Another Successful Party

*sips tea even though it’s 89° outside*

A big hello to you on this October Sunday. No YOP post today as I haven’t had time to work on those WIP’s. My week has been one filled with this and that, but most of all party prep. Another one you say? Yep.

Princess Cupcake is officially 12 years old now! Would you believe she stayed up last night to her birth time before retiring?


 The tween celebrated with friends and her little sister. The theme?

Emojis! This was a hard one to DIY as I didn’t want to overtax our printer. Therefore I ordered a set of decorations from Prime. I saved that yellow table cover from the HP dinner.


Our firstborn requested 7-Layer Dip which was more a six layered one:


The day before I bought Costco Take-and-Bake pizzas; they’re so big I could only fit half onto a sheet pan. This is my make shift pizza display:


There was also chicken pizza as a friend’s religion doesn’t allow pork.

Sides of fruit, Cheez-It’s, and organic juice:



Instead of cake, our girl wanted poop cupcakes:


I used Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcake recipe and found those fun, candy eyes in the baking aisle at Target.


Photo Booth


These emoji face props were the highest rated on Amazon.

Pin Your Poop


Sun Catchers




Two of Cupcake’s girlfriends were unavailable this day but because we had extra party favors, her thoughtful and generous heart wanted to still give her friends some besides the two, younger sisters of one lovely guest (Hi Minnie!). These little, keychain stuffies are from Amazon as well.

E and I are happy our tween had a terrific time at her emoji party. Girl time is important! I love her group of friends; they are smart, beautiful, and wonderfully thoughtful and kind. We are thankful they had introduced themselves to her and had taken her in last year when she was new.

Happy 12th birthday my darling:

I love you.


15 thoughts on “Another Successful Party

  1. It looks like you’ve pulled off another very successful party, Stefanie! How funny that your tween likes the poop theme. Is it because she really likes the poop emoji? The cupcakes look just like the emoji 😀


  2. Happy Birthday to your gal! What a fun theme for a tween party. It’s so hard to come up with one for that age group. The cupcakes are hilariously fun. Something that my son would appreciate 🙂


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