Post VII: What’s cookin’ good looking?

Toward the end of this year I’ve been a bit lazy with food. Our crew has been eating simple, comfort recipes which you’ve seen before. However, I did manage to try a few more new ones:

Slow Cooker Korean Spicy Braised Chicken and Potatoes

I follow Sue on IG; her blog is My Korean Kitchen. One day she had posted this recipe for a dakdoritang stew that can be made in the slow cooker. I immediately checked it out because it seemed easy to throw together for my husband’s daily work lunches.


I tried one bowlful. It is good! He loved every bite. I thought I didn’t have to worry about crunchy potatoes as she had warned because I had cut mine smaller than she did. The spuds were still a bit hard but once E microwaved his lunch, they were fine. When I make it again, I think I’ll parboil the potatoes a bit before putting them into the slow cooker.

Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup {Slow Cooker}

When it’s cold, all I want is warm soup. And I had wanted to use the slow cooker for a change. I decided to try Little Spice Jar’s recipe as it always catches my eye when I troll for cooking inspiration. When I posted on IG all the ingredients in the ceramic insert, I immediately got comments about how good this soup will be!


What a winner this was with our crew. I bought two slabs of focaccia to dip into the soup and to sop up any remains in our bowls; each one for each night was heated up in the oven and cut into slices, enhancing the rosemary and other herbs. I think next time I would like to try to make this soup thicker. Using whole milk was good but I’d like to try using the recipe’s other recommendation of half and half in a future batch.

Beer Battered Cod

I have fried fish before, but only with sole. I never saw cod at Costco until my mum gave me the tip to look in the frozen aisle. I found a good-sized bag of five fillets that were five oz each. I can’t believe how thick cod is; what a hearty fish.


I tried Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe, using Full Sail lager. This batter came out thick for me but it had a nice crunch. I was kind of lazy and threw in all the bite sized pieces in at once into the flour mixture. Perhaps if I dredged them one by one the final result would have been neater looking like Brown Eyed Baker’s and thinner. However, despite my tendency for perfectionism, the meal was good and devoured in one sitting.

That’s all folks for the 2016 Nom category. I look forward to trying more recipes in 2017. TTYL!


12 thoughts on “Post VII: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. Yummy! I have to try the Korean recipe. Anything slow cooker is my friend. The soup recipe is also on my list now too. Not a fish fan so that won’t happe here lol. Thanks Steph for all your inspiration.


  2. I’m terrified to make fish at home so I’ll probably skip that but the rest of this looks so good! I’ve been looking at different chicken soup recipes lately so I’m definitely planning on that Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup especially after seeing it’s cooked in a slow cooker! I’m not really feeling any cooking at the moment but I think I can handle that one! Thanks for the tip on the potatoes. I’ll be sure to parboil mine as well.


  3. I’ve been craving soups lately too. The creamy chicken wild rice soup looks yummy. I made mulligatawny soup last night which is a creamy chicken curry soup with basmati rice, celery, carrots and apples.


  4. I love all your posts! You are an adventuresome eater I think. Im still working hard at maintaining my weight loss. Im cooking from the Weight watcher book this week. .I did not gain over Christmas so that is great. They have an orange chicken recipe that is delish that I will make. Anyhow, happy end of the year!


    • Thank you, Kathy. The Weight Watcher cookbook sounds interesting. I used to follow the South Beach diet years ago. I don’t think I have the cookbooks anymore. Right now me and E love this organic brown rice I buy from Costco. It has good crunch and a little nutty flavor.


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