Once Upon a Sock, one

Good morning. I’m joining in something new today with Paula (Spin a Yarn), Katherine (fiber and sustenance), and Maggie (Project[s] in Progress). They’ve been linkin’ up their sock posts to one another; it seemed to have started weekly on Thursdays and now it’s monthly. I felt that was doable and I can still post about sock progress, etc. in my Sunday YOP1617 posts as well. I plan to knit many pairs of socks for me, myself, and I this 2017 so hey, why not right?


LBK (Little Bobbins Knits) Christmas Eve Socks

Progress! Doesn’t it feel good to have progress in a project?

This WIP has been my go-to car knitting. I want to finish them up since they’re from last year. While this project already as a name to remind me of my December 24th cast on, I do think of these socks as fraternal twins. You got Kale and Peppermint.

Kale was finished recently. I tried him on a few times one evening. My 56 stitches cast on feels really good for my muscular calf. The leg portion is 7 inches long – thought I’d try that length. The cuff therefore stretches over a fourth of my calf. The fabric sits right on top of my leg and around my foot; I think if I wanted that intended one inch negative ease, I could have decreased down to 52 stitches for the rest of the sock. The afterthought heel encases my narrow heel fine. I followed the instructions and knitted a shorter toe than the usual 2 inches in other patterns, but I like how this wedge style fits my toes compared to the other times I’ve used that style.

Twin Peppermint is almost up to her toe. I have been working on her steadily so there’s only 10 foot rounds to go before I switch to the kale colorway. I’ll go back after the toe is done to knit the heel. Since Kale was the first sock, I was able to get my numbers down and just easily follow them along for the second sock. I’m really excited to finish this WIP. What a unique pair they’ll be in fabric and in colors.

These are the latest sock posts from our Once Upon a Sock group; they’d love for you to visit:

  1. Paula – Simple House Slippers
  2. Katherine – Smooth Operators and No Idle Hands
  3. Maggie – Nice Ribbed Socks

Thank you for dropping by. Have a good Thursday!


18 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, one

  1. Yay, Stefanie! I’m so glad you’ll be joining up! I won’t do a proper post today even though it’s the the first Thursday of the monh since I talked about my socks yesterday (thanks for the link up), but my goal from here on out is to get back to my first Thursday of the month, detailed sock post! So happy you’ll be joining us 😀

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  3. Woo hoo! Your socks are lovely 🙂 So sorry I was a day late…I just posted and linked up. By the time I remembered last night, it was almost my bedtime and way too late to post. I can’t wait to see the finished project 😀


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