Got Ravellenic?

While millions of people around the world are tuning into the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, at the same time, thousands of yarn-loving knitters and crocheters are casting on for the #RavellenticGames #RavellenicGames

What are the Ravellentic Ravellenic Games you may wonder? Ravelry, as you know, is like a FB for those who knit, crochet, weave, and dye or spin yarn. They had first called this athletic spirit of knitting and crocheting during the Olympic Games “Ravelympics.” But back in 2012, the Olympic Committee sent an unkind letter to the founders of Ravelry and oh boy, did they piss off fiber crafters everywhere! What a backlash. You can read about the juicy bits here and here.

So now, as educated by buggleboo and alexand knits, this huge event is now called Ravellentic  Ravellenic Games. Ravellentic Ravellenic is the Ravelry form of Hellenic which means Greek. There are teams in which individual members cast on new projects during the opening ceremony and work on throughout the timeframe of the Olympics. Individual teams may have prizes for participants during &/or at the end of the Olympics. I even got into the spirit and am donating a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the colorway Thyme.

Crafters can participate in one or more of these categories:

(as listed on the Ravellentic Ravellenic Medal Categories page on Ravelry)

Afghan Marathon
This covers blankets of all shapes and sizes. Baby sacks are considered to be blankets.

Bag Backstroke
Any project that you’d consider to be a bag can go here. Totes, shoulder bags, itty ditty bags, anything like that. If you can put something in it and carry it around, then it probably belongs here.

Cowl Jump
Any cowls, smoke-rings, and any donut-shaped neckwear can qualify here. Basically, if it goes around your neck and the ends are joined, either permanently or temporarily, it goes here.

Frogging Trampoline
Find an finished or unfinished project, of any age, that you know you’ll never finish, or otherwise use, or an item you intend to recycle/upcycle and Frog It! Take a before photo of your unfinished project and an after photo of your reclaimed yarn, set your project page status to Frogged (not Finished) and submit your photo to the Finish Line. Once your item is completely frogged, the yarn becomes stash and may be used to complete other projects. Even if you knit the same pattern again with the same yarn, it will still count as a new project, which is why we need to see the before and after pictures!

Garment Polo
This category is for any clothing not included under other categories. Bathing suits, lingerie, animal clothing and the like can be submitted here. Ponchos belong here as well unless they are not closed in the front. If a poncho closes like a shawl or wrap, then it belongs in the Shawl Sailing category. This would also include accessories otherwise not mentioned, such as jewelry, boot cuffs, belts, and other accoutrements that are worn, but don’t fall into any other category.

Hat Dash
Any hats and headgear: berets, tams, skullcaps, slouchy hats, headbands, etc. will qualify here.

Household Heptathalon
This event is for your Home and Décor projects. Things like pillows, wash/dishcloths, bookmarks, tool caddys, cozies, baskets. Holiday items, like stockings, ornaments, ribbons, Halloween props, and birthday cakes can also go here.

Mitten Medley
Any items for your hands: a pair of mittens or gloves, with and without fingers, will go here. We do ask that, for consistency and fairness, that these must all be pairs.

Scarf Hockey
Anything you’d define as a scarf or stole can go here. In general, if it is long, rectangular and is worn around the neck with unjoined ends, it goes here. That said, we understand that some of our European raveletes consider triangle shaped pieces scarves as well. You are welcome to enter your FO in either Scarf Hockey or Shawl Sailing, but we recommend you go by the description the designer used to identify the item on the Ravelry pattern page, and you are only allowed to enter the item in one of the two categories, not both.

Shawl Sailing
Any items considered a shawl, wrap, etc can be entered here. In general, if it is triangular and is worn around the neck and shoulders, it is considered a shawl. That said, there are some shawl patterns, e.g. prayer shawls, that are rectangular. You are welcome to enter your FO in either Scarf Hockey or Shawl Sailing, but we recommend you go by the description the designer used to identify the item on the Ravelry pattern page, and you are only allowed to enter the item in one of the two categories, not both. Ponchos that close like a wrap belong here. If they do not open in the front, they belong in the Garment Polo category.

Any pairs of socks, stockings, tights, knee-highs, legwarmers, slippers, etc can go here. We do ask that, for consistency and fairness, that these must all be pairs. Holiday stockings can be entered in Household Heptathalon.

Sweater Triathalon
Any sweaters, any shape or size, vests, tops, cardigans, shrugs, boleros, etc.

Synchronized Spinning
Any fiber, of any preparation (roving, batt, top, raw fleece), that has been spun into yarn of any kind (singles, any number of plies, art yarn) will qualify here. Please enter your finished yarn through a stash page, and not a project page.

Toy Toss
All toys are welcome here: amigurumi, stuffies, monsters, etc. Clothing and accessories for toys can also be submitted here.

WIPs Wrestling
Any project that was started before the Games that is finished during these Games qualifies here. Reminder: Any item entered into WIPs Wrestling cannot be entered into any other event.

 This year I’m proud to announce I’m participating on Carol E. Herman Designs team. Here is our official laurel:


I’m participating in the Hat Dash event. I bought Carol’s Wayfarer Hat pattern as I had fallen in love with alexand knits’ version – Ain’t it gorgeous?


I’m using (stash yarn) Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo, what the pattern used, in the colorway Borrajas:


You won’t believe how soft this yarn is. I want to say it’s like brushed denim. I love running my fingers across the yarn cake.

I’ve been utterly frustrated with my current WIP’s which haven’t been touched for a few days. I’m happy to have this Ravellentic Ravellenic beanie to cast on. Happy knitting/hooking or TGIF to you! Have a good weekend.


16 thoughts on “Got Ravellenic?

  1. Wait, isn’t it Ravellenics (no T)……that’s what the forum name has.

    Either way, woo! I’m working on WIP Wrestling (finishing up the Gex sweater) and the Cowl Jump…if I keep going at the rate I’m going, I’ll have that one done by tomorrow (seriously, it’s going that quickly). Woo!


  2. It’s so much fun isn’t it!!!! Got a project frogged last night for Frogging Trampoline and hopefully this evening will start a hat. Have to finish a sock first. I can’t knit more than one thing at a time LOL Such a great way for us yarn lovers from all over the world to join together!!!


  3. I’m so glad you’re on the team, Stef! Love the color you’ve chosen for the hat, and I think the Arroyo is a delight to knit with!


  4. I totally forgot it was even an Olympic year! I’ve really got my head down, i don’t think I’ve even seen the news in ages. I usually have done the Ravellenic Games, it’s a fun thing- but I’m going to have sit this one out. I look forward to cheering you on, though!


  5. have fun!!! I have participated in the past but lately I don’t want any time limit in my knitting 🙂 plus we are helping our son move this week and I cannot knit while doing that 🙂


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  7. Have fun! One day, I might be able to participate, but I find I am generally really hopeless at finishing something once a deadline is imposed. Isn’t that silly. Your hat looks like it will be beautiful in that yarn!


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