And a half a year later…

Aloha. Wow, you have been representin’ in the last two posts. Mahalo nui loa for love and support.  There were comments that validated my decision and there were comments that made me laugh.

I have to be honest here and say I did feel somewhat like a failure in the podcast department when I decided to put it on the back burner. However, I realized it’s an example of my word – try – for 2016. And you know what? I’m not heartbroken over it because I know it was a learning experience and just a stepping stone to something else.

Aside from that, can I tell you how good it feels to be back here? It feels natural; it feels like home. Maybe I’m a better writer than a podcaster? If so, that’s okay. We all have strengths and weaknesses, yeah?

So, remember way back in this post I flashed some finished, fingerless mitts that were sent all the way down to San Diego? Marissa’s email of its photo shoot has been sitting in my inbox for weeks. Here’s her To San Diego They Go in action:

Marissa's Mitts-002

Diagonal Eyelet Handwarmers by Creative Yarn

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (55% merino, 33% microfiber, 12% cashmere)

Modifications: Instead of knitting these flat like the original pattern does, I followed helpful notes from other Ravelers by knitting them in the round, knitting the thumb area flat, and then rejoining the fabric in the round.

Marissa's Mitts-006

Marissa saw the pair I had knitted for my SIL two Christmases ago. She is also a professional photographer so I gave her free rein on how to style her new pair of mitts. That little hand she’s holding is that of her toddler daughter’s.

Okay, it’s 7:30 right now. I want to get started on my niece’s Christmas gift. The dames and I this morning had driven up to South San Francisco to Cottage Yarns. BTW, hey fellow crafters, Cottage Yarns has a bi-yearly sale and will ship to you; international I don’t know but it doesn’t hurt to ask, yeah? Katherine and her husband were wonderfully helpful. I told her what I was specifically looking for and what colors. Bada-bing-bada-boom, I bought three skeins of worsted weight yarn and four balls of DK under a half an hour!

TTYL; off to wind yarn. Aloha.


14 thoughts on “And a half a year later…

  1. I love your mitts, the modifications, and the great photos! You are not a failure at podcasting – kudos for giving it a try and finding out that you didn’t enjoy it as much as you thought you might. Blogging would feel more like home for me, too. Thanks too for sharing about the Cottage Yarns sale, Stef. I might just have to check that out! ❤


  2. The podcasts were fun to watch and now as I read your posts I can imagine you voice talking to me! I often think about recording things as well however, I haven’t been brave enough as you! I love those mitts! Especially the color 🙂


  3. I enjoyed the podcasts that I watched. I bet you learned a lot and it was fun. You can always mix it up a bit. I love the purple glove with the yellow flower. Yummy!


  4. Oh my gosh. Now that you have been a podcast person I can HEAR your voice in your blog. That alone is a great fun gift you gave to all of us.
    LOVE your mitts. Oh my gosh. I’ve been wondering about mailing out for more yarn once we move. We’ll be back to my hometown to visit my mom in the nursing home once a week, so that affords me lots of OLD possibilities. Im kind of ready to branch out a bit though.
    IF I ever bite the podcast bullet, I would need a real person to teach me how. It looks quite complex.


  5. Lovely photos of a lovely knit! I give you big kudos for the podcasting. I struggle to keep up with anything I already have ongoing. And I’m glad you’re focusing on the positive of it all — and the word try. Also it doesn’t mean you won’t try again, right?


  6. You know, I am not a big podcast fan, and I only watch/listen to the ones that are by people that I regularly follow (like you), and then only out of a feeling of friendship, more so than actually liking podcasts. I love your writing voice! And there’s no rule saying you can’t occasionally do a podcast whenever you feel like it!


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