A Pair Here, A Pair There

Aloha! Despite not getting enough sleep, I am in happy spirits after coming off a high from attending a fun workshop last night and having a good walk/run this morning. Our east bay is slowly cooling down; it’s still low 90’s but I can tell the difference, thank goodness. What temperature is it in your hood?

I was going to wait tomorrow to post these but I’m too excited to show these formal, close-ups taken by Jellybean.

#1: Cookie Jar KAL


I hope to take another photo shoot when it’s colder. Why you may wonder? It is my dearest wish to find a vintage or neutral, flowery midi skirt to wear with these socks. I have lace midi skirts but I felt they would detract away from my socks. I also plan to look for some cute, strappy sandals to wear with these as vermillion on Ravelry took a cute photo of her Hederas in these leather sandals.

Here’s a close up of the lace stitch pattern:


I’m really proud of these socks.

#2: Travel Socks

You know from the last podcast my DPN’s were clackin’ some mad knitting before the husband and I flew off to Seattle:


I didn’t like the idea of walking through security barefoot *shudders at the germs* which is why these were started. When he and I were waiting for the shuttle to take us to SFO from long-term parking, it was hella cold, something we always forget about. I whipped these babies out at the shuttle stop and my feet warmed up nicely.

I love this Regia yarn. It’s hardy and has good weight. I need to look for more at STITCHES next February. I did wash and block my travel socks after our trip which softened up the yarn a bit. And this Rose City Rollers pattern really fit my feet well. I now kind of like the fit of this rounded toes more than the standard wedge ones.

That’s all for today, folks. Have a good day. Aloha.


15 thoughts on “A Pair Here, A Pair There

  1. I’d be so proud if I knit those socks. WOWZA. THey are amazing lady. Jelly bean is a great photographer. Look how she kept the shadows out of the photos with an obviously sunny day.


  2. Super awesome job on both socks! I absolutely love the lace pair and agree that they would look fab with a vintage skirt/dress and cute maryjanes or sandals. The lace is too pretty to not show off. The Arne & Carlos rose city rollers are cute. The rounded toes look so comfy.


  3. Love both the lace socks and the regia socks! I hear you about the shoelessness of airport security, I always wear socks, too. but then I also find my feet get chilly on the plane, anyway. Those lace ones will indeed look great with the skirt you have in mind!


  4. I’m a super fan of Regia and I love your travel socks. I love the fit the colorway everything! I find Regia to be a great workhorse and fun in it’s colorful designs. I like other people’s lace socks. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to either knit or wear them at this stage in my life. My patience barometer is low. super low.


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