Some of the Christmas FOs – Gift Knitting III

Brrr *sniffs*…it’s cold! It’s only about 50° in our house and outside is no warmer even with the sun out. A storm is coming to our Bay Area, causing the temperatures to drop.


My babies came home Wednesday afternoon after being thoroughly spoiled by their grandparents. They brought home sugar cookies, carefully iced and decorated, and other sweet goodies from their Bella’s house. Our dames also had another rousing game of Monopoly with their Big Pop while we waited for the pizza delivery to arrive. He barely had any property after being sent to jail a couple of times. His granddaughters were gettin’ rent left and right from him.

It’s been busy here the past two days of running little errands here and there. The girls and I finally got our flu shots. Where do you usually get yours? Their pediatrician office doesn’t inoculate parents so I tried Walgreens which told me I’d have to wait for 30 minutes. Forget that! I called up my doc’s office that thankfully gave the vaccine certain times each day. As soon as I hung up that phone, we were there in minutes.

I was putting off this post because I don’t have pictures of two out of the three pairs of socks I had knitted for Christmas. My brother and SIL are busy with the little ones and I don’t want to put pressure on them since she’s practically ready to drop my future niece/nephew this month. But I’ve slated this month before the Year of the Monkey ends to finish up tasks so here goes with what I have so far:

I. Cashmerino Toasty

This pair of fingerless mitts were for my aunty. You have seen me use this pattern here.

(photos taken by the tween)


II. Cookies

I baked Hip Foodie Mom’s recipe, Spiced Oatmeal Cookies, for the fifth time (third and fourth time weren’t as successful as I would have liked). The cardamom was excluded as usual and this time, I put in sliced almonds. The cookies were light (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و like when I had used chopped walnuts. If you want the recipe, it’s in this post.

I love getting feedback about my gifts. My aunty emailed me once she had received the gifts. She told me my (Oahu) uncle loved them and that he has been pacing himself to eat one a day, LOL. My paternal grandmother got the other half of the batch. She liked them so much I even got a personal thank you card in the mail.

You see to the right the tag I made for each Ziploc of cookies.


III. Abril Skyps

This pair of socks were for my little sister.

  • Pattern: Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock
  • Yarn Content: 100% Merino
  • Colorway: Abril

It wasn’t until the end of the night that Al opened up her Christmas gift. Once she did, she immediately exclaimed she loved her socks! My sister said she liked the fit and how they felt on her feet. The color of course was spot on as she loves purple. I have fun knitting for her because she likes color.


IV. Foot Soak

With her gifted socks there were two other components. One was nail polish. The other, well to back up to the planning stage, at first I had thought of scrubs but I didn’t know if her skin was sensitive to such stuff and some women don’t like that kind of spa treatment. I then found View from the Fridge’s Homemade {Stress Relieving} Foot Soak on Pinterest. It is so easy to put together. And can I tell you how happy I was to have found lavender oil at Daiso?! That was a component I worried about finding. I bought jars like these from Daiso also but mine were more squatty.

Okie doke; that’s all folks. I’m off to make some Birthday Cake tea to warm me up. If you’re traveling around the Bay Area, please be careful during the storm. I hope you have some good plans this weekend. TGIF!



18 thoughts on “Some of the Christmas FOs – Gift Knitting III

  1. Those are some really gorgeous presents — what lucky family members you have! Also, I love the idea of homemade foot soak – what a great gift idea!

    I’ve also made those Hip Foodie Momma cookies more than once after seeing them on your blog — I really like them!


    • Thank you. My aunty’s mitts were last minute as I debated on whether I had enough time to whip something out for her. I’m glad you like that cookie recipe. I think it’s the best oatmeal one I’ve tried. I tried for the 3rd and 4th times, chopped, salty almonds. They took away moisture from the cookie and space. We ended up eating them as I didn’t gift them to a librarian and a tennis coach. The suggested sliced almonds are cool; they do break some while you fold them in. Did you use the cardamom? Can you taste a difference with it in the batter?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I should try it with almonds — I’ve done walnuts both times I’ve made them. The last time the dough was a little on the dry side, but they still came out fine. I have found that (in my oven at least) I really have to take them out when they look under done because they crisp up so much afterwards! I have used cardamom both times (mostly because, by accident, I have a ton in my cupboard!) When I, ahem, taste the raw batter, you definitely get the flavor — but it’s pretty subtle in the cookie itself. I made them for my partner and asked if he could guess what spice was in it (and he knows his spices!) and he didn’t get it right off.


      • Okie; good to know about the cardamom. I went to Luckys and saw how big the jar was for that spice. I said forget it. I can put in more cinnamon. You can reduce some of the oatmeal. I think 3 c can be a lot.

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  2. What a wonderful post! I loved seeing the girls and how cute they are playing Monopoly with their grandpa. Those mitts and socks are awesome….I need to just start making whatever you make in the same yarns too as I always love your projects! I love the foot soak idea and I am already making for birthdays and next Christmas. I am wondering where and what type of alphabet stamps you got to make your tags. I can see a big use for a set for myself. The tags add such a cuteness factor to your gifts and they would come in handy in my yarn journal making too. I can never tell the size that I need for that type of item. The cookies sound delicious…it’s all on my list now! LOL! Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration and Happy New YEar to you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh they are all gorgeous. Love those long arm/hand warmers, fabulous but so are the socks and bet the cookies were yummy. People really appreciate hand made gifts these days as they are really special. Your daughters are going to be real estate sharks!!


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  5. Fabulous gifts and fantastic photos! Such a fun post to read. That photo of the family Monopoly game brought me straight back to my childhood. Me and my siblings used to have games that lasted hours and even entire weekends!


    • Thank you, Tien. I figure need to be complete as I just didn’t want to give socks since I know my SIL and little sister spends money on all four of us at Christmas.


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