Sock Surgery

Hullo. 「(゚ペ)Is it Friday yet? I swear this week has been a long one. You know how there’s Hump Day Wednesday and TGIF? Well I call Thursdays, Tricky Thursday. The reason why is sometimes it feels like Friday but it ain’t and so, you have wait another day for TGIF. *sighs*

In today’s post I wanted to clarify all that knitterly talk in last week’s podcast. So here goes…


I showed off this HFO (half-finished object) – my SIL’s Christmas sock, entitled Her Cerulean. (This photo shows a sock that has been wet-blocked this week during the hot weather.)

I had knitted it all and then realized the oopsies too late – the cuff at the very top was too damn tight. Should have tried on the sock before you finished knitting that cuff, Stef.

If it doesn’t fit me, it won’t fit M’s shapely calves. (╯•﹏•╰) What do I do now? Didn’t wanna frog after what happened with Dad and brother’s socks.No more frogging, pls!

So, inspired by Andrea, ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ sock surgery time!

  1. Cut off some of the cuff, then more to get closer to the leg.
  2. Ack! Should have reread her post first to insert a lifeline beforehand. Definition of a knitting lifeline here.
  3. Soldiered on; looking where there were a few dropped stitches, picked one up and starting picking up other stitches from there.
  4. Three hours later, 64 stitches back on size 0 DPN’s (double-pointed needles that are 2 mm each in diameter).
  5. Knitted a couple of rounds upwards to get a 7″ leg.
  6. Leg Pattern: knit 6, purl 2. Last round of leg, increased in each purl section to go from 64 stitches to 72 stitches for the cuff.
  7. Switched to size 1 DPN’s (2.25 mm) to knit 15 rounds of cuff.
  8. Bound off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off = stretchy like Elastigirl in Incredibles 1.


Here is a close up of the results of sock surgery. You can see the stitches are a bit misaligned. This is because of the change in direction of knitting from cuff-down to leg-up. I have a tinge of guilt about it, but I’m going to let it go and move on.

I really think this sock will fit my SIL okay. Only the cuff needed extra width. There is room in the rest of the sock. Cross your fingers for me, pls!

Okay, I need me some knitting time. Gonna work on catching up on podcasts. Thank you for dropping by. You’ll see me around again on Saturday. Until then, bye!


16 thoughts on “Sock Surgery

  1. hooray for sock surgery!! I’ve done that kind of thing so many times, and while the misalignment is subtle, I find that you only see it if you are looking for it. A good solution!


  2. You are my knitting hero! I never would have attempted that surgery–but look how great your sock turned out! Lovely! I watched your latest podcast the other night–love it-and your hair! What a great style. Wish I could pull that look off. Hope to see you reading tomorrow. Do you have some books picked out?


  3. OMG! I’m going to have sock nightmares now! You did amazing but I’m not that talented! Actually that happened to me but I realized it was caused by my weaving in the ends and not the sock itself so once I undid the ends and wove them in differently it fit fine. I would never have been able to do what you did and you did such a great job! You could be a real surgeon after that experience!


  4. NIce one 🙂 This is why I prefer to knit my socks toe up because I don’t have the slimmest ankles and just couldn’t get a cast on that fit right. When I cast off socks I use the russian cast off which works perfectly and is easy to remember lol


  5. Wow, I am soooo impressed with the sock surgery! That took guts but you pulled it off! I tended to cast on pretty tightly until I learned the Old Norwegian Cast On. It’s especially nice looking and very flexible. Perfect for cuff down socks.


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