First Book of the Year


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou. How was your ringing in of 2017? Did you do anything special today?

After pilin’ our plates high with this spread and food from three other tins, my mister and I came home and chillaxed. By nighttime, he and I watched Bad Moms and Mother’s Day while drinking Prosecco and savoring the rich, dark chocolate covered, sea salt caramels. We had a midnight kiss and knocked out.

After sleeping in this first day of January, my man got me out of the house to get our hearts pumpin’.


Have you heard of Stanford Dish? It was new to me. It’s a popular place in Palo Alto for recreational exercise. We had to park all the way at a nearby elementary school before reaching the gate.

Today’s hike was like interval training as there are steep inclines to walk up. While I haven’t exercised since the Friday before Christmas, I immediately jumped into power walking, passing up each group of ppl going our way. It was torture sometimes and boy did I huff and puff. But until we reached that dish, did I finally slow down and we stopped to take some photos.

It took E and I a half an hour to get up those 2 miles and then another half an hour to get back down. What an hour! Thank you, babe, for getting my lazy arse up and out.

By then the husband and I were starving! We found The Counter, a burger joint where you can order one of their unique burgers on the menu or create your own; they have a selection of meats that can be eaten in a gourmet bun or you can have the patty on a well-seasoned bed of salad. There is a vegetarian burger of course besides a kid’s menu. The two us gobbled down the sweet potato fries that had come out first and then wolfed down our burgers.

So, the first of the new year, Shelia of Book Journey, always hosts…


This time I didn’t make the whole thing of sending her a picture of me holding my book. After Christmas ¾ of our crew had cold bugs, me being the last with a slight case of laryngitis and chills so I wasn’t in the mood to gussy up and snap a photo and besides, I didn’t have a copy of what I wanted to read yet.


After being holed up in the house for most of the first week of break, E was able to take out our girls to the used bookstore and for FroYo last Friday. I asked him to look for Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money at Half Price Books. I was on the hold list for the Kindle version but you never know when the ppl in front of you got their turn so I then requested the hard copy. However, it was taking too long for my tastes being in transit so that’s why I asked him to look for the used copy. There’s our goofy Cupcake holding it to show me from the store, LOL. Score!

I plan to snuggle up in our Martha Stewart fleece sheets and start it tonight. Man, my legs and hip joints are killin’ me right now, yo. I’m waiting for the IB to kick in.

With 2017 in effect, I’m looking forward to this year’s book challenges:


Kathryn of Book Date, who hosts It’s Monday! What are you reading?, mentioned how she was going to participate in the Audiobook Challenge 2017. It’s hosted again by Hot Listens and this year will also be cohosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

For 2016 I had signed up for the Weekend Warrior (5-10) level. You know from this post I had listened to nine audiobooks by the end of the year.

This second time around I think I will go for Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) 10-15. With the discovery of Overdrive Listen, I like how I can knit or crochet while listening to an audiobook off of my laptop.


And of course I’m taking part in this one again. I am more modest in the number of books I want to read for 2017. This year my goal is 71 books, something I think is reasonably attainable.

Oh boy I am looking forward to some good reading. Are you?


13 thoughts on “First Book of the Year

  1. I like the look of those tins- good eating? Sure looks like it. Glad you had a nice New Years (I wanted to see Bad Moms and never did- thanks for the reminder). It was a quiet nice NYE here too. 🙂

    Glad you got a copy of your book! And good luck with the challenges! Have a fab week.


  2. My First Book was Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher…I wanted to read something of hers after hearing of her death. As far as Janet Evanovich, I highly suggest listening to the audio versions! The woman who reads them (Lorelai King) is AMAZING!! They are laugh out loud funny to listen too. I think she started narrating them around book 3 or 4. Hope you enjoy the book!


  3. you are my reading hero! I am setting my goal probably around 30 again. I might go wild and make it 32. I want to be able to read that amount easily! I think I knit more than I read…. Love the photo of you and your hubby 🙂


  4. Omg those chocolates sound delicious! I enjoyed Bad Moms, lol!

    I am glad you had such a good time on your hike with your husband – I really love getting outside like that. I think it really clears my head and centers me. 🙂 A great way to start your year!


  5. Happy New Year! I have my first book of the year sitting on my bedside table waiting to be read.. Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.
    Looks like a great hike and even better burgers.


  6. Hope you are enjoying One for The Money. Heard its a fun series. Haven’t read it. Wow that walk sounds challenging! The food made my mouth water. Great going for the audio book challenge. Yes crafting and audiobooks go really well together. Happy New Year.


    • Thank you, Mama, for your positive energy ^__^. I do love a good book. I need to snuggle more in those sheets as it’s dang cold in our little house. Martha Stewart fleece sheets; my brother and SIL gifted a set to each bedroom two Christmases ago. Jellybean loves to bury in hers.

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  7. That hike sounds like it was amazing, and some well deserved burgers afterwards were no doubt exactly what you needed! And One for the Money sounds good, your 2017 reading is off to a solid start!


  8. It sounds like you had a great new year and good for you getting out and about on your exercise regime! We don’t have much of a library here and no ebooks at all but I may search for some free audio books somewhere as audible is too pricey for my budget. It would be nice to listen while doing handwork as I love to multitask whenever possible! I did 50 books last year on Goodreads and need to up it this year but I want to join your audio one and get back to linking with the Monday group and Sheila too. I have been getting some good deals on Modern Mrs. Darcy emails for Kindle books and she also has a podcast I plan on listening too. I do love making “plans” but it’s the follow through and the fact that there are still only 24 hours in a day. I wish someone would fix that! LOL! Here we go…another year….and I’m so glad I am still hanging with you!


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