Where has time gone?

What day is it? Thursday? Already? Where has time gone?

I apologize. I had plans to blog this week but one thing after another came up and while we had a lovely, Memorial Day weekend, my game was off come Tuesday, forgetting to put my phone into my purse Tuesday and Wednesday. I was also somewhat of a Mother Hen, clucking over Princess Cupcake who was about to go off further down the coast with her school’s sixth grade classes for a three night science camp. It wasn’t like she was just spending the night over at a friend’s house. My firstborn was going out to the wilderness. I really missed her during the light hours of yesterday, but I got over it. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she will remember forever.

Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, fellow Americans, how’d  you celebrate?

The husband learned about Nunn Better Farms in Brentwood, CA from a co-worker. The four of us set out early Saturday morning, the 28th. It was a good thing because we got there by when it opened before it got too crowded and before it got too hot. The portable toilets were fresh and clean, having soap pumps and sinks. And oh boy when our car was heading home, traffic the opposite way was all backed up.

My three loves found the best cherry tree! It gave us practically all that we brought home. The Year of the Monkey tween climbed the tree fearlessly to pick the ripest cherries for us.

Guess how much our crew brought home?


My man was told to bring our own buckets. You saw the husband holding a Dale Hardware bucket and see above how it’s all filled up: 25 lbs, $87! Not bad for some city slickers, huh? We did share the wealth; our house gave some cherries to five neighbors in our cul-de-sac.

Sunday, the 29th our family went out for an early dinner:


The four of us celebrated our first year as homeowners and living in the suburbs. It was delicious!

Then Monday, our generous neighbor invited the girls and another neighbor over to swim with her grandson:


The four of them had so much fun in the sun. I got to knit and chat with the adults.

Before I sign off, thank you from my heart for your support and lovely visits by here, the blog, &/or the Youtube channel. I read every single comment. Each one is like a ray of sunshine that brightens my day.

Have you gone fruit picking before? If so, what did you get? Is it easier or harder than cherry picking?


10 thoughts on “Where has time gone?

  1. We used to pick peaches. It was hard work and you had peach fuzz all over your body when done. Picked strawberries too……that one is back breaking. We use to have citrus trees in our back yard. ……..notice I said “use to”. Tons of work and then juicing and freezing………took our family of 5 over a week to complete. We only had 3 trees too.


  2. hello stranger 🙂 I bet you are going to be even busier when summer is in full swing! We had a cherry tree in our yard growing up and I’d climb and pick cherries racing against the birds. My mom would always make a cherry pie! lovely photos!!


  3. We have gone fruit picking…mostly strawberries…but cherry picking looks really intense! The leaves on that tree look huge! I did not realize cherry tree leaves were so big. So…what did you do with all of those cherries? Besides sharing and snacking?


  4. I love this envelope for the comments.

    Those cherries look DELISH.

    I know you will be making something good. 🙂

    Thanks for coming by my Book Blogger Hop post. I had a difficult time finding your blog. 🙂 Not sure why.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer


  5. I’ve been lax on blog consumption lately. I’ve missed a few of the Knitmore Girls’ podcasts and I just don’t have time for it lately. ::sigh::

    We’ve gone apple picking toward Sacramento. We were on the hunt for apples to make hard cider. We got a ton of apples…but our cider didn’t turn out so well. Oh well.


  6. cherry picking sounds wonderful! Looks like a great haul. Strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry picking is most common here in the summer, and of course apple picking in the fall!


  7. Wow, that is quite a cherry haul! Great job! Cherries are my absolute favorite summer fruit. We are currently enjoying all the strawberries from my little guy’s strawberry patch. It’s always so fun to see his excitement when he sees all his gardening effort come to fruition.


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