A Year of Projects, Week 4

*listening to Rainy Mood’s Easy Listening Piano inspired by Andi of My Sister’s Knitter’s latest post*

Greetings to you in this dang heat. It’s still about 90° out. We’re trying to cool down in our little  home with the house fan on.

I’ve had a late start to this Sunday for two reasons:

  1. We came home late last night from the city, celebrating my dad’s 68th birthday in full-out, potluck style。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。  *oink, oink*: salsa & lime-flavored chips, Pepperjack cheese with cucumber slices, grilled chicken kebabs, baby back ribs, sliders, broccoli-pesto salad, potato salad, orange fluff, orange jello, and banana split sundaes. Our crew brought the ribs. I kicked a** on them because this was the best I’ve ever cooked them. You know how Costco gives you a pack of three. This pack was about 9 lbs! I wanted to make sure they weren’t undercooked so yesterday morning I heated up the oven to 350° and then turned it down to 275°. I placed the two trays in and let them bake slow and low for 1.5 hours. Then when that time was up I covered each tray, had them switch places, and let them cook for another two hours. When my mum was cutting two of the racks up, the meat was falling off the bones. It was so soft. Now I know better what to do.
  2. I seriously had to sleep in today. I’ve been exhausted. Did I tell you before I tried jump rope and nearly keeled over? Before I started I had visions of little girls shouting out rhymes and skipping along. Thirty seconds of jumping rope made me feel like I ran like hell from danger. And I recently checked out burpees on Youtube and was like I am so not in the mood to do that sh*t. So walk a block, run a block has been my cardio choice. My fitness goal at the moment is to do some kind of cardio 4-5 times a week. A session must be at least a mile, two miles is ideal. Weights need to happen 3x a week while crunches need to be done 4x a week at least. I’m not going to worry about 5K during this time. As long as I get my heart pumping in some way I’m happy. So my body’s adjusting. I even had to take a nap three hours after waking.


Last week I had the first, color tip finished on my Wool & Company scarf. This week I let Princess Jellybean snap the photo:


The Cascade Highland Duo in honey has been added on. This color will make up most of the scarf. I’m supposed to use two skeins. CHD has 66 more yards than the yarn Purl Soho used so I don’t know if I’ll use all of this wool-alpaca yarn for the middle section. The gauge of the honey is slightly smaller than the Moonlight’s; you can tell in the picture. I was debating on whether or not to go up a needle size for it. I’m kind of tempted to frog all that just to do that but maybe it’ll block out okay? Kind of doubting that. Whaddyya think?

I’m sorry this post isn’t as exciting as others’ YOP ones as they’re all talking about multiple projects.  I am really tempted to cast on another for-me-project because you will get so bored seeing this scarf every week. While I love wearing scarves, knitting one does take a while. I need to relook at my YOP1617 list and ponder.

I hope you’re keepin’ cool. TTYL. Peace out.


19 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 4

  1. That so6nds like one big feast. Very tasty too, I bet. Scarves DO take forever to complete. I dont blame you for looking to start another project just to catch a break now and then.


  2. I like mixing and matching yarns, and if the gauge is a little off between them, that adds interest, to me. But I know not everyone feels the same way I do. I do believe in going with your gut, though…


  3. Your Dad’s birthday potluck sounds delish! I’ve never cooked ribs before, but my hubby loves them. I may have to try them now that you’ve shared the secret to success. I love the two colors together in that scarf.


  4. tell your dad happy birthday from me! We were busy yesterday with functions and I was tired and my kitchen was a big big mess! Today I’m tidying up and hopefully catching some time to knit 🙂


  5. Potluck sounds amazing as does your rib recipe. Good times had by all. I think with regards to the scarf I’d tink back and go up a size, that would just be me, trust your own gut on this and whether you think you’ll be happy with it blocking out or not blocking out, answer that and I think you’ll know what to do. Don’t start another project also unless you really want to. If you are a happier knitter with just the one project on the go then I am more than happy come by and see that. I’ve been keeping my design work to one project (the green one) and then for weekends I’ve got a couple depending on how tired I am after the week. I like to have separate work designs and personal ones to help separate the two so I have the distinction in my mind, Mon-Fri I’m working so design, Weekend I’m knitting for just pleasure and just myself.


  6. Oh boy, what a feast. I reckon everybody went home ‘sufficiently satisfied’ (as my late husband used to say when we pigged out on anything). I like the colours in your scarf – also the lovely squishy look. xox


  7. Happy Birthday . Your parents sound amazing when you speak of them on podcasts! but then the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Or wait…reverse that compliment
    Nice photo by the JB. Your garter is soooooo even. Mines all wonky


  8. All that food sounded so wonderful! How nice that there was a party for your Dad. I love that scarf and I printed it off and will start probably after my company leaves in a few weeks. I don’t see what you’re talking about with gauge but if it would make you feel better to redo it then I say do it or it will bug you. Thanks for the heads up about Cascade as Purl Soho is too pricey for me. It’s summer, it’s hot and I think everyone is a bit busy with summer activities and being outside. I can’t wait for Fall! TTYL!


  9. A couple of those fanceeee room air conditioners do wonders for hot houses. We have two and then a window one in our back room. We keep our bedroom, Little Man’s bedroom, and the hall bathrooms closed off and it’s pretty cool in here.

    Might want to head over to Fry’s to take a look 🙂 There’s one on….Auto Mall, I think, between 880 and 680 🙂


  10. As always, Ruth’s advice is the best re the scarf. If you are a one project person then that is fine, I am more than happy to watch your progress on one project and hear about your ribs – yum!


  11. The potluck sounds yummy! I hate burpees with a passion, walk/jog is much better.Love the colours of your scarf. I admire your discipline to stick to one project, and I am quite happy to see the progress of your scarf. Always do what you are comfortable with,, not what you feel you should do because others are doing it.


  12. I just gained 20 lbs reading that. yum. I really wish it was easier for me to exercise. I have chronic pain and exercising or actually much less can cause a flare up so I have a hard time getting my heart going without doing that. Life used to be so much easier when I could just ride my bike to work or to the grocery store for exercise. Oh and I know what you mean about the scarf… although I do love it so far. I was working on that baby dress for so long that I was completely sick of it. I am very glad to be finished.


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