One more tally mark of life.

Hi there. *counts on fingers* Yikes! Has it been that long, almost three weeks since I had blogged last? My bad. My reason? Life. August leading up to the start of school was a roller coaster. Oh boy. Then school was back in session and I had to get our new rhythm going with a new route and with the kids being on slightly different schedules. Life is finally feeling normal this week but we’ll still need some fine tuning when intramural sports start in seven days.

With these adjustments, I decided to wait to blog until after my birthday. Yup, yesterday was the day and it was a lovely one. It’s been a two-fold experience this year. Labor Day weekend I cashed in early with the crew. I get to hang up the dishtowel and apron so that means the four of us get to oink out:

Saturday Chow:

The husband and I took our keiki to the sushi restaurant we had tried out for our anniversary earlier this 2016. Our daughters were very happy to order traditional rolls for themselves while their dad had a generous bento box. I chose these two rolls for myself. I love the page of unique sushi rolls this place has to offer.

Sunday Chow:

After an invigorating walk at the Coyote Hills, our crew grabbed a late afternoon dinner. I picked out the favorites for E and I while the dames had big bowls of mandu ramen. I really need to try to make haemul pajeon. I love it and that dukboki!

Yesterday I made myself run, lift weights, and crunch away:


Throughout the day I received sweet texts from ohana and close tomodachi. I even got some birthday cheer from Ravelers and on IG.

I picked out dessert for the night:


Yup, had the dude put that on there. And can I tell you how ice cream is so good on a hot a** day (99°)? I guess the weather matched my sometimes short temper.

I was lucky to receive a surprise bouquet from my BFF:


Do you think I can plant them?

E came home with surprises from the girls and him:

The cards are fun. They’re 3-D and swing/move. I think you can tell who chose which card for me. And I love orchids.

My day ended with junior high open house.


It was an experience changing classrooms every 15 minutes. Haven’t done that in years! The husband and I are happy our tween has awesome teachers who are emotionally invested in their students.

I am very blessed. I am always grateful and appreciative of the people in my life. Mahalo nui loa everyone. Aloha.


17 thoughts on “One more tally mark of life.

  1. Happy belated birthday! Your food pics made me drool…so yum! What sushi place is that? The best one’s that we’ve found so far are CreAsian in Morgan Hill and Cha Cha Sushi in San Jose. I love orchids too; however I can’t seem to keep them alive. I’ve had one since May of 2015 that finally bit the dust yesterday.


  2. happy birthday sweetie! It sounds like you had an awesome birthday and some wonderful celebrations and presents. Isn’t the start of school refreshing and bittersweet? I love the fall schedule that forms and the return to keeping time.


  3. You deserve a fabulous birthday. Happy for each year is a wonderful place to be. You cannot plant the sunflowers, Im sorry. Enjoy them anyhow. Perhaps you can press one? Or smear a yellow leaf onto stationery?
    Happy happy my friend!


  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, with delicious food and time spent with your family! Happy to hear that the new school routine is going smoothly. The most difficult thing for me is waking up a lot earlier this year. 6:00am!


  5. happy belated birthday!!! Looks like you had lots of love, which you totally deserve. And all those photos of yummy food! You are totally making me hungry.


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