A Year of Projects, Week 30


I greet you during our lazy Sunday. What’d you have for breakfast? I started off my late morning with a cup of David’s Tea in its Coconut Cream Pie blend. This 2 oz was free after redeeming my points. It’s interesting with that slight background taste of coconut. The husband and I have been enjoying slices of Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane bread; it’s a nice change from Oroweat’s Double Fiber bread. Organic butter and jam – Fig Butter & Strawberry – adorned one toast while the other had half peanut butter and half Nutella.

There has been progress this week on my YOP1617 projects.

Pink Flamingo on the Lawn


The beginning flat knitting was completed. You see how I’m using two balls of the yarn that’s being alternated every two rows. The result is a more blended fabric.

Let’s compare:

This left photo is from way back where I started noticing the tonal differences between skein one and skein two even though they were from the same dye lot. The middle and right pictures show how alternating skeins create an even, tonal fabric.

I am much happier with how this WIP is going. The next step is to join in the round.

LBK Christmas Eve Socks

Because I’ve been working on a few other WIP’s, my possum socks received limited attention. However, there is a bit of progress on them:


Kale, the left sock, was knitted further on its foot section. Peppermint’s leg portion, the right sock, has been completed. I need to add in its heel placement yarn.

Pink Flamingo on the Lawn and LBK Christmas Eve Socks are entered in Andi’s (My Sister’s Knitter) Stash Down 2017 KAL. And I want to clarify something that didn’t convey my intended meaning in the past. Lovely Andi usually posts on Sunday; when she does, sometimes she has a video included in it. The videos she chooses are always great; they range from either being an educational documentary interview related to knitting or some groovy, mellow, swayin’ music. We crafters always say we need to whittle down our stashes; join on in!

Speckle Me Waffles

Last year I drooled over and forlornly watched and listened to from the sidelines many of your participation in Kristin’s (Yarngasm Podcast) Box of Sox KAL. Since I was knitting socks for a portion of the family, I felt I already had enough sock knitting on my plate. Now that that’s all done, I can knit socks for myself!

This is my first pair of socks for the Box of Sock 2017 KAL:


I always admire the FO’s of Blueberry Waffles by Sandy Turner. After full examination of my large, sock yarn stash, I pulled out Black Trillium Fibres in OOAK (One of a Kind); it’s 100% merino. I had won it as part of an unbelievable Leap Year Giveaway from Carol E. Herman’s group, Knit Equals Joy – another fabulous Ravelry group I highly recommend.

I really wanted the broken rib stitch pattern to shine in this WIP which is why the speckled yarn was perfecto for the pattern. I had more progress in the past, but after scrutiny of the leg section, I felt it wouldn’t hit that negative 1″ ease as I would have liked. I even tried it on and the fabric just sat on my leg.

Apparently, my knitting on DPN’s has relaxed (I think because I fear breaking one) as the unblocked gauge for the first start of the sock was 8 stitches per inch (It’s that also for my possum socks.). I know after a wet blocking I will lose at least half a stitch. So I ripped back just to the cuff which is a 64 stitch cast on in a twisted rib. I used Eskimimi’s Knitulator – what a handy tool! – to decrease down to 56 stitches.

Not bad for a semi-busy week, yeah? I’ve been good and personally replying back to each of your comments on the past posts. But just wanted to say, again, thank you for your visits and for the latest support of my handmade cards. Well, I told myself earlier that I could work on getting this post out first before sticking to my cleaning-a-bit-every-day plan. Off to take care of my chores so I can kick back for the rest of my day. Happy Sunday to you!


24 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 30

  1. Good idea on your flamingo sweater. I doubt I would have thought of switching the two yarns every couple of rows. The socks are very nice too. You picked the perfect yarn to highlight the stitches.


  2. I love the confidence you have in ripping back and making adjustments. The tonal fabric created by mixing the skeins in your Pink Flamingo on the Lawn is absolutely gorgeous! It’s gonna be such a great garment!!

    And that speckled yarn is super fun! Good thinking to go with a not overly complicated stitch pattern. Also, YAY for selfish knitting!!!!


  3. I purposefully switched to wooden dpns so that I would relax while I knit socks. When I knit on metal (my preferred kind) I was tense and knit aggressively. Go figure. I love your pink flamingo and the name 🙂


  4. I plan on making the BW pattern also an dI can only hope to find a yarn as beautiful as the one you are using! Gorgeous! Thank you for all your information about swapping yarns every 2 rows and also the Knitelator tool. I always love your yarns and projects and those are no exception!
    For breakfast I had avocado with salt and pepper on my homemade rustic bread toasted. Yours sounded yummy too!


  5. I’ve heard of using two different tones of the same color yarn the way you’re doing, but I imagined it to be way too labor intensive for me to ever actually do it (thinking there would be a ridiculous number of ends to weave in – and that it would look messy). I see in your photo though, how it is done (you’re carrying the yarn up the side of the garment, right?) Thank you for providing the picture. I imagine I’m the last person on earth who couldn’t picture that in my mind, but your photo revealed to me the mystery of why this is such a great solution. lol Thank you!


    • Thank you, Kathy. I had to as I want to be happy while wearing it and it does take effort to knit up. Yes! Socks rock don’t they? While I admire intricately patterned socks, I am quite happy with vanilla or an easy-to-memorize stitch patterned one.


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  7. I totally understand why you had to frog it, but wow what a difference it made, I wasn’t expecting that.
    Great to see you making some socks for yourself at last.


  8. One rarely regrets frogging and re-starting – and yours is no exception. Interesting because I had a similar colour yarn and knit a whole sweater – didn’t like the style on my, frogged and re-knit and I am so happy. Process is everything but you gotta love the product in the end. Well done.


  9. That speckled yarn paired with the blueberry waffles pattern is so pretty! Will have to add it to my growing sock list for this year. I haven’t tried David’s Tea but seeing all of the unusual flavors that you have been posting is really tempting me.


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