A Repost

Hullo. What are you up to this Sunday? Has your weekend been wet like ours?

Our crew’s been indoors. This pretty much sums up my weekend:

Baseball the old school way, knitting, tea, and brunch (Panettone French toast).

Slipping in a quick post as I read a lovely post by Andi of My Sister’s Knitter minutes ago. It included this wonderful, short, and informational video of how knitting came to be and where it’s gone over the years:

And I believe Ravelry was even mentioned ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。!

If you don’t follow My Sister’s Knitter, you must. Andi always has sock yarn eye candy and in her Ravelry group, there are always KALs/CALs that anyone can link their WIPs to. She also includes either a good tune or a great video that may teach you something new.


12 thoughts on “A Repost

  1. I found your podcast! I didn’t even know you were doing that! It was so awesome to see you in action and hear your voice and you do a wonderful job! I love that cowl you had on and want to make one. I’ve been thinking of you but I don’t think I posted over here. If I have repeated myself please excuse me….between blogs, and podcasts and my own little life….it gets crazy at times. I watch from You Tube on my t.v. so I can’t comment then but I want to go back and read your “show notes” so I can get that cowl pattern. You give such great details! LOVE! Congratulations! I’ll be telling my blog readers about you too! You go girl! You’re so cute in person too! (I knew you would be!) Also, I love your knitting mug and the pannetone looks yummy! TTYL!


  2. I look forward to reading Andi’s posts every Sunday. Such a fun and relaxing way to start off the week. Love this video! Today was all about laundry & chores but looking forward to a nice relaxing day tomorrow with lots of knitting and podcast watching/listening (including your latest!)


  3. Oh i love radio baseball! Iwill watch the knit history video link.
    Theweekend included mini sock knitting and watching my stuff while fireman overdosed on the. Masters


  4. You are lovely my friend, thank you for the mention. xo!

    Your knitting looks beautiful and I adore that mug. The French toast…oh goodness yum!!


  5. Looks like a good weekend to me! And yes, Andi is all things knitting goodness. Not to mention, she’s a standup human being as well. She really allowed me to embrace my internet knitter 🙂


  6. radio baseball! What a great idea. As is that french toast! Totally agree with you about Andi, she is a treasure, as is her blog.


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