A Year of Projects, Week 20

Good afternoon. Before I start today’s post I hope Kathryn of The Book Date and Wei Siew of Kiwiyarn Knits are safe in New Zealand. I’m sure you’ve heard it’s been hit by a 7.8 earthquake and a tsunami alert is in effect as waves are already coming in. My youngest aunt was in a panic this morning as my parents are in Sydney and are scheduled to sail to NZ; she thought they were leaving in the morning. Thankfully, they have an evening departure and are safe on land and currently researching everything. I hope the cruise line plays it extremely safe and smart and has reasonable options for their intended passengers.

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest…let’s get down to business shall we?


I am happy to report I have had tremendous progress this week. Meet my first Frankie:


While you’ve had to endure my stressful moaning about knitting Christmas socks, I am glad that I’ve learned more about sock construction and sock knitting gauge. I CO 56 stitches for Frankie and it is snug, snugger than my first pair of toe up socks – Shells on the Beach – which was considered a terrific fit for me back then. I know it was ease up just a bit after blocking but I’m happier with this fit. BTW, The Cozy Knitter’s yarn has good weight.

I do have to weave in all ten ends before starting its sister. I’ve kind of put that off because Dye Another Day podcast is going to make a tutorial on how they deal with yarn ends when switching colors. I am curious to see how helpful it would be to me.

After reading your comments throughout the week and marinating, I think I’m going to stick with “Plastic Flamingo on the Lawn” for this cropped jumper. Last week you saw a bare beginnings on this project and now look what I’ve ☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノ got:


The raglan increasing is done! Concurrently (I learned this term from Ruth of Knitterarium – who is now podcasting, BTW. ) I’m keeping an Excel worksheet to keep track of how many stitches I’m knitting. Right now I’ve knitted over 8K!

So I’ve encountered a part of the pattern where I’m unsure of: The pattern tells me to knit for 2.25″ after separating the sleeves out and then I would start the waist shaping. However, it seemed weird to start waist shaping so soon because my natural waist is lower. I looked at the other projects and two of the past knitters waited, one for example waited until 3″ which is the longest suggested for the largest size because the yarn she was using was stretchy. Another knitter actually knitted the stockinette for 7″ where her natural waist hit.

My natural waist is about 7.5″ down from my armpit. The section of waist shaping is about 1.75″ long. I think I will knit for about 7″ and then start waist shaping. It should cover that area of my waist from top to bottom.  Cross your fingers for me, pls!

That’s all I’ve got for today. I am off to read other YOP1617 posts. After that, I have mini cards to create. Cupcake’s school had their students take their photos on Maze Day before school had started so her pictures have been sitting on the piano while I’ve been waiting for Jellybean’s school pictures to come in. Her school used another photographer this year and took it late. They finally arrived, getting her Bella’s thumbs up.

Have a good Sunday. TTYL!


19 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 20

  1. What scarey news from NZ. Glad the relatives are safe and hope they stay that way. I giggle every time I see Frankie. The colors make me happy. Your sweater is taking off. I have never done waist shapong as I don’t like snug clothes so I just knit it straight from pits to hem. Easy peasy lol


  2. I’m wondering about the sweater now. I know some “waist shaping” is actual shaping for boobs followed by actual waist shaping…or if it’s supposed to have negative ease or positive ease or…..yeah, I’m babbling. Nevermind me.


  3. I know I said something similar last week, but that yarn you’re knitting your Frankies with is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing Pink Flamingo on the Lawn grow. Good luck on that waist!


  4. Wow I love Frankie! I feel like we’re knitting very similar socks in very similar colours. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a primary stitch count that fits you nicely? I was at 64 stitches for the longest time, but lately I’ve had to sneak up a bit higher. Some how or another I’m knitting tighter these days 🙂

    I so admire knitters who can make garments that fit. My fingers are firmly crossed that all your hard work pays off!


  5. I’m super impressed. I can cast on with needles but I prefer loom knitting I don’t have the co-ordination to use needles and since my mum died (she was the one I went to for craft solutions). I had no idea that so many things could be knit on a loom. Your sock looks great! Thanks for stopping on by my blog 🙂 I like the new blog (I haven’t visited your blog since you had your old one) this one looks great!


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  7. I am not the waist shaping maven but I believe you want to have finished your waist shaping say an inch before your natural waist and have 3 inches or so of plain knitting before increasing again. I do like your sweater and the color is fab.


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