A Year of Projects, Week 7


*and cue* Well, hidy-ho readers. I’m back. I’m sorry I missed two weeks of YOP1617. I’ve been busy with life and I didn’t have much progress. My knitting has sucked lately. I’m made stupid, human error mistakes and Christmas knitting was stressing me out. I’ve been renting frogs left and right that’ve had a feast with for example, a Superman sock and a keiki, lacy tunic. I took a mental break.

I. Wool & Company


Yes, this scarf is smaller than what was showed in July. I frogged the honey section. I felt the width of the scarf was feeling scrawny even at eight inches. I also didn’t like the look of my stitches which weren’t very even in many places. I could tell the wool-alpaca blend dragged some on my Clover Takumi bamboo.

So this morning I increased the Spud & Chloe Sweater section 18 more rows. I knitted the increase row and straight knitting rows four more times + as per the instructions, the increase row one more time and one more knit row. The width is now 10 inches. I’ve also switched to an Addi Turbo circ. I feel my stitches are more even and I like how the yarn easily slides along.

II. Ravellenic Games 2016 Beanie

I am adding this project (411 posted here) to my YOP list since after all, it does go with this year’s theme, “For Me.”

This WIP was originally frogged twice as well:

  1. I had thought to at first try modifications by casting on fewer stitches because the smallest circular I had was a 3 (3.25 mm). Even though I would cast on the smallest size, I knew instinctively that after a wet-blocking, the beanie would expand and not give me the right fit I would want as I have a 20″ head circumference. I thought about using DPNs but there would be too many stitches on each one. So I went ahead and CO. When I was about to get to the body of the beanie, I knew that my modified number of stitches would mess up the flow of the design. Frog.
  2. I CO again, following the pattern and thinking maybe I’ll just gift it to somebody like my little sister who appreciates purple, but I was already knitting her socks. I wanted this Wayfarer Hat for myself which is one of the main reasons why I was participating in the Ravellenics in the first place. So Wednesday night I ordered a size 2 (2.75 mm) circular from Prime and it got here on Friday.


Now let me go off on a tangent here: Who’s had experience with ChiaoGoo needles, especially this Knit Red line? What do you think of it?

I ask because in the past, I have never wanted new circulars. I learned on Clover Takumi bamboo ones from day one and have always favored them. I do have some Addi Turbos that were bought for garment or big blanket projects. I hardly ever use them.

Straight up, for DPN’s I want Takumi bamboo or wood. I don’t like metal ones. I’ve had experience with Knitter’s Pride Karbonz which are too slippery for me.

However now, I’m thinking about getting new circs. I really like that ChiaoGoo. The needles are light like Addi’s and feel comfortable in my hands. Most of all, it’s the connecting cable. I like how when I used it for the hat’s brim, the fabric lay straight and that there is no twisting of the cable.

Who of you has used Hiya Hiya? Tell me, what is the difference between ChiaoGoo and Hiya Hiya for regular knitting, not the lace ones? I know maybe the tips maybe be different in how pointed it is. What I’d like to know is how is the connecting cable for Hiya Hiya? Is it like Addi Turbos? If you look in the scarf’s picture, the unused cable is curled up. It’s a bit irritating to have to deal with that while knitting.

I’m thinking some of you may comment I should invest in an interchangeable needle set. Have you had experience with both brands? I kind of read a few blog posts like from SkeinCocaine and Truly Murtle their experiences with interchangeables. I think most liked the Hiya Hiya set because of the way the needles connect to the cables? So pls, do be vocal.

Getting back to the Ravellenic Beanie:

Last night I was able to finish the 20 rounds of brim on my ChiaoGoo. In first photo, you see the cute, umbrella stitch marker that came all the way from Washington via Kim of Page After Page. I also have Jesse/Oocha’s cute, progress keeper. The second photo shows my favorite part of Carol’s design, this section of brim.

If you haven’t knitted with Malabrigo Arroyo yet, go out and buy a skein! It is so soft. You will not be disappointed. I love the feel of it running between my fingers. One day, I’m going to have to find a sport weight, jumper pattern just so I have an excuse to buy more and get that next to my skin.

Thank you for your patience. I loved how supportive you were by not wanting me to cast on another project and that you didn’t mind seeing the same ol’ scarf each Sunday. I can’t wait to hear about your observations and opinions about ChiaoGoos and Hiya Hiyas. Bye.


16 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 7

  1. I’m not overly picky about my circulars except for actual needle size. If the needle is a US #4 (3.5 mm) or smaller, I prefer metal or carbon fibre because I will snap bamboo, rosewood, whatever; if it’s wood, it snaps. So, my socks are done on two circulars and I have several sets of the ChaiGoo Lace and several sets of the Addis (Lace, Turbo, whatever)…and, of course, I buy in pairs. With that said, I just picked up some HiyaHiya circulars for socks, also metal but I’ve not used them yet. And I might have a few other brands that aren’t as well-known. I do well with metal circulars in smaller sizes but for larger things, I’m not so picky. I almost prefer my Takumi bamboo circulars for US #8 (5 mm) and larger because there’s a little more grip to them but it also depends on the yarn.

    Interchangeables are nice but I don’t think I use them as often as I thought I would. Granted, I only have the KP interchangeables (Options and the Rosewoods – yes, I have two sets, don’t judge!)…so nothing for small sizes.

    Another option with the DPNs…if you have more than one set, just use more needles. There’s no law that says you can only use five needles. If you have two sets, use eight needles with fewer stitches on each! No laws! No frickin’ laws 🙂

    Also, you’re going to love Bad Moms. It’s hilarious.


  2. I love ChiaoGoo needles, I haven’t tried the Knit Red though, the woman who works at my LYS has said she sends a lot in for replacements because the join breaks quite often. Maybe the knitters are real hard core ones, I don’t know lol but it’s made me not bother purchasing them.


  3. I think it’s more important to be happy with the finished pieces more than getting them done so I love that you frogged and are now going to have a scarf you will love more! Now as for needles. I had this same dilemma and I read lots and was still left wondering so I bought a fixed circular in my most used size as I knew they would always be used then if I were stuck, I bought them with a view to buying an interchangeable set. I bought one circular in knit picks, not sure which one, one in ChiaGoo just like your one and one in Hiya Hiya Sharp. Hated the knit picks join, to the cable, it kept snagging so they were an immediate no. I loved the ChiaGoo, smooth no kinks in the cable and the join was smooth, the stitches just glided round. I’ve just taken a shawl off the needles, 300+ stitches and it was a really enjoyable knit. I also loved the Hiya Hiya sharp, yes I did find them sharp but it wasn’t a hardship getting used to that at least for me. Again I found the cable didn’t kink and the join was really smooth. The cable is much lighter than the ChiaGoos but it hasn’t been an issue for me. I ended up buying the Hiya Hiya interchangeable set mainly as I can buy the bamboo interchangeables and use them with the metal ones with the cables and they all interchange together, I read that or heard it on a podcast somewhere and this was a real incentive. I will most likely in time probably end up buying an interchangeable set of ChiaGoos as I do love those as well. Now for dpns I thought I would never stray from bamboo and I recently bought two sets of Knit pro zings, boy are these fantastic and I also bought two sets of ChiaGoo dpns and I’m knitting my current pair of socks on those and again I love them, who knew! Boy this turned into a long essay but I thought I’d let you know my findings as I do remember the same questions and wonderings I had for so long and thought it may be of help to you.


  4. I go through periods of frogging and poor results too. We all do sweetie.
    The purple brim is amazing. I am far to cheap to buy those interchangeable needle sets. AL got one off amazon for a good price….


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  6. I love the Chiaogoo red needles. They’ve become my favorites — particularly because the cable is so solid. I haven’t had any problems with any breaking at the join, either, and I think my needles get some serious wear and tear with the traveling I do. I have HiyaHiya’s as well, but the cable isn’t nearly as sturdy … so I do find that they occasionally loop up, get kinks, etc! Loving the colors in your scarf!


  7. it’s so much better to rip back and get the knit the way you ant it to be. No point in knitting something you won’t love or won’t wear! Needles: I can’t use bamboo because I find the drag slows me down, and I have broken so many tips (on trips, no less, the worst time to break a needle) so I prefer metal. I don’t like Addi lace needles, i find the sloping on them ridiculous and lace doesn’t flow over it well at all, so Have to manually shunt my stitches around. I’ve used Hiya hiya, never had any problems, and the Chiagoo red line, no problems there, either. I have a Knit Picks interchangeable set and while I like it quite a bit, I find that the twisting mechanism to get the needles to attach the cables loosens sometimes, and i have to tighten it otherwise my stitches get caught in it. But it’s not that frequent, not like every time I knit or anything.


  8. sorry about all the frogs ;( I still love using my grandmothers grey aero dpns. They just suit me better that all the fancy needles. I do have some hiya hiyas and they are fine. I also have a set of Boyle interchangeables that I love except they are no good for magic loop.


  9. I’m a new knitter, so I probably have no business commenting on needles, BUT… I recently ordered some ChiaoGoo circular needles and I immediately decided I love the cord. It doesn’t stay all curly like other circular needles I have. Much easier to use, IMO. I definitely see more of these in my future.


  10. I had to do a lot of frogging last week too. I would rather frog than not be happy though. I am very picky and sometimes frog just because my stitches don’t look right. I hope you get a lot of good advice on the needles since I am curious too. I am a rather new knitter so I mostly have boye needles.


  11. Unfortunately I cannot help you with the needles. I have some hiya hiyas and like them. I have yet to use interchangeable needles. I am always afraid the connecting needle to cable bit will catch on my yarns. I do really like the brim on your beanie tho. I can see why you like it–it is very nice.


  12. I use chiagoo interchangeables and I highly recommend that brand!! the hiya hiya interchangeables do NOT have a smooth join from metal to plastic tube. I also had excellent customer service with handsome fibers website where I bought my chaigoo needles. So I say splurge and get them.


  13. Love the scarf. I have never tried Chiagoo. I use Knit pro symphony, fixed circs or dpns (knit pro again) for socks. I have addi click interchangeable needles for larger projects and hiya hiya interchangeable for smaller and I love all of those and have no issue with the join.


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