Once Upon a Sock, two

OMGosh, first Thursday of the month already?! く(^_・)ゝ I had it in the back of my mind but I totally blanked out until I saw the posts of my fellow sock bloggers:

Katherine of fiber and sustenance

Paula of Spin a Yarn

Kat of Felinity Knits

Maggie (on break) of Project(s) in Progress


I have a bit of progress since my last YOP post. My first Blueberry Waffles sock is complete! ୧☉□☉୨ Yay!

I knitted an afterthought heel in Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock in the colorway, pumpkin. The heel is from Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern which has two addendums. I used her notes for an alternative way to close up the gaps at the corners:

I am pleased with the results as I feel the look of those corners flow with the broken rib of the Blueberry Waffles pattern. I would definitely use this addendum again.

I also liked how Susan modified her way of doing Kitchener Stitch which I used for the heels:

I was using a slightly different way I had found on Pinterest but found sometimes I would still get a doggy ear on one side. With Susan’s method, I got the best results.

I’ve already started on the second sock. Fatigue in my hands, wrists, and forearms have been on and off so that’s why I’ve haven’t gotten as much done as I would have liked these past two weeks. It’s really irritating ʅ(‾‸◝)ʃ because I’ve been knitting for over eight years and this level of aches hasn’t happened before until late February. So I listen to my body and stop knitting to rest. *sighs* I do what I can.

Okay to check my chamomile tea. Thank you for kickin’ it with me. TTYL.


13 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, two

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  2. I love the contrast color with that yarn! And yay for taking different patterns and using what works for you. I hear you on the pain…mines been doing much better so I hope yours does too. The best thing in the world is to rest it before you have to go months without knitting. I’m off to link you up!


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  5. Wow. You really made those socks come alive. They are just lovely!!!! Sounds basic, but do you stretch yourfingers/hands before and during knitting? Try little knitting here and there not a big block of knitting. Were you tight with the sock yarn? Oh there I go , Unsolicited advice… Big hugs


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  7. I love how neat and tidy the corners of your heel looks by using the new pick-up technique. Great job getting rid of the doggy ears too! Hope your wrists & hands are feeling better. It’s annoying to have to take breaks but so necessary in order to avoid long term problems. I’ve been setting a timer on my phone to remind myself to get up and stretch every 15 minutes.


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