The Other Craft, IV

Annyeong *bows* haseyo. It’s the first Sunday of good ol’ December. Can you believe it? Last month of 2016? I don’t know about you but we embraced this weekend with open arms after having to adjust back to the grind.

This week has been a mixed bag for me with chills and aches that moved to my sinuses. I’ve never had this achy pressure for more than a day. Usually IB knocks it out but all weekend I’ve been suffering. I’m trying to see the doctor tomorrow but now suddenly today’s IB has me feeling normal. We’ll see if that’s just a false lull. Anywho, I finally caught up on your blogs which feels good and I have a post!

Obviously this isn’t a YOP post. I still haven’t touched Plastic Flamingo on the Lawn. I focused on that last, Christmas sock which was filled with solid productivity. I’ll talk about it next week.

While our ga-jok was holed up during Thanksgiving break, I started my own 10-Card Challenge. Jellybean’s school took pictures late this year because they tried out a new photography company that was okay. Cupcake’s school took pictures right before school started so they could get their ID’s. While Lifetouch is pretty on point, they are expensive so I had to decide who was going to receive a copy of my girls’ photos; the winners? Most are immediate family.

I’m really proud of my work which is why each card gets its own spotlight. Drum roll please…


I. Maternal Grandparents

One school holiday my dames and I checked out another Daiso site, one that was bigger than what we had in town. I found the store sold packs of chiyogami paper. It’s lightweight like origami paper but block printed. There are traditional ones in Japanese patterns. The packs I picked up have a vintage vibe. I was also happy to discover Daiso sold lace tape. I am going to stock up on it as you can’t beat $1.50 per package!

This chiyogami paper was printed in a deep purple which is why everything is backed with a matching cardstock. I felt my orchid stamp would go with it as flowers are timeless and my Pau Pau does like orchids and grows them so well. I “distressed” the edges of the white cardstock because it was so bright. I really need to buy some cream cardstock. I used Martha Stewart’s lace eyelet corner punch for the sentiment part.

II. Paternal Grandmother

My Yin Yin taught me the bass clef notes when I was interested in learning piano. I would play the right hand, knowing the treble clef notes of a song since I was a flutist in 4th to 8th grade. I had this music stamp set since childhood and would you believe never used them?! I wanted to showcase the cute stamps against the chiyogami music print so I thought a banner would do the job. Inside of the card I stamped that ornate, grand piano. I love that stamp!


III. My Parents

I have a great fondness for this card. I think it’s because invokes nostalgia. The chiyogami paper is that of ads of old-fashioned items. My mum has these trays that are printed in vintage ads. And that stamp shows bosom friendship reminiscent of the Anne of Avonlea series, one that I used to watch on PBS in the carpeted hallway or from the kitchen table of my parents’ house.


IV. Uncle and Aunt

For my youngest uncle and aunt, I decided a Paris theme was perfect for them as they’ve traveled to Paris in the past. I’ve had that Eiffel Tower stamp from one of Cupcake’s elementary birthdays when she had a craft party in Japantown. The chiyogami paper is that of a French page from a dictionary or an atlas.

If you follow me on IG, you’ll have recently seen the little video Jellybean helped me record of me making an envelope with my envelope punch board. Through Pinterest, I discovered that paper bows can be made with it! Don’t you love it when you buy something and you get so much more out of it? Following the video. I used glue dots to put it together. I hope being in the mail doesn’t affect it too much. The middle accents are a circular sequin from a pack of holiday ones from Jo Ann’s. The enamel heart is from a Stampin’ Up order I had placed at my first card workshop a couple of months ago.

Speaking of which, do you know you can find a Stampin’ Up demonstrator near you through a search on their site? She may offer card making events to participate in. The one near me charges $15 to make six cards. I had fun playing with cardstock and do-dads.

img_5937V. Oahu Uncle and Aunty

This chiyogami paper is of frames that I imagine hanging in Victorian homes or estates of the ton. I used the lace eyelet punch to create a wide lace strip to border that lace tape. I made the paper bow which is a slight upgrade from the previous one. How so? Instead of using solid-colored cardstock in the previous card, I thought a neutral patterned one would give the card a little somethin’ somethin’. And because I had that passing thought about mail travel flattening the bow, I used these little foam squares to put it together. Two were placed in back to anchor the ends that fold in back and one was used for that shiny accent pop. Therefore, the middle of the bow is springy and will hopefully keep its shape while en route.

VI. My Brother and SIL

I really wanted to make their card special because my SIL has scrapbooked in the past before kids. She has made some lovely and creative retirement books for co-workers. I know she will appreciate this card and I wanted to impress her.

I don’t have any flower punches nor do I own a die cut machine. I’ve always wanted to create a big motif for the very middle of a card. I found this pin that shows you how to make simple flowers with just a circle punch!

I used a combination of chiyogami paper and covered the join with the lace tape. I didn’t want a black or white flower so I used vintage cardstock of lace doilies that went along with the chiyogami theme. And yes, you see another sequin and enamel dot that accent the middle of the flower.


VII. Cousin

My older, male cousin I felt needed a simple and somewhat masculine card. This chiyogami paper is of an old letter, maybe written in French. I punched out a 2.5″ circle and oh, note: Chiyogami paper cannot be used with punches because it’s too thin. This piece was glued on top of cardstock which enabled me to do so.

Since that’s a pretty big space to fill up, I searched through my stamps. I have these small ones no more an inch all around. I saw that hand and kind of thought of the keyboard emojis. It was as close to mail-themed I could get since I didn’t have any world ones or a postage stamp. I added some baker’s twine to give it texture and dimension. I’m really pleased at how this came out.


VIII. Little Sister and Nephew

Their card was originally something else, panels of chiyogami paper that depicted travel but it seemed so pedestrian next to all the cards above. So this one is a redo. It’s a bit shabby whimsical  in my opinion.

I came across card sketches on Pinterest. This one I thought was doable with the supplies I had. I was going to at first use the chiyogami paper as the hanging banners but they disappeared in front of the patterned cardstock so I switched them. I distressed the eyelet borders because they looked too fresh for the card.

Admittingly, my flower’s a bit awkward. That was the only second time I’ve made one, the first being so much better. It’s something I’ll work on and I need accents for the middles of such things. Pastel and wooden buttons are on the list.


IX. Neighbor

One of our neighbors is very generous with Cupcake and Jellybean. She’s thoughtful and had gone to school in the city with my youngest aunt. My neighbor is the one who invited me to Craft Night. I host every third month.

As she loves to make cards in her spare time, I felt this one was right for her as the last time I saw her she was working on holiday cards for family. This chiyogami paper is holiday festive where it makes me think of people dressed up in velvet and lace all gathered around a grand piano for caroling in front of a fire and Christmas tree.

I tried out this link‘s method of making no-sew flowers. That’s all lace tape you see there. Now I only had enamel shapes which are small to accent the middle of the flower. I originally had all five in the middle but later thought to add a sequin with three of them and then place the other two on the sentiment which should have been mounted with foam squares. I really love that lace flower.


X. Moi Moi

Now this card is totally different from the rest. It’s simpler and in a different theme. My moi moi loves Hawaiian culture. She tries to visit Oahu whenever she can, usually coming home with another new tatt.

When I had attended my first card workshop, one thing I told the demonstrator that I wanted was tropical printed paper because I couldn’t find any at the craft stores. I own a whole bunch of taj stamps thanks to my mum that show the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. So looking through the Stampin’ Up catalog with Carrie, I found these. This company makes heavy-duty cardstock. I may have to buy a paper cutter with a raising handle because my little Fiskars blade couldn’t cut evenly or cleanly through sometimes. I used this card sketch, SC333.  The stamp has hearts as part of it. I used enamel ones to cover them and for a pop of color there because I didn’t want to color the bear and bunny in colors that didn’t go with the color scheme.

Whew! We are done here. Kamsa hamnida for hanging out with me today. These cards now need to be written in by my daughters and then sent off next week. Annyeong kaseyo!


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