A Year of Projects, Week 2


I had hoped to have good progress for you this Sunday’s YOP1617. However, that is not the case today.

But first, let me backtrack some. This week has been about Christmas socks and the swap package for my partner. So it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally pulled out my Idle-Plummy-Wood. I examined it, trying to figure out where the hell did I last leave off in the pattern. That’s what I get when I don’t touch a project for weeks. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of my counters on the app. So I frogged – oh all the way back to two inches under the underarms. This was way more than I had wanted to as my original plan was to just frog the different dye lot.


I spent time yesterday and today reknitting the original 128 Superwash. I was happy to finally add in the baby alpaca teal and grey, but I hit another bump:

I don’t like how the striping abruptly comes in at this point. Six and a half inches from the underarm is in the plum. I would have to stripe for 11.5″ with the teal and grey. It just seems so weird to imagine this tunic going from the plum to the stripes around the waist area which would then continue on down to the hip.

I am totally frustrated. So much knitting has been put into this project. The only alternatives I can think of are these:

  1. Plum & Teal: Frog back to either the underarms or even to the raglan shaping to start incorporating the teal and then transition entirely to the teal,
  2. Plum & New Plum Dye Lot: Frog back to either of the areas mentioned above and start incorporating the new dye lot,
  3. Start all over and knit this pattern with totally new yarn, OR
  4. Eff it for now and knit something from my list to make me happy again.

What do you think?


26 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 2

  1. It is a sweater that will look adorable on you- but I say eff it….frog it.. and then find a different yarn to knit it in. I think you like the pattern but the trauma of having 2 dye lots kind of killed this particular attempt at it! 🙂 Knit something for now that makes you happy. OH, and be sure to check your mail on Tuesday, and NO, I am not your swap partner….


  2. Oh wow, tough situation. I’m not a good enough knitter to offer any advice here but I love that purple. I think I would cry if I had to frog that much. I’m too nube. So I say, get yourself a drink and then another. That should help. Um, good luck with that. P.s. I love your blog. It is so neat and clean looking.


  3. I say leave it for now and do something entirely different you have had too many issues with this to regard it objectively, maybe in a few weeks you will have the answer.


  4. i def think you should put it aside for later and make something happy! I adore that plum, too! I think the alternate striping would be better there than the teal and grey…it does seem so abrupt there. I would have frogged all the back to a known point or even all the way back to the beginning. I can’t stand issues in my projects lol.


  5. I’m all for doing something that would make me happy after that kind of grief, but if/when you go back to it, I think option 1 sounds pretty interesting. Beautiful color that plum is! Both of them. So sad that they don’t match.


  6. I would stuff it in a bag and forget it about it for awhile and knit something new that makes you happy. My Mother used to tell me when I was little and would get frustrated or upset with something….to walk away from it for awhile and come back later. Forcing something is not good for either party! LOL! Be it knitting or people! LOL! I love your yarn colors though.


  7. I’m completely with Kim on this one, I think you love the project but this yarn has just killed the buzz of it. I would frog it completely, the put it all aside and go knit something else I love. When the time comes to revisit it buy some new yarn and knit it again. I do love the teal you’ve picked and you will always use the purple yarn again for something and it will be loved then 🙂


  8. I know nothing about knitting (though I do hope to change that soon) so I have no advice but I do know if something isn’t making you happy it’s time to put it down and do something your are enjoying. There’s no point in making yourself unhappy if it’s not something you HAVE to do. I do love that beautiful purple. It would look fantastic on you!


  9. With a very heavy heart I would probably do 4 then 3. You don’t like the stripes, you will probably have to frog quite a way to incorporate the second dye lot so I would eventually frog the whole thing and get enough yarn in the same lot to redo the whole thing as it is such a lovely pattern. For the moment though knit something to make you happy!


  10. With a very heavy heart I would probably do 4 then 3. You don’t like the stripes, you will probably have to frog quite a way to incorporate the second dye lot so I would eventually frog the whole thing and get enough yarn in the same lot to redo the whole thing since it is such a lovely pattern. For the moment though knit something to make you happy!


  11. Put it in time out for three months, start something new and when all emotion is faded look at it and go with your gut. I end up frogging when I do this but I’m not sad or angry just “whatever”.


  12. Knit something to make you happy and screw this BS.

    In other random events, I need to knit but I’ve been spinning…..::sigh:: Also, you’re on summer break, right? Fremont isn’t far away. We need to get together one of these days. Seriously.


  13. I think maybe step away, leave it for a few days then you may just have a eureka moment?! Maybe:) I think it looks good, I am biased though as purple is my favourite colour. Leah x


  14. Stef

    This is a much easier way for me to leave comments!!!! Thank you !!!
    I laughed at your long decisive night last night! Tonight , are you happy with your decision?
    Im casting on another Christmas stocking.
    I should finish the yoga socks, but I dont want to!
    I have one little knit up left. Perhaps tomorrow for that one.
    TOnight its all CHRISTMAS tree all the time



  15. Well my first thought was “EFF it and knit something that makes you happy”. I expect you could make it work with the yarn you have, so maybe a time out and look at it with fresh eyes in a few weeks? And then cast on some SOCKS!


  16. I’m in the exact same situation at the moment! I’ve frogged back to try to blend in the very different dye lot, but I’m not liking it. I do have another suggestion, though- check on Ravelry for the exact dye lot of the plum and see who has it stashed and would be willing to part with it. I’ve totally got yarn this way (I ran out of a discontinued yarn on a project before!). Then you only have to rip out the stripes!


  17. I’m in agreement with the eff it option. Life is too short to stress over this. Put it in the washer on a very hot wash to FELT it, and then sew it into a project bag to carry another knit project that you can totally enjoy doing. This does mean that you wouldn’t be able to frog or alter the plum piece any more apart from embellishing the bag in any way you see fit, lol.
    p.s. do not really felt it if you want to frog and save the yarn for another project.


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