KAL? Sign me up.

If you’re a knitter and/or a crocheter, I know you’re immersed in some kind of KAL/CAL. My track record for past KAL’s have been horrible. I usually drop out because the project gets frogged due to an ill-fitting part. However this year, I finally stepped it up and completed Candace’s Cookie Jar KAL! Yeah, those socks still need to have a photo shoot.

Anywho, I’m participating in a couple of KAL’s:

  1. Jessie/Oocha’s Watch Me WIP KAL
  2. Moira/moclell’s Stripy Socks KAL
  3. Andi/Mysistersknitter S is for…KAL/CAL
  4. Susan B. Anderson’s SosKAL

For the second, third, and fourth KAL Superman is entered:


Remember this yarn from my STITCHES West podcast? When my husband asks a couple of times, “How come you don’t knit me anything?”, I know he’s got to have a turn on the needles.

So I started the first one in time with the Stripy Socks KAL while we were in Seattle. I got up to the heel flap, determined to knit the Rose City Rollers pattern. However, I knew I was kind of being lazy knitting a slip stitch heel in striping yarn. For those of you nonknitters, the stripes are thicker as you knit the heel flap with a smaller number of stitches while for the rest of the socks, the stripes are thinner.

The frogs came. I then became inspired by Susan B. Anderson and Robyn/Teenybutton of Cherry Purls podcast who always knit an afterthought heel. An afterthought heel is like knitting a toe where the heel is supposed to go. So I looked for tutorials on Pinterest and checked out some Youtube videos. I thought I’d try Cat Bordhi’s technique but honestly, I felt lost.

Then Susan publishes her Smooth Operator Socks pattern and the light bulb goes on. I buy her pattern because it’s at a steal of a price just for now and now I have what I call guidance. She and I are both former teachers. One of our old sayings, “Why reinvent the wheel?”

You see that patch of peachy yarn in my WIP? That is waste yarn for the afterthought heel.

For Jesse and Andi’s KAL’s, this much belated, birthday gift is currently soaking in Eucalan:


Yes, this is the shawl in Pashmina, a sport weight yarn that is one step below what the original pattern uses and smaller needles. So I knitted a fourth section and had moved onto the fifth. However, I found out I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. Yesterday I frogged the fifth section, picked up and fixed the stitches, and then bound off.

Okay, I need to get moving on getting this to the blocking mat. It’s supposedly 102° outside. That’ll dry this shawl in a few hours.

TTYL. Bye!


9 thoughts on “KAL? Sign me up.

  1. I stopped doing KALs when I realized I could never finish anything. I do, on occasion, still do test knitting for people but it has to be the right pattern. They don’t operate like a KAL other than usually having a time frame to complete the project and you get the fully edited pattern at the end (almost always). There are some that I want to do but I just….haven’t. Like Susan’s….but I just got over TdF and I’m gearing up for Ravellenics and…..

    I need a break 🙂


  2. I started joining KAL’s last year and now am fully addicted. I think that they are a great way to meet people/get moral support & help/offer inspiration & motivation to finish projects. Can’t wait to see how your afterthought heels turn out. I just finished my SosKAL which I had started on before the KAL was even announced. Really impressed with how clearly written Susan’s pattern is.


  3. So many awesome KALs, that’s very fun! And great way to get some summer knitting mojo, for sure. I’m glad you persevered on the afterthought heel- i bet it will work out great! And I love eucalan- it became my favorite when I realized it was not only no rinse but that I could literally wash anything in it and have it come out great.


  4. love the CAL/KALs! I’m doing the Watch Me WIP too, I finished a blanket that I started in 2013! I’m going to try to finish another one too 🙂 I’m also doing the My Sister’s Knitter, Andi has such a great group!

    Can’t wait to see that shawl, I love the color you used!


  5. I love the idea of KALs, but I think they can be a little overwhelming. Until this year, I never really participated in any, but I really like the community-building aspect of them. On the flip side, they also tend to make me want to cast on ALL the projects. I’m no longer much of a monogamous knitter, but I still don’t like more than a couple projects going at once. I’ve been trying to participate only in the ones that most attractive to me–Fringe Association is hosting an irresistible one starting in August.

    Even if I feel overwhelmed by them, I love to see the results! I can’t wait to see the projects you complete. We both participated in the Cookie Jar KAL, and I loved your socks. I might just have to knit those myself.


  6. Oh I dont KAL. I admire you for it though. I think im just too independent a person to knit along with others….isnt that awful? Im finding Im just as bad in groups as I was in school. I can accomplish so much more on my own.


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