A Year of Projects, Week 8


✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡)♪.+゚♬✿。*The Master Composer Series: Mozart on Spotify*

Hello to you on this third Sunday of August. How often do you listen to music while at home? When I cook for example, I need my favorite jams – from Demi and Beyonce to synthesizer pop or Hidden Beach’s jazzed up hip hop. However when I read blogs, I need to have classical music on. It helps puts me in the zone. I’ve been refining my Spotify lists of classical because I don’t like the tracks where there’s operatic singing. I need straight instruments.

Well guess what? Tremendous progress on my two WIP’s:


I took a pic of my Ravellenic beanie standing up with the yarn cake inside to hold it up. I’m at least 60% done. This Wayfarer Hat pattern by Carol E. Herman is awesome. The stitch patterns give my soft-brushed project wonderful texture. Her pattern is so easy to follow. While the design may look slight complicated, beginning knitters would have no trouble knitting this up. I know the Olympics end today and obviously I won’t be done, but I just don’t care. I have fun clicking away on this WIP; it’s soothing to my soul.

Wowza! Would you look at this:


Last week I showed you about one and a half inches of honey. This week, I have about three-fourths of the first skein left! Monday’s hip hop class and standing in line Thursday for two hours and 40 minutes allowed me to get major progress on this scarf.

BTW, yep, you read that right; Cupcake’s school has an intramural sports program that is run by a retired teacher/coach of that school. Sports like golf, tennis, badminton, archery, track & field, etc. are taught for fun. You have to have this paperwork filled out and sign-ups started at 9 a.m. Some parents got in line at 6! Jellybean and I got in line at around quarter to eight. She counted the number of ppl ahead of us – 75. We were done with getting our papers checked, signing the tween up for archery and track, and paying by 10:20 a.m. Hell yeah, only a devoted mum would do that for her child! I am really excited for my 7th grader.

Okay, back to my Wool & Company scarf…

Knitting with my Addi Turbos is fine. My wool-alpaca glides easily over them. The excess cable of course curls up which is a pain but man, my stitches are even which I really like. I’m a lot happier knitting this project.

So I’m most likely going to dig into the second skein of honey. I know I have 66 more yards than what was used by Purl Soho for their scarf’s middle section. I don’t know if I should use up the second skein or what. So let’s have a little poll:

Can’t wait to see what you decide. You have until next Sunday when I work on YOP1617 Week 9’s post. Off to read other participants’ posts. You can check them out here. TTYL.


17 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 8

  1. Love ,love , love that scarf and now the hat too! You are such a good mom to do that for your daughter! I don’t listen to music..I really like peace and quiet. That is a great hat by Carol! Beautiful yarn choices too!
    I’ve missed my blogging friends! So glad to be back and see what everyone is up to. Have a great week….when does school start there? The grands in Iowa go back starting this Tuesday and my daughter the teacher went back last week to get ready for them. She teaches art at 2 different schools. Have a great week and wish Jelly bean a great and fun school year! 7th grade already? TTYL!


  2. I tend to watch shows while I knit (usually something I’ve seen a zillion times so I don’t lose my knitting focus by watching whatever it is I have on). I do occasionally listen to postcasts (Knitmore Girls & History Chicks are the only two I can manage for now – and I’m working through the backlog of the History Chicks). Sometimes, nothing at all….

    Also, why have leftover yarn?!


  3. that hat is gorgeous!! I want to knit some hats this year, I think this one should be on my list!

    I only listen to music at home when I’m cleaning, anything else on in the background just makes me not want to clean. when I knit, I usually have a podcast on to watch or something on Netflix, right now it’s the Mindy Project. 🙂


  4. I love the purple yarn you’re using in that hat. And the hat itself is really pretty. A beginner could do that, huh? You’ve got me thinking about it, but I have a hard time imagining making such beautiful stitches. I think I need to make me a few more dishcloths. I voted, and so far I’m with the majority! I’m surprised how many of us voted to fly by the seat of your pants. ;^)


  5. That hat is beautiful! With autumn slowly creeping up, I’m ready for hat-knitting season. I’ve always found hats to be such satisfying projects. I love that yarn, too.

    Also, those lines for intramural sports sound so insane, but I don’t have kids and never participated in sports, so I have nothing to compare it to. Kudos to you for being a superstar Mom and patiently bearing such a long queue! 🙂


  6. That hat is so beautiful!! looks like you have a happy marriage of yarn and pattern right there. I vote to use up the skein, but I’m not in the majority! I guess it depends on how much yarn storage you still have to play with… I’m totally tapped out so I always opt for using it up.


  7. You are a totally dedicated mom! Thank goodness for the scarf knitting to pass along the time. Love how it’s coming along. The hat is looking gorgeous as well. Music is my constant companion at home, especially when preparing meals or knitting. We don’t watch a lot of tv but music fills the house. I love Spotify and Tunein radio apps.My son listens to classical music most every night since it helps him to fall asleep.


  8. Purple is an absolute favourite colour of mine at the moment, so I love your hat x I looks a good make to make, looking forward to seeing the finished item.


  9. Good job mama!!!

    I listen to music a lot when I cook or bake or do anything else creative, like writing, etc. My biggest go to is Van Morrison. I love him. I will listen to anything though, especially now with Wyatt. I try to introduce him to different music all the time. He is so musical already! He likes to move to the beat, and can even snap, it’s crazy. 🙂 If I really need to concentrate though, I like silence..

    Your projects are always so gorgeous! I am going to try, try again this winter to knit. I never stop trying! I think it is all muscle memory, my fingers are so clumsy and don’t listen to what I want them to do. Wyatt and I watched one of your podcasts the other day! It was the one where you showed off that cool mug that looked like it was knitted. My mother in law actually is a potter, and uses the wheel and everything. Her pieces are beautiful. My favorite pieces are her pinch bowls and chopstick bowls – they fit perfectly in your cupped hand.


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