It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Oh boy it’s Monday and back to the grind. I will most likely be a slight zombie as I have to get up an hour and a half earlier than the 8 a.m. of last week. Despite this, I am still beaming with pride over yesterday’s post. I love the pictures Jellybean helped me take of my first FO of 2017. And I’ll be glad to stretch my legs later today to get back into my power walking.

On to books and linkin’ up with Kathryn

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

I have made a solid start to my reading this year! The Audiobook Challenge 2017 has benefited the most. While my needles clacked away, OverDrive Listen has been my companion:

audiobook-challenge-2017 emperorscode stormwarning

I recently finished two books – The Emperor’s Code and Storm Warning – of the series, The 39 Clues. This series creatively has a different author write each installment, some more than others. I am curious about how they collaborated together to make the plot flow from book to book. Was there a big meeting of all the asked, participating authors? Was there a general outline and then he/she has the free reign to plan out his/her installment?

Why do I like this YA series? First off, a clue hunt is an interesting premise. Amy and Dan are orphans who embark on the search for the 39 clues which will result in gaining some kind of power that will make the winners the most powerful out of all the Cahill clan. There are a few branches of the clan where each one has specialties that don’t just come from modern times, but date back centuries ago. There is danger for these young underdogs as they aren’t rich and they don’t have access to James Bond like technological gadgets. This sister and brother duo basically have one another and an au pair. With each book, I found out more and more about the other family branches, especially tidbits about certain adults and how their actions affected today’s generation. Four stars to The Emperor’s Code because it was exciting and attention grabbing. Three stars to Storm Warning because it was a good one with some questions finally answered.

I also finished my First Book of the Year. I’m so glad I finally started reading the Stephanie Plum series. I found One for the Money to be fun. I chuckled at the flashbacks of biker shorts and oversized tees besides the swinging of a good ol’ pocketbook. I liked walking a mile in Stephanie’s shoes as she stumbled through her first venture as a novice bounty hunter. I totally couldn’t guess who the murderer was. I was entertained. I’ll definitely will continue reading this series. Three stars for book one.

What the Crew’s Reading

  1. Husband is still getting through Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and he is also reading a much-anticipated book, Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.
  2. The tween is reading Hot Cocoa Hearts by Suzanne Nelson.
  3. The nine-year old is reading The Magical World of Amy Lee by Amy Lee

Currently Listening to

  1. Because I had to put a hold on the next 39 Clues audiobook, I’m currently listening to Persuasion by Jane Austen, the Blackstone Audio version read by Nadia May.

Currently Reading

  1. The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (Mary Russell #1) by Laurie R. King

That’s it for today. Have a good Monday and happy reading to you.


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Those books sound great! I’m currently reading a couple of Susan Conant’s dog mysteries and just finished Wicked Puritans of Essex County by Tom Juergens. It’s a historical account of the not so nice things that went on in the 1600’s that isn’t taught in school. Most of it is taken from court records. It was interesting but the take away was people are pretty much the same, some good, some not good. This book was mostly the not good.


    • That sounds interesting. Does the dog help in the detective work? What a catchy title for the Puritans book. Too bad is was bland. I tried reading a book on the Salem Witch Trials but I was bored to tears so it landed on the DNF shelf.

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  2. Ugh I hate getting up before the sun. And luckily, my son actually is a sleeper. Not much of an eater, but he likes to sleep until at least 8. Congrats on your first FO of the year!

    When I worked in the library, the kids loved the 39 Clues series! They were hard to keep on the shelves. 🙂 Hot Cocoa Hearts and The Beekeeper’s Apprentice both sound good – although different. 🙂 I would love a hot cocoa shop around here! I wonder if that is a real thing?


  3. I’m trying to finish up the The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, HP:SS, and I started reading through the Fantastic Beasts Case of Monsters book Husband got me.


  4. 39 Clues is on my TBR because I like the mystery aspect but I didn’t realize what it was really about or that there were different authors for each book. That sounds so fun! I remember loving One For the Money! It was such a fun read! I’ll be curious to see what you think of The Beekeepers Apprentice. I really like the series but it can be a little on the dry side – especially after Stephanie Plum!


  5. I so love that you and your whole family reads, it’s so inspiring!! I’m so intrigued by the book that your husband is reading, I’m a total non fiction nerd sometimes.


  6. I love your reading family too. I love non fiction too. I want to look up antifragile! We have been movie watching. Sully: excellent but not for kids. Too graphic with the plane scenes.


    • Thank you, Kathy. We read at the table every time there’s a meal, LOL. I bet that was a good movie. What an experience they all must have had. I wonder if they have a special group to keep in touch with one another.


  7. I love Persuasion. I love the old 90s? movie SWOON. It’s not exactly the same as the book but it’s pretty darn good. Check it out if you have the time. Your reading fills me with envy, but I enjoy reading your updates and reviews, 🙂


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