It’s Monday! What are you reading?

*still listening to Unwrapped by Hidden Beach Recordings*

Hey ヾ(๑╹ꇴ◠๑)ノ” there! Yep, double post today since I’ve caught up on blogs and we’re having a lazy Fourth of July. Our crew is holed up in our house cave away from the 85° heat. You know what I’m doing; the husband is studying for his final; the tween’s got her bedroom door closed as usual and is listening to her music while playing and reading at the same time; and the little one alternates between hanging out with me or playing or reading in her room.

Linking up with Kathryn for It's Monday! What Are You Reading.

Before I talk about what books I’ve finished lately, I thought I’d see how I was doing in the reading challenges I’ve signed up for this year:

I. Print

A. Status Goal: Weekend Warrior (5-10)

i. Where I’m at: 3

II. foodiesreadbutton

A. Status Goal: Short-Order Cook (1-3)

i. Where I’m at: 1 ((๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و PAU)

III. ebook16

A. Status Goal: Gigabytes (50)

i. Where I’m at: 14

IV. GoodReads 2016 Reading Challenge

A. Status Goal: 101 books

i. Where I’m at: 32

Well, not so bad, yeah? I guess I can check off the Foodies Read challenge for now. I know I’m sadly behind this year in reading in general as knitting has taken over with my ambitious determination to knit five pairs of adult socks besides adding card-making and sewing to my list of hobbies.

Alrighty, let’s get down to business:


I recently finished this eBook, Magnus Chase and the GODS of ASGARD by Rick Riordan. I was so excited to read this one and learn about Norse mythology. However, I just didn’t get excited while immersed in the book. I had to remind myself sometimes that this was not Greek mythology and so there are different characters and different ways of doing things. There were snarky chapter titles and I guess teenage sarcasm from Magnus but I wasn’t grabbed from the gecko like the Percy Jackson series had done for me. Some exciting moments were present in places but sorry to say, I won’t be continuing this series. Two stars.


This cozy mystery is a simple read I enjoyed. I was intrigued by it because it involved a bookstore. In my last podcast, I mentioned how this black cat named Hamlet is a character that doesn’t play around. The opening scene had me crackin’ up. I have to admit that I didn’t quite see how Hamlet was helpful in the mystery but I’ll be continuing on in the series to see how it develops. Three stars.

Currently Listening to or Reading:

  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë – 3 CDs down, 12 to go but enjoying this classic.
  2. A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd – Trying this duo out for the first time and liking what I’ve read so far; still need to get into the meat of the mystery.
  3. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare – Thumbs up so far! After taking a long break from the Shadowhunters I love being immersed in their world again.
  4. The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan – I know, another one of his? Hey, my holds just came in that way. But from page one, I started smiling. I missed my Greek mythology.
  5. What I Taught My Daughter: Lessons from Leaders on Raising the Next Generation of Empowered Women by Nina Tassler – I keep forgetting to pick this one back up; it’s good though and many bits and pieces resonate with me as I’m mum to two daughters.
  6. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens; I’m having a hard time going back to this audiobook. Should I make myself continue because it’ll be good for me to “read” more classics?

Okay, I have room temperature butter and eggs that need to get baked off. Gonna try a new recipe – Soft Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies – that I spotted on Pinterest this morning. Cross your fingers for me that they’ll come out.



14 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I’m glad you’re reading Jane Eyre! I loved it! I’m currently reading a collection of Agatha Christie stories and just finished listening to the second in the Outlander series.


      • I hadn’t really read anything of hers until the last year or two. Someone recommended watching the Hercule Poirot series with David Suchet as Poirot. I did enjoy reading her books after watching the series.


  2. Stephanie
    I just finished H is for Hawk. I think I wont’ have time for reading much with the move and house search. I feel like reading competes with my knitting and right now knitting is best for me. Still, I love a good review to add a book to my SOMEDAY list


  3. Wow lady! You have a lot of books going right now…I am lucky if I can keep 2 books going at the same time. I say, ditch Copperfield–life is too short to read books you don’t like and there are plenty of other books out there that are “good for you”. 🙂 🙂


  4. Finally figured out how to comment on your blog! I could not figure it out…you have to go and click on the post again. Duh!!!! Okay, good reading and lots of it! I hope you Pinterest recipe turned out….I’ve had lots of disappointing recipes from there. I prefer All Recipes. Happy 4th!


  5. I see you’ve been kinda busy huh? LOL. I am a fan of Jane Eyre. I admit that seeing the remake of the movie with Fassbender inspired my last reread. I can’t remember David Copperfield. I say if you’re not feeling it, move on. You can always return if you feel so inspired.Great Expectations is still on my “to do” list.


  6. Some classics are eternal – I re-read Jane Eyre a couple of years ago and I re-read something by Jane Austin almost every year, but Dickens is tough. In my youth I could read and enjoy any kind of books, but now I want entertainment, life is too hard and short :))


  7. Oy those brownies sound awesome.

    We have been holed up inside around here as well – the humidity here is overwhelming. Stepping outside is like walking into a cement swampland.

    What a bummer about Magnus Chase! I love Norse mythology. I could never get into the Percy Jackson books although when I worked in the library I never had to shelve them – they would get returned and immediately checked out again. 🙂


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