Wuv, Tru, Wuv: The Second Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap

Aloha! Can you believe it’s January’s last day? I can’t believe how busy I was this month with finishing up winter break, making thank you and birthday cards, appointments, etc.

So, Knit Equals Joy is currently wrapping up its first swap, Wuv, Tru, Wuv: The Second Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap – of 2017. I of course had signed up. The rules were the same where you handcrafted an item for your assigned partner and included a treat no more than $5 + you had to post asap when you received your package to thank your swap partner in the thread.

My swap recipient was Amber (amdezo). This is what I crocheted for her:


You see here a free, Loopsan pattern: Granny Heart Triangle Bunting. I had originally found it on Pinterest while gathering endless ideas of what I could make for Amber. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in red, light blue, and white – all bought at Michael’s.


These photos of the bunting are deceptive to the eye. Each triangle is actually 7 and 3/4 inches long x 8 and 3/8 inches wide. The wingspan from end to end of the whole decoration is somewhere between seven and eight feet! So if you’re going to hook this as a gift, I highly suggest you give yourself time. I cranked them out in six days and I have to admit it was stressful since I’m not a regular crocheter and had to rip out and start over at times. However, it was worth it as Amber loves her bunting. She had made a point about how we crafters tend to want to make certain things but never get around to it, so, when someone fulfills an inner wish, it is such a gift and a wonderful feeling.

The bag of candy that accompanied the bunting:


Amber is letting me share this photo she posted in the thread:


Isn’t it cute how she’s displaying it?

I was the lucky recipient of these swap items from Heather (heatherg7):

I was so touched when I opened up her package. How well she knows me, one who rocks ‘dem headbands. And yummy hazelnut chocolates! Jellybean was happy to see she could eat them also.

Okay, my coconut cream pie tea is about ready. I’m working on refueling after a 4 mile power walk (an hour). TTYL and have a good Tuesday.


9 thoughts on “Wuv, Tru, Wuv: The Second Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap

  1. I was so excited when notification of your blog post arrived in my email and I saw the title! Love our swaps and love reading your experience of them! You rock the swaps, Stefanie! ❤️


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