A Year of Projects, Week 28

Eek! (ノ_.)ノ It’s been seven weeks since I pounded out one of these posts; sorry about that; holiday prep had priority. Now and then during Winter Break I’ve managed to work on me-myself-and-I projects. But when I did, I had to either frog or rip back.

Pink Flamingo on the Lawn

For example, remember its last status? When I had picked it up again last week, I was going to roll with it and continue on. But my hands just wouldn’t knit. As much work as I knew it was going to be, I frogged all that past progress. I rewound the yarn using my nostepinne and started over. I don’t have a picture for you today because I’ve only gotten barely past the neckline and it’s still flat knitting. I’m using the original first and second skeins, alternating them every two rows.


In Week 20’s post I had finished the first sock. I follow Dye Another Day Podcast and had been waiting for The Cozy Knitter to record her weaving tutorial. In early December it got published onto the podcast channel. I launched off the start of Frankie #2, using her technique while knitting cuff down. It’s pretty cool. I like it but don’t feel 100% confident in my “weaving” so when I finally bound off the sock, I ended up making the usual square knots and shadow wove in the ends.

Taking advantage of today’s lazy, wet Sunday, guess what? Photo shoot! I enlisted my little photographer, Jellybean, who loves helping Mama (I paid her in overeasy eggs.). Are you ready? Camera roll!

How can I wear Frankie? Why with oxfords:


With booties:


With lace:


Or curled up with a good book on fleece sheets:


Project Stats

These socks are snug, having that 1″ negative ease. I love them and they haven’t come off of my feet since the photo shoot. I’m happy to have these off of the needles which means I can cast on another pair!

Have a warm and cozy Sunday. Thank you for hangin’ out with me today. I’m off to read other YOP1617 posts. TTYL.


29 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 28

  1. First let me express my jealousy that you have your own knitting paparazzi! Jellybean does awesome work behind the camera!

    It makes me smile ear to ear to see your Happy stripes PERFECTLY FITTING socks, all comfy with negative ease! You are a FANTASTIC sock knitter!

    And I’m sorry that you had to frog Pink Flamingo on the Lawn, but I figured that’s where it was headed. Hopefully you’re almost past the being annoyed phase and headed quickly towards the pleased and relieved at how much more you like it now phase!!


  2. Such wonderful socks!! Love colour combo of the stripes. And I’m so impressed with Jellybean’s mad photography skills!! I can’t wait to get Lila taking photos. 😉


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  4. I always learn something from you! I had never heard of a nostepinne. I may have to get one of those. Your socks are fab! I love the yarn too and went to see all the rest. They turned out so great and your photo shoot was wonderful! You are so stylish….I love your oxfords too! Yes, your daughter is a great photographer and her mom is a great model!


    • I love seeing Reed touching your yarn on IG. Too cute his curiosity and opinions. My Jellybean loves her eggs. I’m slowly starting to make it in other ways for her as she’s a bit tired of overeasy. And thanks about Frankie.

      Liked by 1 person

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