Post V: What’s cookin’ good looking?

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. They were lovely.

o(〃^▽^〃)o And hey…TGIF! What are your plans this weekend? My first priority is to catch up on sleep. I am pooped. After Open House my sleep has been restless due to this week of 80’s temperatures which are causing bad allergies, sinus pressure, and slight headaches. And the usual chores need to get done besides party planning and knitting.

So it’s been a long while since I’ve written one of these posts. These recipes are from April til now. Oh and WARNING: Reading beyond this point may induce salivation and extreme hunger.



When Cupcake’s BFF came over, her mother gave us some sweet potatoes. I generally only eat this root vegetable like mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. I wanted to use them in a different way so I found How Sweet It Is’s recipe to try.

I didn’t make the croutons, but the bisque is delicious!



Okay, I think I had used this recipe by Kayln’s Kitchen. I didn’t have all of the ingredients so I just used what I had.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The whole crew liked it. I believe we got two dinners out of the recipe.


For Father’s Day, I wanted to make something different with the blueberries. I looked on my Mum Mum – A.M. board. I’ve had this recipe by Alexandra’s Kitchen on my board for like ages. It was probably the first pin I put on there. OMGosh, what the hell took me so long to make it?! I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra’s recipe. The cake is light and fluffy inside. You also get that sweet crusty crunch with every bite.



Brownie cookies have been all over Pinterest. Of course my interest was piqued. In this house, anything made of chocolate is considered, I Want!

I saw Good Morning Cali’s recipe and its pictures made me drool. My cookies didn’t come out as thick as Calista’s probably because the baking soda wasn’t as fresh as it should have been. However, these were still hella good. Our family really had to control ourselves and limit one per person per day.

I’ve also made this recipe a second time. During that session, I stuck in chocolate chips on top before baking each tray. You may have seen that pic on IG.



I am always craving curry while Jellybean always wants shrimp. One Costco trip I indulged her.

This recipe by How Sweet It Is is perfect for my daughters and their dad because they all love noodles.

I like the simplicity of the dish. It was a nice change from having rice.



Whenever I make a Costco trip, I pick up a bag of mini bell peppers for E. He loves the fresh crunch of this vegetable. But one time he forgot there were two bags in the frig and their outer skin got wrinkled. I had to use them up before they went bad! Lea’s Cooking was perfect to use up the veggies.

The two kids didn’t touch any of them but the husband and I loved them! I’m actually craving them again and have a bag ready for next weekend. I also plan to make them for October’s Craft Night.

As Cookie Monster always sings, “C is for Cookie and cookie is me.”

Baker by Nature’s M&M Cookie Bites definitely caught my eye on Pinterest. How could it not with those brightly colored, childhood candy sweets in it? This is one of my go-to recipes when I want to fill up our cookie jar.


To take a break from waffles, FRENCH TOAST was on my brain. At Costco, King’s Hawaiian Bread Sweet Rolls are sold so I knew I had to use them for breakfast. I roughly followed this recipe for our Labor Day brunch this past Monday. I learned skinny, sandwich bread does not cut it for French Toast. Fluffly, fat bread is a must.

You should have heard E. His belly was so happy after consuming a plate of it.

Okay. I hear tummies rumbling in this house. I’m off to take care of dinner duty. What are you cookin’ this weekend? TTYL!


21 thoughts on “Post V: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. I was going to make bbq chicken but now I’m thinking of sweet potato bisque and a couple of those brownie cookies:) Everything looks delicious! I’m going to have to make the blueberry cake too. YUM! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love your what’s cooking posts! So many great easy recipes. I want to try the slow cooker spicy shredded chicken which looks delicious. I love sweet potatoes in soups & stews. One of my favorite is West African chicken stew.


  3. good golly I’m hungry! did you alter the curry noodle bowl? your’s doesn’t look orange….did you like that much coconut milk in the sauce? Just wondering. I’d eat yours but I would not want to eat the one you linked, ha ha ha.


  4. Tasty post lady! M&M cookies are always such a crowd pleaser. I like how you incorporated 2 household favorites into one with the curry/shrimp noodle dish! My kid doesn’t like cream cheese (weirdo) but we went with Boursain and a soft/spreadable herbed goat cheese for our mini bell peppers and those are definitely going into my crudite from now on!


    • Thank you, Julie. I need to utilize the slow cooker more. I usually forget about the prep. My SIL told me she does it overnight which I think is a good idea, especially for those meats that really need a long time to break down.


  5. Well, so far Brisket for Al’s visit. I made them scrambled eggs, toast with apple butter and bacon this morning. Mmmmm. We have apples from the local orchard …al’s going to bake!


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