Post IV: What’s Cookin’ Good Looking?

✲゚。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。Aloha. Howz it? Are your allergies all loco like mine have been? We get a good breeze down here with a pollen index of 8.7 out of 12 (whatever this means). I tried to run ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘ as early as I could after volunteering but it heated up quicker. When I got home from my 3.24 mi run, my face was red like a tomato and I was drippin’ sweat. I checked my temperature app and it read past 70°. No wonder!

So I’m trying a little something new. Before I was sporadic on responding to your comments via email. Then I tried responding right when you commented right back to you but it would be on the blog where I know many of you like me don’t go back to check of any questions or whatever have been answered or responded to. So now, I’m trying to respond back on your blog if you have one which for some reason I think is nicer. If you don’t have a blog, I will respond back via email. What do you think about all of that?


Remember in Monday’s post how I teased you a bit in the beginning? Well you know the husband and I celebrated our nine-year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. My ever thoughtful mum gave us an awesome gift – a Black + Decker Double Flip Waffle Maker!

(I couldn’t decide upon which photo to use so I inserted all three.)

These waffles are from Saturday brunch. I used Lemon Sugar’s The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever. It has you separating the whites from the yolks to beat them until you get stiff peaks like for a meringue. For our first batch ever of waffles, this recipe was excellent. All four mouths of our crew was busy chewing and gobbling down these waffles. They were light from the beaten egg whites. I had read in the waffle maker’s instruction booklet afterwards that I should not stack waffles on top of one another because they’d get soggy. These waffles did not get soggy!

Our waffle maker is so easy to use. Can I tell you how convenient it is to make two waffles at once and they’re full size! I think from the recipe above, we got at least seven out of it.

Princess Jellybean requested more waffles for Sunday which we of course had. I was too lazy to beat egg whites so I used In Jennie’s Kitchen Quick & Easy Homemade Waffles. They were great, standard waffles.  This time I left individual servings on separate plates. However, they still softened so next time I’ll leave them in a warmed oven. I got five waffles out of one recipe. The last one was actually too much batter and overflowed – my fault. So next time I’ll make five full ones + a smaller one.


I tried out another Martha Stewart recipe: Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings.

This is the second night’s batch:


I doubled the sauce because I had more wings and drummettes in weight than what the recipe required. The first night I didn’t realize I had to start reducing the sauce earlier. Uh, read the recipe through, Stef, before cooking – (-‸ლ) duh! Totally my bad so our sauce was watery over the first batch.

I saved the sauce that night and when it came time to heating up the leftovers the next day, I reduced the sauce for about a half an hour. What a big difference of course. The sauce was thick and stuck to the chicken. Finger-licking good.

What’s for your dinner tonight?



6 thoughts on “Post IV: What’s Cookin’ Good Looking?

  1. The chicken looks delicious! I use that same separated egg and beaten egg whites recipe but since there are only two of us I freeze individual waffles in freezer bags…we pop them in the toaster and they are amazing. I am not quite sure what you are doing about commenting but I am just going to keep on doing what we have been doing!


  2. Your responding system sounds similar to mine. I try to visit if there is a place to visit (blog) and if not I respond within my comments section. It works for me so far.

    love your waffles, we have them rarely but when we do, yum yum yum!


  3. First of all Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful gift to get too! I have been on a waffle kick lately but just frozen. I used to make my own and then freeze them but no time lately to do that so I settled but they’re not bad when you have a craving and the craving isn’t going away!
    My favorite recipe for batter is more like dessert as it has white chocolate chips and blueberries!
    Have you tried any savory waffles yet? I love the texture of waffles….that crunchy, crispiness.
    I have got to try that MS chicken wing/drumette recipe. It sounds like a winner for sure. I know you’re supposed tor read through the recipe completely and I try but I, too, have been “caught”…just last night I discovered the cake I was making was supposed to chill in the frig for 4 hours before frosting….huh? Who would have guessed that? I chilled it for 2 and called it good! LOL! What treats are you having for your readathon and what books are you reading? TTYL!


  4. I would love to see how you feel this comment response works. CUrrently I respond to folks in the comments with a reply. I do realize folks have to return for an answer so that’s asking a bit much of them.
    I have many of the bloggers email addresses from swaps so I can get back to them personally as well if there is a need for clarification or a answer to a question.
    THis is a good thing to think about


  5. I like our back and forth comment on each other’s blogs. I’m sporadic with responding as well. I try to do it as soon as I remember to on the comment.

    I have been looking for a good chicken sauce that’s well, thick and saucy lol

    My kids eat eggo waffles which I think are kinda stale tasting. Nothing beats a good Belgium waffle!! I should ask for a waffle maker. Sounds like it was an awesome gift!


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