A Year of Projects, Week 3


Sunday greetings to you. What are you up to today?

I feel like my YOP1617 post is late. I was going to work on it last night but I was exhausted. All week I’ve had sinus headaches when I usually only have two a month. This morning my head was pounding so E brought me some Advil and water and then I crashed back out.

Thank you for expressing your two cents in last Sunday’s YOP post. BTW, with this new WP theme, Spun, I believe you have to click on the little conversation bubble located at the end of the post to the right to leave a comment; I hope that’s not too much trouble. The last theme seemed to have given you issues so I switched. I really like this one because I was tired of seeing my mouth catching flies from the last podcast and I love the subtle colors and eye-catchy circles of a photo from each post.

So I’ve put away Idlewood. I really do love that plum, but I’m kind of sick of it. I will probably frog it all and use the yarn for something else. I told Kathy of Irisheyesknitters I was all trolling for yarn one night and stalked Knit Picks City Tweed a bit because there was a sale going on. However, I refrained, yanking back my own collar, because when the time comes for me to try that pattern for a third time, I want to have the pleasure of shopping for yarn for it right then and there.

Moving on led me to Purl Soho’s Color Tipped Scarf. I dug around my stash and was inspired by Dishfunctional Designs’ color palette I had found on Pinterest. Each night I’ve dedicated time to my scarf:


I named the project, “Wool & Company” because each skein has wool in it. The Yarn A – Spud & Chloe Sweater (wool + cotton)  in Moonlight – section is complete! I will be connecting Cascade Highland (wool + alpaca) in Honey next which will be the main portion of the scarf. That deep purple you see in the bottom, right-hand corner is Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids and will be the other color tip of the scarf. This is an easy pattern for beginners and a mindless one for veteran knitters.

Well I’m off to make more tea and get some fibery work done. Have a relaxing and fun Sunday. TTYL!


18 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 3

  1. sorry you’re having so many headaches, must be something in the air, they’re hitting me lately too :/

    can’t wait to see your scarf grow, I really like the colors you’re using 🙂


  2. The scarf is going to be great. Sorry to hear about your sinus headache. That stinks. Also, too bad you had to frog your project but, sometimes it has to be done.


  3. Love your yarn cake colours. The scarf in those colours will be lovely. Hope your migraine/sinus problem eases up on your soon so that you can get back to stitching up a storm. Good luck.


  4. Sorry about the sinus headache, it’s nasty and the sleep and rest was most likely very much needed. It is important to give yourself that time. I do love the colour scheme you have going on in your scarf, love those colours anyway and there is something soothing about mindless knitting isn’t there! I hope you have a good week 🙂


  5. I know what you mean about yarn. I am “shopping” for yarn for a shawl and I only buy when I am going to make something (I have to order online since there are no yarn shops within a 2 hour radius..lol). Funny, I was just looking at Knit Picks tweed also! I love tweed. I am also loving your scarf! I was just thinking last night that I need to cast on something really mindless for when my family arrives as I know there will be interruptions galore but I also know I will need to knit especially in the evenings. I think your scarf is the answer! Thank you! I love the colors you’ve chosen and it is going to be s show stopper when you’re done. Great gift idea also plus stash buster? So glad you are doing YOP this year. It is the one place I can catch up with you as summer is so busy as I’m sure you know! Have a great week!


  6. I have been struggling with headaches this week too. Never thought it might be a sinus headache. I love the colour combo of the gold and purple and blue. I posted late because I was at a music festival all weekend, so my sunday has come and gone, and today I am catching up on all these blog posts!


  7. I like the purple and teal. Nice color combo but my general dislike of yellow would never have had me pulling it out. This is why I get color angsty– everybody else seems to just find stuff that looks good and I am stuck without enough interest. Oh well. I look forward to seeing how they end up working out together but judging from the picture of them next to each other it will be super fabulous


  8. LOVE that yarn for that scarf!! I am jealous–my projects seem a little boring right now. I fear a serious case of startitis beginning—but I must resist! I am sorry about that nasty headache–I had a headache almost non-stop for 2 weeks in June, and started thinking it was sinus related. The pain was in my jaw and up behind my left eye. Ibuprofen barely touched it-and just when I was ready to go in and get looked at, it went away. I think it was a bug! I am hoping you are better.
    You will have a fun time shopping for yarn for Idlewood, when the time is right. I have promised myself yarn to knit a sweater…for me…..when I hit a certain weight lost–I am about 1/2 a pound away! I am not sure what kind of yarn to look for–maybe a malabrigo fingering? I Iove that brand as much as you do. 🙂


  9. Thank you for explaining how to leave a comment. Sometimes I can be so tech challenged. Being a newbie knitter I will definitely check out the scarf pattern. I do love your color choices.


  10. i love the richness of the colors you chose for the scarf! I have also had several sinus headaches which is unusual for me however the pollen has been high. I hope we can weather them out!


  11. Sorry to hear about your headaches. I sometimes get migraines and I know that isn’t fun. I hope they go away and let you have fun with your beautiful yarns.


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