The Other Craft, III

◦°˚(´•̛ᴗ•̛`)/˚°◦ Good morning. Yay on being Thursday, yeah? I’ve been so spoiled this week. Husband has been home, using up some vacation time to get his Master’s thesis goin’. This dedicated father has been taking over drop off and pick up. I love having this nice, little break. It’s good Daddy/daughter bonding time as he usually only sees them for 15 hours during work days.

It’s cool in the house so I’m sippin’ some Tazo passion; it’s funny; remember how I said in the past how warm, fruity teas were weird to me? Well, I’ve been drinkin’ up my two boxes of Tazo. I was desperate for tea one day and started on those again and now in the spirit of the old Life cereal commercial, “She likes it! She really, really likes it!”

For the past, couple of weeks I’ve been card crafting. I’ve had a bunch of pics on the camera so I thought I’d whip out a post today.


You saw from this post the baby hats for Cupcake’s former teacher. This is the card (picture texted from her) that had accompanied it:


It’s really simple because I don’t have stamps for this occasion, but I do have that one baby stamp my bestie, Court, gave me when Cupcake was born.


I created this card to go along with the skein of Madelinetosh that I had donated to a prize winner in Carol E. Herman Designs during the Ravellenic Games:


I tried some layering with the two shades of blue. I’ve been slowly stocking up on ink pads, three shades of a color. Here I used Stampin’ Up!’s Petite Petals Clear-Mount Stamp Set – from my purchase at my first card workshop.


I hand cut out those two, stamped flowers which wasn’t a pain but I’d like to get the corresponding punch so it’d be easier to have a whole bunch of them. Those color enamel embellishments, or I call them little doo-dads, are something I’ve never used before. I need sparkly ones next! The banner I made as I don’t have a punch for that, something I need to look into.


My PTA-back-in-the-day homegirl is a September baby like moi. For friends, I’ve been putting on my calendar when to start card crafting for the recipient and when to mail it off.

From ordering the first time, I received a $5 gift certificate which I used on this Party with Cake Clear-Mount Stamp Set before it had expired. I wanted to use the “And ice cream. And more cake.” stamp like a background since I don’t have birthday or dessert cardstock. Jellybean gave me the placement idea for the cake; she said it was putting a cherry on top. The sentiment portion was stamped on a tracing of an acrylic block.


As you know, Cupcake recently celebrated her birthday so of course she needed thank you cards.


This one, for my grandmother and inspired by Pinterest, my mum commented, “Fancy.”

I used my washi tape from the Indigo Washi Tape Tube by Recollections. I didn’t have any other interesting punches other than circles so I drew a leaf and cut it out with an X-ACTO knife. I used leaf-edged scissors to make the square sides interesting.

I have seen cards that use backgrounds that look either like book pages or newsprint. I wanted to do something like that with these next cards that were for her BFF’s.

Above, I copied several definitions of “thank you” from the Internet and copied them into a document of columns. I printed out the doc onto that pale blue cardstock. I also wanted to experiment stamping dark over light which is what was done with the sentiment portion. Beforehand, I had experimented on the position of the orchid on rectangle pieces and liked how it was when it was slightly off.

My last thank you card was this one:


Still using the idea of print, I copied ways to say thank you in different languages, positioning them one right after the other. I had two lines of text which I then copied all the way down the doc. For each set, I would cut and paste one or more words to go at the end so that the document wouldn’t look obviously redundant.

My original idea was to stamp the orchid onto this white cardstock. However, figuring out how to use up negative space that came out like a 90° angled ruler with two words to fit in made it awkward.

Instead, I cut banner strips of the text and laid out it as you see there. To add texture and depth I used transparent ribbon and raised the sentiment which was punched with Martha Stewart’s eyelet punch.

Well, that’s all folks. I am hungry so off to make me some grub. And hey, thank you for your past visits and your sweet, birthday wishes for our tween. TTYL!


18 thoughts on “The Other Craft, III

  1. Love these cards! I have seen some lovely cards like yours on etsy, craft shows and other gifty stores. The laying and depth you have created is just lovely! this inspires me to start on our holiday cards.


  2. You’ve got your card making game on! They are gorgeous every one of them! I recently bought some ink pads and stamps for my journaling but not quite sure how to layer them like you did.


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