The Three S’s of Knitty Delight

Aloha *flashes a hang ten*. I hope your Hump Day is going well. I want to say mahalo nui loa for your well-wishes and sharing how many of you have been affected by the weather lately. I went running on Monday and I could feel pressure in my ears and nose, but I’m glad to report it’s been better this week after that.

Also, mahalo plenty for the scarf love. I’m sure I’ve told you before that I tend to wear neutrals. The last time I went shopping was for some tank tops for Seattle. The stonewashed greys and blues or the black and white striped tees drew me in like a fish on a hook. I can’t help it. So knitting up a scarf in some color is fun for me and I know it will stand out when I wear it. Can I tell you I’m tempted to CO another from my list because I’m afraid that scarf will take some time to knit up?

In addition, mahalo for sharing what books you’ve read or are into right now. I like being exposed to diverse genres. I tend to lean toward YA supernatural & fantasy or chick lit. The former I can’t help it. I think it’s because with that genre, anything is possible. Modern day plots I have higher expectations.

So…The Three S’s of Knitty Delight…

#1. SWAP

Part One:

You know I’ve talked about Carol E. Herman many times. She’s designed some patterns here. Her Ravelry group is over here and this lovely lady has a blog here. Our Summer Swap II: A Day at the Beach just finished up and I recently received my package from the sweet and thoughtful, Meg (a.k.a. stamura). Check out my goodies:

From R to L: Cute stitch markers in a little bottle Jellybean claimed as hers

Castle Beach Spa Cloth (Carol’s design) in this wonderful teal that’s more true-to-color in the other photos

A fragrant soap of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and black pepper oils

And an awesome clam shell Meg was going to donate but changed her mind because it fitted the theme of this swap. I told her in the thread that it has a permanent place in our home as our living and dining areas are all about aloha.

Part Two:

Heather in Montana was my secret swap partner. Here’s what I made for her:

A beachy, Hawaiian card:

Materials Used:

  1. A taj stamp; my mum helps me pick up one each summer she is over in the islands.
  2. The Martha Stewart Double Punch Sand Dollar. Sand dollars have always been one of my favorite shells to collect.
  3. Cardstock
  4. Tim Holtz Mixed Media Palette
  5. Glue stick

Two washcloths:

Because I’ve been doing so much knitting this 2016, I decided to change it up and crochet.

  1. The Ship’s Helm Dishcloth by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Denim (1116)
  2. I had so much fun hooking up the first one that I decided to crochet another: Starfish Dishcloths by Mary Ann Frits. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Denim and in white. This was originally a vintage pattern updated but I had trouble with the second round and my eyeballs crossed after reading several helpful notes, so (take a breath after that first long part), I kind of winged it for that round. I’ll list my modifications on the project page that needs to be updated.

A third component of the swap was that you could include a treat no more than $5. Instead of the usual, Ghiradelli chocolate, I made these for Heather:

These first two with these lobster claws are progress keepers; for nonknitters, progress keepers show you how much work you’ve done for the day. They came out 1.5″ in diameter after shrinkage.

The next three are stitch markers. I used jump rings that are big enough fit on a larger needle. I would guess maybe up to a 10 (6 mm) at least.

Materials Used:

  1. Recollections 2.5″ circle punch
  2. Martha Stewart 1.5″ circle punch
  3. Shrink Film
  4. Staz On ink
  5. stamps I had as a kid
  6. Jewelry parts of jump rings and lobster claws


Do you know Kathy B of Irisheyesknitters? She has a terrific blog where you get to see glimpses of her superstar-looking cat, Fezzik, and on Mondays she has Q&A which are fun to answer. After reading about my feeling of podcasting failure and about my week of sinus headaches, this lovely woman surprised me with a sweet pick-me-up:


Does a close up of a bunny making that moving nose motion flash in your head? I have never owned angora before! It feels so soft. Here’s a close up of the fiber:


Can you feel the smooshiness?!

And this was in the package also:


Ain’t it cute? I wonder if the sheep was knitted via intarsia. I like how bold it shows up on this pretty fushia. I currently have all of my stitch markers stuffed inside.

Mahalo nui loa, Kathy, for your sweetness. My face lit up like a Christmas tree when the little one brought it in.


You know one of the podcasters I watch is Nicole of Hue Loco. I follow her on IG also and whenever she posts an update of new stock, they sell out quick style.

Her last week’s update I happened to catch. I looked at my phone, started ordering online – click, click, click, click – and bam! I ordered a skein of this Phyllis Sock base (80% merino, 20% nylon) in Lucky Charm!


I was the Roadrunner, yo! As soon as I saw the colorway I thought of how our ohana’s been having Lucky Charms as part of our breakfast. The mix of greens hooked me.

Well, this is all I have to share today. A load of laundry finished drying and I need to tackle some more. Have a good Wednesday. Aloha.


12 thoughts on “The Three S’s of Knitty Delight

  1. Love your creations and the swap items you received. I received some Carol Herman buttons in a drawing from her…remember? They are so cool and waiting for just the right item. Your crocheted cloths are darling and I really like the blue color you used. I printed off that color tipped scarf/shawl you posted about. I love it and it will probably get added to “my list” this year. I always love your projects!


  2. I love the cloths you made, Stef. They are so awesome! The stitch markers, too – so unique. I love the swap package you received, too, especially the amazing clam shell. So sweet of Kathy to send you a pick-me-up…wonderful!!! And the Lucky Charm Colors are amazing!


  3. what a lovely swap package you received, and I love the one you made for your swap partner! Those shrinky dink stitch markers are great, and the card you made is beautiful. Good score on the Hue Loco- a Lucky Charm, indeed!


  4. Angora is so lovely! I have squooshed it before and have not owned it yet either. I want to try some Rowan yarns for sure. I have some little samples to try. Love thos stitch markers!!


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