more than welcome to join us.

I got in a few more rounds on Pink Flamingo on the Lawn (also a part of My Sister’s Knitter’s Stash Down 2017 KAL):


You can see the colorwork section is bolder. Because I was shooting a picture higher up, that section looks dark. Below is a close up that shows the true color of Madelinetosh’s Forestry.


I just started round 20 of the chart. I only have 8 more to go! This project is perfect to work on while I have an audiobook running on Overdrive Listen.

That’s all I got for today. Have a good Sunday and TTYL.


10 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 36

  1. What a fun outing…..it doesn’t get better than good people, good food and a yarn shop! I adore that sweater and would love to join your sock group as I need all the support I can get! BTW, I made the fried rice with shrimp recipe that you talked about a few weeks ago. Very good but I have a feeling it will be even better after sitting overnight in the frig.


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