The Other Craft

Good afternoon. Can I say how lovely it has been to hear from you these past couple of posts? (*˙︶˙*)☆*° It’s like you pop your head in through the window and chat with me for a spell and then off you go down the lane ’til the next time you pass by.

Right now my peepers are trying to stay open. I’m pooped from the last-minute school rush but ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*hallelujah・゜゚・*☆ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ today is the last day of school. Mama gets to sleep in and won’t have to worry about having to get a child somewhere!

Today is Show and Tell of the other craft – Handmade Cards.

I may have talked in the past about the pace of my creativity when it comes to cards. When I first started creating cards this 2016, I was a snail. I would pull out whatever cardstock we had and my stamps box and just stare and stare at the supplies. I did already have a Pinterest board for ideas but I couldn’t put two and two together.

Case in Point: BATCH ONE – BFF Birthdays

You see here simple, flat, one-dimensional birthday cards to some of my high school peeps. The first I printed out the sheet music to “Happy Birthday” for the background. The second is just word banners on graphic cardstock.

Now with some experience, I am better. The paper stash is plumper. My craft box has the necessary items to glue down or elevate pieces. Le cerveau works faster.

BATCH TWO: May Cards

I still had shrinky dinks on my brain.

  • 1″ circular punch to punch out the circles
  • Stamped a graphic, alphabet stamp onto each in Staz On (ink that can be used on different materials)
  • Used a regular hole punch on top
  • 325° Oven


  • Used jewelry making supplies to put on rings
  • Crocheted a chain with Baker’s Twine, linking each charm on


  • Tied each end into those holes and tied in back of the graphic cardstock
  • Glue dots sealed down the cardstock
  • Envelopes were created with additional cardstock using a template but I had to up-size

BATCH THREE: End-of-the Year Teacher Cards

I just made these yesterday:

Our girls always give their teachers gifts at the end of the year. Of course they needed cards with them. You can see the theme of Baker’s Twine and gift wrapping.

The words are elevated with square foam.

I whipped up this last one for the school librarian for her sushi bookmark:


I saw I had some brown paper gift tags and this idea popped into my head: Instead of just using one end to anchor down the tag, I punched another hole on the other side and wrapped the ends around some while tying them in the back.

My smallest alphabet stamps were still too big for that tag’s space so I hand wrote the word. That actually wasn’t my first try. I tried fat Sharpie for capital letters, skinny Sharpie in capital letters, and then cursive. None of these looked right. The chevrons are fresh and modern while the splotches of pink are pieces of vintage. Writing like that matched the vibe.

At Craft Night my neighbor was dusting off her supplies to create cards for whenever she needed them. I loved how the roses and leaves gave them a simple, vintage vibe. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with stamping. I’ve been checking out pins and watching tutorials on YouTube. I’ve started making lists on what stamping supplies and what card-making supplies I need. Told the husband all I want for my birthday and Christmas are items from these lists, especially a Cricut Cuttlebug Embosser and Die Cutter. Crossing my fingers!

The next time I show you handmade cards, I hope to show you some cool, stamped ones.

Off to get some knitting in. Trying to beat second sock syndrome. Have a good week, y’all.


15 thoughts on “The Other Craft

  1. love the cards! GENIUS with the shrinky dinks!!!! I have been hoarding some for awhile thinking of what to do and also wanting to make some stitch markers…guess what I am doing next!!! I also had a slight obsession with cards and stamping and letterpress!! I have an Epic Six from Lifestyle crafts and just love, love cutting and embossing. Ih, the possibilities are endlessssssss. I am crossing my fingers for you, too!


  2. you will never ever suffer from second sock syndrome…just saying. Love your cards and I know how difficult it is to stamp, I’ve tried it and I made a huge mess. I think I’m too impatient and not slow enough…


  3. I love ALL of your cards! You have a perfect sense of proportion and space…and color, and…
    They are great!
    Love the WP theme, too!


  4. oh wow, look a your beautful cards!! They are really spectacular, that’s quite the talent you have. I especial like the happy birthday shrinky dink ones, they look really special.


  5. what lovely cards.
    D still isn’t off for another two weeks.. I have never wanted summer vacation to start as much as I do know.. me need sleep


  6. Ohhh, the cards are all so wonderful & creative! Especially love the happy birthday word charms. Handmade cards add such a special touch. I hope that you keep on sharing your card making adventures with us!


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