Autumn Mini Swap

I’ve participated in my last mini swap for the year. Carol E. Herman Designs had an Autumn Mini Swap where it was delightfully all about fall!

Jennifer (jenb69) was my secret swap partner. I decided to crochet to have a variety from the all the knitting I’ve been doing.

This is Brett Bara’s Woodsy Acorn Pots pattern:


Isn’t it adorable? I was dying to hook it up and am glad I had the excuse to do it! The leaf is in Karabella Aurora 8. I had crocheted this little part twice as the first time it didn’t come out right. The acorn roof is in Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Sienna, and the bottom is in Spud & Chloe Sweater in Moonlight.

Josephine Wu is a popular amigurumi designer on Ravelry. I chose her Halloween Candy Corn Creatures pattern:


And no, I wasn’t creative enough to come up with transforming it into a Frankenstein. She had an example on the project page.

The bottom of what I call Frankie Corn is Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Tranquil. The middle part is Karabella Aurora 8 while the top half was an unknown as that skein didn’t have its label with it; it may be Cascade 220 Superwash or Berocco. His top got a little pointy because I had put in two extra rounds of decreases; I wouldn’t do it next time though.

At first I was going to try a Red Heart leaf pattern that had a video tutorial, but I messed up and couldn’t figure out where I was so that got frogged. I then turned to these other favorites: Oak Leaves by In the Yarn Garden and Fall Leaves by Michelle @ The Painted Hinge:


And of course I was going to make Jenn stitch markers:


I have had this Halloween stamp step for ages and it was never used. I paired up two of the stamps so the spider dangled from her web. The skeleton one was long so I thought to make that into a connecting stitch marker also.

The cute, little acorn house was a perfect place to store them:


Carla (cascott) had me in this swap:


I love the leaf-shaped cloth. It is so cool. And you see that bag of popcorn? It’s corn grown on a farm right across the street from her house! Carla sewed me a wonderful, little zipper bag. I love the autumnal fabrics and she gave me those Hiya Hiya safety pins for knitters. They are so much more fun than the Clover ones I have. Thank you, Carla!

I loved how this mini swap was different as I’ve only participated in the summer spa ones. I’ll tell you again, if you ever want to be part of a swap that is easy on your wallet yet fun and open to knitting, crocheting, and sewing, Carol E. Herman designs is the place to go. Love you, Carol. TTYL y’all!


12 thoughts on “Autumn Mini Swap

  1. I LOVE the things you crafted! They are just perfection!!! Jen is so lucky! The swap package you received is wonderful, too. I just love our swaps!


  2. I’m in the mist of getting my box ready for the Claudio Sanchez swap on LSG. The basic premise is that you send a box of random crap from your house…promo pens/bags, figurines, jewelry, yarn, whatever. Last year, I think I got a shopping bag, pen, a turtle “statue” (which, sadly, broke during shipping), some yarn, a leather purse, random assortment of tea….random stuff that we don’t want. It’s a really bizarre swap.


  3. what an awesome swap package, you were so thoughtful! I love the fall theme, and those stitch markers are lovely and so perfect for Halloween! Love that leaf cloth, too.


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