It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Good morning. How was your first fall weekend? Our Bay Area has had rising temperatures after the first two days of the season were cool. Today is another 90 something. Wassup with that?

I didn’t post for Year of Projects yesterday because there wasn’t much progress even though I had worked on my scarf during two to three car-waiting sessions. Knitting got less time last week since I’ve been determined to clean off my nightstand of library books. I have some holds that will be trickling in soon so I’m making way for those.


Tyler is the last of the Montana Creeds series. I enjoyed this read more than the second one. The plot got the sex out of the way and right to the storyline developments of Tyler coming back around to being family again with his brothers and to settling down. The series ended well. Three stars.


I love Mary Alice Monroe. Can ya hear me Mary?! I love your writing!

I’ve been wanting to read this Lowcountry Summer series of hers for quite some time. The Summer Girls is about estranged half sisters, each luggin’ their own baggage, being brought together by their determined grandmother, Mamaw. Carson is the focus of this first book.

I have never visited the south and oh boy do I want to go! To live on an island and to live near the beach? That’s my kind of jam. You learn about dolphins in this read, not as detailed as I did of sea turtles in Monroe’s The Beach House, but stories you’ve heard about dolphins are brought to life. You also get a small glimpse into an autistic child’s world. Four stars.


I was lucky to receive Knitlandia from Kim of Page After Page. She sent it to me with a wonderful skein of yarn and a cute stitch marker after the two of us had met up for coffee when E and I visited Seattle this summer. This is Clara Parkes’s knitty memoir of all of the yarny travels she’s had in the past to the big knitting events that exist out there.

It was entertaining reading Parkes’s work. She is a witty writer; I liked her writing style:

(about Vogue Knitting Live 2011, Pg. 17)

The event was a three-day embodiment of, “If you build it, they will come.” More than 2,500 students and 6,000 market-goers converged for the inaugural show. Many traveled from afar, excited to have a reason to venture into New York City. Others emerged from nearby brownstones and co-ops and condos. Like superheroes responding to the Bat Signal of knitting, they came.

These events are the closest we have to our own University, to tenured professors and a formal curriculum. Because we lack sufficient financial clout to establish a permanent place for such learning, we have this traveling circus of experts who roam from town to town, event to event, squeaky wheeled suitcases of samples in tow. Instead of vacuum cleaners or encyclopedias, we sell knowledge and skills acquired from decades of experience.

Three stars.

What was your best read this week and why?


13 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Oh yes isn’t Mary Alice Monroe great. I have just downloaded the most recent A Lowcountry Christmas which is evidently like a prequel as it is about Taylor who eventually links with one of the girls. I’ve listened to her read one of the books and she was great too at narrating them.


  2. Knitlandia looks like a fun read. Since I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to, reading about other people’s adventures is the next best thing. I am currently reading the new Colleen Hoover book It Ends with Us. Enjoying it so far.


  3. I need to clean off my nightstand also! Thanks for the reminder! LOL! Mary Alice Monroe sounds like a good author and also Knitlandia by Clara Parkes. I am an armchair traveler. I didn’t know you met up with Kim. She works on some beautiful projects and yarns and I always love her book recommendations. So nice of her to send you fiber and a book about fiber! Have a great week!


    • Thank you. I was introduced to Knitlandia by a fellow blogger. I liked most of it; some I slogged through. I found I was mostly interested in the chapters of events I would like to go to some day. I’m a big fan of Eucalan, BTW. I always buy the Eucalyptus scented one as I have fond memories of that tree.


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