A Year in Fiber 2

Annyeong haseyo. How is your Saturday? Our ga-jok took a ride up to the city for a quick meeting and then we visited my Yin Yin, my paternal grandmother. We came home to beat the storm that we’re still waiting for to come and filled up on some fresh bread and warm soup at Panera.

With yesterday’s post taking care of some old business, I can now sum up and look back at what I’ve knitted or crocheted in 2016. Please don’t mind the WIP photos for some of the projects.

In 2016, I knitted the following:

6 pairs of socks

4 pairs of fingerless mitts

4 charity (preemie) hats


3 fall decorations

3 baby hats

2 dishcloths

1 shawl


1 scarf


1 headband


1 cowl


1 amigurumi



1 adult beanie


So what’s the final count? 28 handcrafted projects! Not bad, yeah?

Kamsa hamnida for stopping by today. Anneyong kaseyo.


20 thoughts on “A Year in Fiber 2

    • Thank you, Karen. That’s Carol E. Herman’s Wayfarer Hat; her pattern is well written out and I know she uses a tech editor to proofread her patterns before she publishes them.

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  1. You’re adorable. We’ve been waiting on the same damn storm. I think it’s finally starting to rain now…just in time for me to go out for my birthday. ::sigh:: I should have taken a bike ride today while I had the chance. Oh well. I always feel like we accomplish far less than we actually do…or, rather, I always feel like I accomplish far less than I actually do. Oh well.

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  2. You knit and crocheted so many wonderful things in 2016, a really productive year!! 6 pairs of socks AND all those other items, holy smokes!

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  3. What a wonderfully creative year it has been for you! I especially love the mix of crochet and knitting. Not to mention the paper crafts that you have done all year long. Makes me want to branch out and start a crochet project in the new year.

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    • Mahalo, Tien, for taking the time to stop by and catchup. Crochet is a nice change for me with all the knitting that goes on. I see everyone addicted to hooking a Granny with leftover sock yarn, but I doubt I would want to hook such a skinny yarn. I still would like to knit the Cozy Memories blanket. I want to get some work done first on my jumper and Cupcake’s.


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