Tardy to the Party: It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Well, hello. I’m throwin’ out o((*^ڡ^*))o a big thank you for the rainbows you sent my way in the comments section of Sunday’s post. I loved the fellow, Frankie love and appreciate your support on my decision about what to do for the next stage of my jumper. Here’s an update: My parents are currently at sea. The tsunami warnings were cancelled before they had checked into their cruise terminal. Pls cross your fingers that the aftershocks will be done by the time they reach the first scheduled stop at New Zealand. They were experiencing rough waters so my dad wrote they’ve been eating light meals.

It’s also been a bit busy here with parent/teacher conferences starting up this week. My head is spinning at each daughter’s different pick up time. I skipped my power walk since Cupcake got out at 11:56 a.m. I also wanted to make poop cupcakes again to give them time to cool off so I could frost them before leaving to get Jellybean today. Her school is having a three-day bake sale this week; proceeds go toward a family whose 4th grade son has been diagnosed with leukemia. Being a parent myself who loves her daughters to infinity and beyond, I wanted to help out in some way I could.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

So I finished two books recently:


The first is this one, Prudence, by Gail Carriger. I was in the mood to read the steampunk genre. My curiosity grew about this genre after reading the first book of The Invisible Library series. When I think of steampunk this author, Gail Carriger, comes to mind. Two years ago I had tried out the first of her finishing school series. It was good but I didn’t read more of the series as I felt a younger adult or teen would have enjoyed it more.

Unfortunately, I felt the same about this book and actually rated it one star lower – 2 stars. The old saying, “Everything but the kitchen sink,” came to mind as I read page after page. There are many characters whose world is a bit confusing to me. Not a whole lot is revealed about their inner society. It took me a while to figure out these human children are from the supernatural adults before they were turned. Then you have the Victorian style of dress and the period’s mannerisms. You assume the mission is one thing but it becomes involved with a whole other thing. The only positives I have for this book are the cover is terrific, the cheekiness of the characters had me smiling, and there was some good action bits after two-thirds of the book was through.

However, I don’t think I’ll read more of this series. The author has another popular series, Parasol Protectorate. I will give it a try in the near future. That will determine whether or not I read this author any more.


Scarlet is the second book of The Lunar Chronicles. For this second installment I read the Kindle version. I read this book in two days! Straight up. I admit I was a bit antsy waiting for the author to reveal why a new girl is introduced and how she is related to the plot about Cinder. It didn’t take long. Scarlet’s journey is not an easy one, filled with unanswered questions. While she seeks to get them answered, there is more blood and fighting than what was in the first. A closer glimpse into Lunar’s flashed threat to Emperor Kai in Cinder plays a big part in this book.

I know I need to read the last installment of this series ASAP. I want to know what happens! I will get up on that as soon as I’m finished with this post. Three stars for Scarlet.

The tween is reading The Underdogs by Mike Lupica. She has been hooked on this author’s work, reading five of his books so far. Cupcake likes his writing because “there are good storylines outside of sports” and she wishes he would write a book with “a girl as the main character.”

The nine year old is reading The Fran that Time Forgot (Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist #4) by Jim Benton. She likes this series because of the action and because of Franny’s experiments.


  1. Still listening to The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike #1) by Robert Galbraith
  2. To Sir Phillip with Love (Bridgertons #5) by Julia Quinn – I needed a book to read as I haven’t had time to pick up my supernatural/fantasy hold from the library.

I’ve got japchae to prep soon so housewife duties call. What are you reading right now? What’s for dinner tonight? Bye!


4 thoughts on “Tardy to the Party: It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Fingers crossed you parents have a safe trip. I really need to start the Lunar Chronicles I’ve been meaning to for years. I hope you enjoy your books this week. I also need to read the Cuckoo’s Calling. J.K. is one of my favourite authors but I’m kind of holding off on reading that series until next year.


  2. fingers crossed your parents are going to be okay. I’m still trying to finish ‘the book of speculation’ they plot got weird and my interest is diminishing but I will finish it hopefully today!!


  3. Hope your parents cruise across gets better, although I did that trip once and er… that was enough. We hit a very stormy crossing. I doubt they will be affected by the quake/tsunami when they get here. Really at this point I think Wellington (capital) would be the only port a little damaged. Christchurch while close was not really affected and all other places too far away.
    Kaikoura a beautiful tourist spot was isolated so that no road / rail can get in. Our navy has been helpful and some tourists also got out in helicopters. As there is a navy celebration on here at present, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and I think Singapore navy ships are on there way down the coast to help out too. Isn’t that awesome. Do you know where in NZ your parents are going?

    I just have to get on to those Lunar Chronicles – love seeing you reading into the next one. Thanks for the laugh you gave me when I saw the title of your post!


  4. Fingers crossed for your parents trip! Hopefully all will go well and the water will smooth out! I really enjoyed Scarlet as well and was interested to see how it was going to play out. I’m anxious to read Cress next. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the Gail Carriger book. Her books are on my TBR but I haven’t read any yet. I’m going to keep my expectations on the low side!


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