Gift Knitting 1

*flashes shaka* Aloha. And howz it this Saturday?

What rainbow comments the last post has received! *bows* Mahalo nui loa. To each of you I’ve gotten back to. I’m thinkin’ for next year’s Christmas I will throw a Harry Potter one, maybe finally making that Butterbeer and having each guest take a fun, Prisoner of Azkaban photo. And I learned there is an imitation butter extract made by McCormick that Debbie/deafelis researched for me. I’d probably have to order it from Amazon as Lucky’s and Target didn’t have it.

This is the first time I’m showin’ off gift knitting. Otherwise you’ve seen them once in a blue moon on IG. I think I’ll keep the post title as a series. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a catchy title and gift knitting is what it is, yeah?

I. Superman

If you had time in the past to watch the STITCHES West 2016 podcast, you’d have seen this skein of Fresh from the Cauldron’s SW Self-Striping yarn (There are many colorways in superhero colors in her Etsy shop if you’re interested.) in her Superman colorway. To reiterate, the husband had commented when I had showed him my Wonder Woman booty, “What? No Superman?” Lalo, of Purl and Sympathy – the SF knitting group I was a part of and try to hook up with them once a month – was going back to the marketplace that weekend and thus helped me find it.

I’ve battled with his sock project. It started out as Rose City Rollers when we were coming home from Seattle. I frogged the little progress done as I felt maybe I should try an afterthought heel and not be lazy. I was going to follow Cat Bordhi’s Youtube video but felt I needed more guidance. So frog attempt #2. I then bought Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator sock pattern and actually finished an afterthought heel for the first time; however, the 56 stitches were all too tight; it actually fitted me – third frogging. I started over. Eh, with all that was going on with an overflowing plate, the frogs came again.

My logic was to wait until the Christmas guillotine was no longer hanging over my head to cast Superman on again, but E was really feeling left out. So I went back to Rose City Rollers; he didn’t care about the pooling in his heel as long as I was knitting them. The first sock is done:


The fit kicks ass! It is snug, the way he likes it. I casted on 60 stitches which is in-between two of the pattern sizes. He has a 9″ foot circumference and I wanted an inch of negative ease.

The second sock is in progress:


I finished the heel flap, turned it, and picked up the gussets which have been decreased once. If this sentence made your eyes cross go here and they’ll uncross.

II. Abril Skyps

My little sister is getting a pair of Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku. Over 5K of them have been knitted. I’m using the popular and well-known Malabrigo in Abril:


You’ve seen the first full sock flashed before. I’m finishing up the leg. The two-round, stitch pattern is easy to memorize.

That is it for today. Cupcake is back from her tennis lesson and no doubt the ohana is hungry. In the fashion of Andi, My Sister’s Knitter, who usually has a good jam in every post, I leave you with my weekend mood:



9 thoughts on “Gift Knitting 1

  1. I wish my hubby would let me knit him socks. All he wants from me is hats 🙂 I love the superman colorway…it’s super cool. And Malabrigo? Yum on both the yarn and the colorway. I love that yarn.


    • Thank you, Paula. At least your husband likes your beanies which is a plus for sure. My husband doesn’t really wear them. I don’t know if he’ll wear his socks to work but at home for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those superman socks are awesome, no wonder he loves them! And I like the skyp socks too, probably one of my favourite sock patterns. That version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow i s my most favourite version ever. I never get tired of it.


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