A Year of Projects, Week 29


ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙ Salutations.  For those of you on IG, thank you for your well wishes. I am up and about this YOP1617 Sunday with a normal-sized sinus and no headache. Yesterday’s late afternoon nap and a dose of IB helped – enabling me to get out of bed, be able to enjoy my piece of lasagna, and sit at the dining table to knit.

My jumper WIP has been sadly neglected still. I was trying to make headway on the tween’s project but well, bumps in the road there that I’ll talk about in another post.

However, last night with a painfree head, I decided to tackle my second ever, afterthought heel.

Backin’ up a bit…I had bought Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern when she was having a KAL. Of course I totally sucked at keeping up when the husband’s Superman socks (still needs a photo shoot) were in progress. I had actually knitted my first afterthought heel in his first sock, but the sock fit my women’s 7.5 foot and not his men’s 10.5 so the frogs had a meal. And then because he wondered all the time when was I going to be done with them, I used the Rose City Rollers pattern instead to get them done.


Do you follow Little Bobbins Knits? Everyone on IG was posting sock yarn and/or sock WIP’s labeling them #lbkchristmasevesocks2016 She hosts this cast on every year. I really wanted to participate so after I finished prepping for Christmas which wasn’t until past 10 p.m., during our annual watch of “The Polar Express” I quickly found a ball of sock yarn that I didn’t have to wind and casted on.

This project did go through frogging twice. The first time was because I wanted to switch patterns from Ann Budd’s to Susan’s. Then the second time was because 52 stitches wasn’t wide enough for my foot. I was bummed to think about what I had to do but I sucked it up and let in the frogs.

You see above Zealana Cozi in the colorway, Kale. This yarn is 58% merino, 22% nylon, 15% possum, and 5% alpaca. OMGosh, I love this yarn! The fabric it makes is amazing. You can feel the density that will keep your warm against howling winds and cold rain. I had bought this yarn two Septembers ago at Green Planet Yarn. I loved how the LYS sold a yarn I had yet to see on the west coast; you know I snatched it up!

So I carefully read over Susan’s pattern and reread the process, determined to catch everything and let the instructions sink in. I enlarged her great photos on my phone and after some contemplation, was able to pick up the necessary stitches to set up the heel. I realized I didn’t do it quite right in the past so I was pleased as punch after having set it all up. I even wove in the ends of the contrast heel and the starting end of the cuff. It registered in my brain that I would have less ends to weave in with this method than the traditional, standard one I used for Frankie! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ I do have two, teeny gaps in one corner on one side but I’m cool with it. This is after all new to me.


I usually work on a sock WIP while sitting in the car for pick up. With the first sock I had already reached the suggested number of inches to knit after putting in the heel placement yarn. I thus started the second sock. Boy that felt good. It helps to have a couple of sets of DPN’s although I think I need a set or two more so I can knit socks concurrently (I learned that word from Ruth of the Knitterarium podcast.) You see my progress to the right.

And yep, sock two will be in a different colorway, Peppermint. I thought it’d be fun to knit a pair of socks in two shades of the same color family and have the heel and toe of each sock in the each other’s color.

Well, my plan for this project is to catch up Peppermint with Kale and then I can knit on both concurrently to the end. I also decided I wanted to finish this WIP up first before casting on another sock for a big sock KAL that’s started since New Year’s Day. I figure I’m already tardy to that party.

Have a good Sunday. Off to read others’ YOP posts before I give Pink Flamingo on the Lawn some attention. TTYL.


30 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 29

  1. Glad you are feeling better….I love the look of “mis-matched” socks, but doubt I could bring myself to actually wear them…and the Hubs and I just had a conversation about sock making for him…it’ll never happen…he has GIANT feet and is very hard on socks….


  2. So glad you are better today. Socks are the bomb, aren’t they? I really like your idea of mismatched matched socks lol. I do concur with you……knitting both socks concurrently is the way to go.


  3. Your socks are beautiful. And you are new at sock knitting?!? Amazing. If I were to ever take up sock knitting (not that I’m contemplating it), I would have to do TAAT or I would never finish the second sock. Glad you’re feeling better!


  4. I love the texture of your socks, that yarn must really be amazing. And the color combination you’ve chosen is so beautiful, it would be fun to have the two socks in alternating shades of green.


    • Thank you ^__^ very much. I learned Magic Loop long ago but it’s close quarters make my hands cramp. I learned how to use DPN’s since I first learned how to knit at a LYS class in SF. It’s my go-to for sure.


  5. Your sock stitches look even and lovely Stefanie. The Kale colorway is really pretty. I am all about socks. Mismatch if you wish! You are the boss of your knitting. I love the idea. I prefer double points all the way!


  6. Glad you’re feeling better! Gavin was headache-y most of last week but it was mostly allergies. Funny how it’s all about finding a yarn that doesn’t need winding when you’re in a hurry to cast on 🙂 Lovely porcelain blue for your socks. I knit some Wedge socks with possum fiber once… my advice is to make sure you turn them inside out before washing. The possum fiber really wanted to fuzz up with repeated washings!


    • Mahalo plenty. I do love this possum yarn dearly. I hope the LYS has it in other colorways. I’m debating on whether or not to get a second pair of sock blockers. I think I’ll look at STITCHES next month.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I co-sign knitting while waiting for anything, but especially children to finish any activity. Surprisingly I do not knit very much at soccer b/c I’m a big ball of annoying mom nerves. LOL yeah, I’m that mom.


  8. Glad that you are feeling better! And great job on working through that heel. It looks wonderful & I love the fun color switch going on for the second one. Susan’s pattern is so thorough and detailed with lots of cool little tips not only for the heels but also the toes. I am using a different afterthought heel now which does not use waste yarn but does require you to cut into the knitting.


  9. Love your sock! And thanks so much for detailing your process of trying the afterthought heel, it’s a technique I want to try as well and it’s so helpful to read what other knitters have done and what they wished they did differently!


    • OMGosh, I lurve Cozi! I swear the next time I go to Green Planet Yarn I’m going to look for more; I hope they have other colorways. I cannot remember. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to look online. A New Zealand book blogger, Kathryn of The Book Date, says she has a friend from Australia who when she comes to visit, always has to buy a possum jumper or cardigan. I thought that was very cool and I can understand why.


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