A Year of Projects, Week 12


I can’t believe we are already in double digits of YOP1617, can you? I know I’ve been MIA for three weeks. It’s not you, it’s me. You know me, I keep it real. I was most likely too tired to blog as since the last post, life kept me busy: Last minute back-to-school preparations, starting school again, working on sock projects, getting our new routine and routes down, my birthday, double Open Houses, working Book Fair, and prepping + hosting yesterday’s Harry Potter family dinner. Stay tuned for that post!

Knitting YOP projects has been sporadic but there has been progress. I’ve been especially been bringing my scarf as car knitting:


Thank you, BTW, for voting your two cents in that little poll. I will play it by ear with this second skein of yarn. I have over 200+ rows for this middle section.

As for my Ravellenic beanie I’m in the decrease section. I think I have about seven rounds to go:


Still in love with this yarn. I hope this week to finish it. Even though it looks fine to the eye, I will probably still block it.

So that’s it for now. Off to read other YOP members’ posts and work on tomorrow’s post. TTYL.


19 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 12

  1. Your WIPs are great but being a lover of purple, the hat really caught my eye. Especially purple with cables. I dont have kids at home anymore, but still have to get in a routine when school starts since we help out with our grand daughter. It’s tough, for sure.


  2. Every time I think I’ve got this school business figured out, I get tossed another curve ball. I was supposed to cover for two of the enrichment classes…turns out that who knows when the flute teacher is going to be actually hired so I need to like, you know, actually do prep work and get the kids really, truly started on their instruments. On top of that, I may have volunteered to help with Art in Action (which is our school’s art program)…but I need to get up-to-date on that and talk to Husband and figure out what time the class will meet. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’m probably going to co-chair on the auction committee next year (which means I’m shadowing this year).

    Overcommitted much?



  3. Is that your Purl Soho scarf? I want to make that color block one and that may be one you made before? Anyway, your knitting is always so perfect and gorgeous. The hat is lovely and I do love me some cables and I love doing cables too. You always choose the most beautiful yarns. So glad you’re back but I know how busy it is for everyone when school starts up again! Take care and I hope the girls have a great school year!


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