A Year of Projects, Week 34


Aloha. Mahalo plenty for all of your recent visits. I think this is the first time I’ve blogged so many times this week. I feel sharing recipes can be inspiring especially when figuring out what to make for dinner can be such a chore. I also like sharing tidbits of our ohana’s lives. I’m on IG a lot and don’t follow ppl who just post their products taken in a picture perfect setting. I like seeing someone keepin’ it real. I like to learn a bit about that person and see WIP’s.


Speckle Me Waffles

(・・。)ゞ Hmmm…in looking back on older posts of YOP1617 it seems I haven’t posted (Old progress has been flashed on IG.) at all about this pair of socks. Kristin/Voolenvine of the Yarngasm Podcast is hosting her second annual Box of Sox 2017 KAL. Last year I forlornly watched from the sidelines; I had wanted to participate but was already stressed out from Christmas sock knitting.

So this year I gleefully was ready to jump in but knew I had to finish Frankie and the twins. Chompin’ at the bit, I did cast on while Kale and Peppermint were on the DPN’s but stopped after I had reached a leg length of 6 inches.

This pattern is Blueberry Waffles, a free pattern – knitted by over 4K knitters – I have admired and have wanted to knit for ages. I am using a skein of Black Trillium Fibre Studio in their 100% merino base, Pebble Sock; the colorway is OOAK, or one of a kind. I had won this speckled yarn in (Knit Equals Joy) Carol E. Herman‘s massive Leap Year Giveaway last year. I wanted to use this particular skein for the pattern so I could see the stitch pattern and enjoy the speckles.

The cuff is 64 stitches. I had originally decreased down to a leg of 60 stitches but found the leg to have too much ease. So I ripped back to the cuff and decreased down to 56 stitches for the leg. Measuring the stitch pattern with my old, metal gauge ruler, I get about 8.5 stitches per inch; with a wet-blocking, the gauge should go down to 8.

Here’s a close up shot of the stitch pattern:


The green yarn is for my afterthought heel. I will be using Susan’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern for that. I debated upon what color to knit the heel. In digging around in my stash, the blues I have do not match at all; they’re all too light. I wish I had teal sock yarn as I am always drawn to that color but I firmly want to use what I have. There are speckles of orange in my sock and that would go with this Sweet Georgia sock yarn I have in an orange. Yippee on a color match!

Pink Flamingo on the Lawn

And guess what? I’ve gotten through more of the colorwork chart! Last Sunday you just saw this much. That was only about four rounds into it. Today you’re seeing more than halfway through the chart! Like I mentioned in that last post, I knit slower with two hands; I also need to watch it as my wrists and hands get affected by the way I’m holding everything and the way I’m using my hands.  I tried taking a break here and there but had to stop after a while because I had pain and had to take IB.

This jumper WIP along with the tween’s sweater and the twins are all entered into Stash Down 2017 of Andi/My Sister’s Knitter. You know all of us have WIP’s about that have been languishing around before this new year had started. Come and join in to get them done!

Well, I don’t know about you but my stomach is signaling hunger right about now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and TTYL.


15 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 34

  1. I like everything – WIPS, Progress pictures, FO’s, but yes — keep it real and let me see glimpses of your life from time to time. That really connects me and draws me to a person’s blog, and I suppose IG if I used it. I love all your WIPS! Very pretty yarns and beautiful work!


  2. I love the colors of that sweater! So pretty! All of these projects look amazing though. 🙂 We visited an alpaca farm over the weekend, and they had so many knit items made from their wool. It was pretty cool! We bought Wyatt a tiny finger puppet. Lol. They also had skeins of yarn from the alpacas for sale as well. I loved their furry poof heads!


  3. Okay, I just want to be you as a knitter. I always love your projects, yarns, colors and patterns you choose. Your socks are delightful and I have been looking at Voolenvine for awhile but I always miss out and the Blueberry Waffle pattern is also on my sock list which is getting as long as my to book list! LOL! I did go and print it out this time and that means it will not be forgotten.
    Your sweater is divine! How are you finding color work…I must say I am intimidated by it. Have you done it before? I need a simple one to start with just one color….2 hands? I can barely knit with one! LOL! I will jump in one of these days and your sweater is pushing me right over the edge! I think all your projects will be on my list! You are such a good knitter. Have a great week!


  4. I put the Blueberry Waffle Socks on my wish list as soon as I saw yours. I love the color you’ve chosen and I have to try the afterthought heel, I’ve never used this method. Your Pink Flamingo is growing quickly and beautifully!


  5. Steph your projects look great! I’m slogging through my baby blanket and look forward to doing something else, but the neighbors just announced they are expecting a baby boy!!


  6. lovely socks! I like using what I have but sometimes I cave. If I owned teal yarn I would send it to you 🙂 But I don’t…I’m gonna be doing an afterthought heel today and can’t wait to be done with my socks. Love your color knitting sweater (still).


  7. I’ve knit several blueberry waffle socks, it’s such a great pattern and fit perfectly. Yours look great, love that yarn and orange heels will be lovely. Your sweater is coming along nicely as well, the colourwork looks gorgeous.


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