Year of Projects, Week 33


Hi there. What are you doing this Sunday? It’s a chillaxin’ one for our crew. The girls are outside playing with the neighbor, soakin’ in some vitamin D, and the husband is out on his recovery run (He ran a 10K yesterday in San Leandro.) Would you believe YOP1617 is already 63% through?  For these first 33 weeks, I have posted 45% over the eight months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Eh, I do the best I can, yeah?

Like I promised yesterday, I have a post for today. Guess what? I do have an FO but if you only visit here on Sundays, please go here to yesterday’s post to see Kale and Peppermint. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t wait another day to blog about them!

I’m also happy to present progress on Pink Flamingo on the Lawn:


It’s hard to see the small start of the colorwork section as I couldn’t flatten out the curl where my circular is. Here is a close up of the colorwork in Madelinetosh Vintage in Forest:


It had hit me recently that should I knit the body to an inch above my natural waist, the colorwork section would be way down by my belly button and hips. So while I know this is supposed to be a cropped top and well, I don’t want it that cropped where I could only wear it with high-waisted skirts and pants – items I don’t wear often, I knitted the length for the largest size and proceeded onto the waist shaping. After that, the colorwork started.

With colorwork, I knit two-handed. That means I pick and throw. For you nonknitters, this video shows what I’m talkin’ about. The dominant color, green, is held in my left hand while the nondominant color of pink is held with my right. When I had taken classes now and then at Atelier Yarns in the city, that was how I was taught. I tried other ways but I came back to this way and it felt more comfortable. I do knit slower for colorwork. While that picture above doesn’t look like much, that was already seven rounds of the chart.

I feel really good about getting this far now for this WIP. Honestly, I want to get it done and move on. There is so much more I want to knit this year for myself! You know what I’m sayin’? Thank you for droppin’ by today. Have a good Sunday and TTYL.


24 thoughts on “Year of Projects, Week 33

    • Thank you. These colors are a bit out of my comfort zone, especially the grapefruit. I do love that green and really wanted to use it and that there was only one skein of it.


  1. Love those K&P socks…gorgeous! I have the pattern but have not tried it yet. Your Flamingo sweater is going to be a knock out! I always love your yarns and color combos….the pick and green are stunning together. Colorwork…hmmm…I think I have said that I was going to learn/do that this year or was that last year? LOL! One of these days anyway. Beautiful projects and so inspiring! TTYS!


  2. One has to run to recover from running? Who knew?!? lol And YOP16/17 is 63% over?!? NO – tell me it ain’t so! I just feel like I’m getting warmed up! I didn’t anticipate colorwork on your Pink Flamingo on the Lawn, but now that I step back and look at the name of the sweater, of course that makes perfect sense that you’d be tossing green in there. I think this is going to be awesome and while I’ve said it before, I really can’t wait to see the finished sweater. It’s looking beautiful!!!


  3. Very sweet color choice! Pink + green = aha! moment. Now the name makes total sense 😄 I wish that I was more coordinated and could knit two handed stranded colorwork. My usual way is to drop and throw the strands with my right hand. It’s not pretty but it gets the job done.


  4. In reply to fame night.. we love qwirkle it is an extreme form of dominos with shapes. Sometimes when H is napping we play with D and we as adults love it too. Trouble is also a favorite in this house.


  5. So pretty. Now that you are alternating skeins I love the tonal variations in the pink. And good for you for thinking ahead about the length you are most comfortable with and then calculating where to start the colourwork!


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