It’s the fabric that makes it.

ヾ(๑╹ꇴ◠๑)ノ” Aloha; the ohana and I are roastin’ today, actually have been all week! Wazzup wit’ ‘dis 90° every day? Mother Nature be loco or what? I need to stock up on tank tops and shorts. What I have is like for a weekend; I know very sad and ill prepared, yeah?

Keep on sharing your fruit picking experiences, pls! I am having so much fun reading about them. As I might have suspected, peach and strawberry picking can be messy or strain the muscles as Marsha had shared.

Can I tell you I am so grateful that the cherry tree lanes provided shade? ‘da Big Kahuna said he’s bringing a ladder next year as he had come home with all of these scratches on his arms from bending down branches to pick off them deep red cherries. Patty asked what’d we do with all of those cherries. Well, our crew probably shared at least one to two fifths of them. The rest was the keiki’s go-to snack whenever they were hungry; I’d wash a bowl here and there for them to bring outside to share with the other kids. I certainly ate my share as did the husband.

Keeping my word from the last podcast’s shownotes, today’s post centers on the fabric bookmarks I had sewn up. This is a terrific, beginning sewing project to get one’s feet wet.

I’ve been laggin’ big time on getting in sewing. I actually started a super cute, tunic top at my mum’s last month and brought it home to finish, but I haven’t made myself touch it. Intimidation is part of it. I relied heavily on my mum to translate sewing pattern instructions. I get how to prep the fabric and cut out the pattern but understanding the instructions can be hard for me. It’s frustrating because I feel with knitting, it was a different experience first learning.

So seeing the pin of Between Here and Home’s Fabric Bookmarks project inspired me to give it a go and get my butt going on the sewing.

I have gotten so many lovely comments on this sewing project. Why? Because it’s the fabric that makes it!

Pictured here:

I have an array of cotton and flannel fabric. Some are fat quarters and some are scrap fabric from my mum’s past projects.

Figure out your color schemes and buy the coordinating ribbon and thread.



I am new to interfacing. I was a bit confused at JoAnn on my first trip. The HeatBond in the purple packaging was the first one I purchased. When I first used it at home, I realized it was for applique. Between Here and Home used fusible fleece so I went back out the next day to get that also.

I hate to waste things so what’d I do?

Well, on my lovely mum’s ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) advice, I experimented. I first made Princess Jellybean one with just the fusible fleece. Then I made up another for Princess Cupcake using the HeatBond and the fusible fleece. I noticed how with the tween’s, the bookmark was stiffer and had more body. When they came home, happy over their new bookmarks, my keiki requested more for their BFFs!


So I decided to go the mixed route of HeatBond and fusible fleece. You see in this photo three rows of rectangles: The top is stacks of two rectangles of fusible fleece, the middle is stacks of two pieces of HeatBond, and the bottom row a front + back for each bookmark.

Without steam, I ironed a piece of HeatBond onto the wrong side of each fabric rectangle. When they were cooled down, I steam-ironed the fusible fleece on afterwards on top of the HeatBond.

I sandwiched each bookmark with its right sides on the outside. I then sewed each bookmark on its long, parallel sides and on one, short side. A pinking shear cut the edges all around four sides to prevent fraying. Then I’d cut a piece of ribbon, sticking one end into the open side, and then sew the open edge closed. The top of the ribbon was cut to make a v-point.

And wha-la ( ╹◡╹)っー’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*:

Bookmarks in action:


And tonight is another Craft Night at the neighbor’s so I whipped up these today as I know the ladies will appreciate them:

Each pictures shows off each side of cute print. This was a yard of flannel fabric that was on sale for $3 something – a steal at Jo-Ann!

Okie doke. I must go. Need to finish our super moist meatloaf, clean up the kitchen, and then go off to Craft Night. Aloha!


7 thoughts on “It’s the fabric that makes it.

  1. Love your bookmarks bet the ladies were impressed and thrilled. I have just started to use HeatnBond for my applique for the quilt I am making.


  2. such cute fabrics, you are so right that they make it! I love the cupcake one, and that sushi- adorable!! And I love sushi.


  3. Okay now i can comment again. Phew. I have to comment! I love your popsicle sew ups. You are clever! I think to sew successfully you need to be precise and geometric in mind. I’m neither….but I appreciate one who is!


  4. The bookmarks are super cute! They look like a fun sewing project. Interfacing totally confuses me. I bought a couple of different types for some visible mending projects but am procrastinating because of my newbie confusion.


  5. the bookmarks are super cute. D just requested a bookmark.. I just printed out a coloring printable out for him 😦
    Mom’s to the rescue. I was just on the phone with mine asking how to fix a cooking blunder.


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