Post VI: What’s cookin’ good looking?

Good evening. Are you in turkey comas this weekend from Thanksgiving leftovers?

I wasn’t planning to blog until next week but I’m relaxed right now (It’s 10:21 p.m. already?) after the craziness of the week. No Year of Projects post tomorrow. I haven’t touched my knitting for days as the other craft sucked me in every day (a future post). Today I felt like knitting but caught up on all of your blogs first. Thank you for voicing your two cents on Plastic Flamingo on the Lawn. After taking a break from it and letting everything marinate, I’m going to rip back to the underarms and alternate skeins.

I just realized I haven’t posted a What’s cookin’ good looking? since the beginning of September. Well that’s gonna get remedied right now.

I. Gobble, Gobble

Our original plans to get together with the godparents went awry due to an unforeseen circumstance so the four of us had a quiet, Thanksgiving dinner at home. Luckily Monday, I made that Trader Joe’s run and picked up a 14.14 lb kosher turkey along with ingredients for Giada de Laurentis’s Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta. I made that stuffing last year, lots of prep but hella easy to throw together. To be honest (keepin’ it real) I couldn’t remember if I had cooked a turkey this big before as I’ve only made two in the past, but I tried using Martha Stewart’s method from one of her recipes where you cook the bird at 425° for 30 minutes and then turn the oven down to 350°. Unfortunately, our turkey didn’t come out as cooked as I would’ve liked. It could have been partly due to the temperature switching and mostly where I had placed the digital thermometer; I always get confused on where to place that sucker. If you have any tips on that, please share. So I quickly steamed the portions I had cut out for the family that night. Lesson learned. Next year I’m going to try a straight 325°, something suggested on this infographic on Pinterest. 

Despite the turkey glitch, dessert at least kicked tail! I used Martha Stewart’s Icebox Pumpkin Mousse Pie recipe. It didn’t disappoint! I was worried when I was putting it together in the morning that my 3 cup Cuisinart food processor wasn’t going to be big enough to hold all the necessary ingredients, but hoorah, everything fit for the crust part and then later for the pie filling. This pumpkin mousse pie is an excellent alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie. Our dessert was light, flavorful, and hella good!


II. Uh, what’s up Doc?

For a certain time period, the husband and I were having a vegetarian sandwich every day. Since the beginning of August I wanted us to eat a little healthier by incorporating more veggies into our diets. I would make him one of these and a lunch meat sandwich also.

Here you see Oroweat Double Fiber bread, toasted. Each slice is topped with spicy avocado hummus, cucumbers, bell pepper, micro greens, red onions, and avocado. Now I usually combine both meat and veggies into one sandwich.


III. Lettuce Wraps

Lately, I’ve been lazy to deal with big packaged meat so I’ve been buying organic ground turkey and beef from Costco. I like how I can just slice open the plastic wrap and dump the contents into a sizzling pan.

One of our go-to meals in this house is taco lettuce wraps. After browning the meat, I season it with the taco seasoning mix and mix in black beans and frozen corn. I then garish each lettuce cup with shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream.


IV. I want curry!

I am always craving curry. I don’t know why but it’s like comfort food to me. Costco sells organic millet and brown rice ramen. You get about 12 dried bundles in a package. There are no flavor packets included nor I believe is there even salt. So I salt the boiling water heavily.

I make curry sauce using curry powder, coconut milk, and a few other ingredients on the side in another pot. Chicken breasts are baked and basted with Macheesmo’s BBQ Hoisin Sauce. I don’t have sriracha so I use gochujang instead. This sauce is hella good.


V. Japchae

One of the recent recipes I’ve made is Hungry Girl por Vida’s Jap Chae. Costco sells organic mung bean noodles. You get over 10 bundles in just one pack! Let me tell you, four to five of them makes a big enough meal for our crew. This recipe is really easy to make. I added ground turkey as my Korean husband has to have protein to satisfy his hungered belly. I intend to make more after the next grocery run.

Time to get cozy in the flannel sheets with my Kindle. Have a good night and TTYL.


7 thoughts on “Post VI: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. We brine our turkey before cooking it (helps keep it from drying out). We actually did a smoked turkey this year, which is something we’ve not tried before. I still prefer the oven one but the smoked one was pretty good (it is also brined). As for where to stick the thermometer, we stick ours in the drumstick because it needs to get to a higher temperature for “done” than the breast. However, we check both, just in case.


  2. That recipe for stuffing looks so good. I wish I could make it but family is allergic to chestnuts! I kind of like quiet Thanksgiving dinners at home…I remember cooking my first thanksgiving dinner when I was 19 for my in laws, Mister and my brother…it was an experience but I’ve cooked the turkey’s every year since then either for Turkey day or Christmas day. Your curry sounds delicious!


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  4. Everything looks so delicious!! I love the look of those veggie sandwiches, a great idea. And I’m a longtime fan of the lettuce wrap- bread ones always feel like they are too in the way of the good stuff inside, whereas lettuce is basically a vehicle for water, so ti doesn’t fill you up the same way.


  5. Lots of great recipe ideas in this post! I love lettuce wraps so will definitely be trying out this recipe. The Jap Chae looks delicious and easy to make. Roasting a turkey looks really intimidating so I’m happy to leave that task to my brother and sister-in-law 🙂


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