A Mixed Post

Sweets. Grub. A necessity. It’s a mixed post today folks.

I. Easter

Now you may or may not celebrate Easter. In my book, that’s all good. Easter came fast this 2016. I blinked and there it was! I was so not prepared for it. Luckily, our neighbor was. She invited Princess Cupcake and Princess Jellybean to dye eggs with her son. On Easter Sunday, they hunted for real, boiled eggs:

Guess who found the most eggs?

II. I want candy!

Are you a Peeps fan? When the four of us had St. Patty’s Day/Easter dinner at my mum’s around three weeks ago, she had these packages of yellow Peeps dipped in chocolate for the four kids! Every year she usually hooks me up with some where I hoard it away for ages so the marshmallows become crunchy. Do you do that? Never have I seen these special edition Peeps.


During a Target run, the princesses and I stocked up as they were right by the entrance.

Top & Bottom: The chocolate dipped ones the girls brought home from Bella’s house

Second is raspberry dipped – Princess Jellybean’s favorite.

Third is lemon – my fave.

Fourth is Strawberry – Princess Cupcake’s favorite.

We three dames later on tried blueberry which was okay. I think the 8 year old liked that one. Every time I go to Target, I’ll be sure to check out the peeps!

III. What’s cookin’ good looking? (#4)

As I had mentioned in the last podcast, I stocked up at the Korean market, Kukje. I haven’t made the kimchi yet, sorry. Been too busy with other things but I did make curry, something I’ve been craving for ages!


This is the curry I used. The box has instructions on the back but the recipe was for a few pounds of meat. I didn’t use cut up, chunks of meat; I only used 1 lb of ground turkey and finely chopped one onion, lots of baby carrots, two gold potatoes, and a 3/4 of a bunch of celery. The vegetables were sauteed in an 8 quart pot. I made the whole box of curry by dissolving both squares into a pot of 6 cups of boiling water. All the ingredients were combined and heated up for at least 15 minutes. Mahalo Mum for the guidance.

Curry is comfort food. When the little one likes it, you know it’s a winner. I like that I finely chopped the veggies. It’s kind of like the Japanese way, yeah? Medium hot curry is just right for the young dames and moi. The husband said once it was good and then was too busy gobbling it down.

IV. A Must

I try to read your blogs every day so I don’t get behind. Many of you follow Julie Crawford of Knitted Bliss. She is a gorgeous and sweet knitter. Today I read her latest post where she features pins and links she likes. One of her features really caught my attention – the concept of a buddy bench. I loved learning about this in the fun video that was filmed for this piece. I think every school should have one. I remember all too well when I taught how there were kids pacing up and down along the fence during recess and lunch.

So what do you have planned this weekend? I’m hosting Craft Night for the month and will get more knitting done. One project (/ヘ ̄、) needs surgery unfortunately so please keep your fingers/needles/hooks crossed for me. I also hope to start a new, ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ special project over the weekend!

Before I sign off, I want to say (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡ kamsa hamnida for all of your well wishes, great thoughts, and lovely sharing in the comments for the last two posts. Being able to read is not just a skill, but also a gift, yeah? And being married to such a supportive and wonderful man is definitely a blessing. Life is good.

Stay tuned for next week’s podcast.


13 thoughts on “A Mixed Post

  1. You have a lot going on in this post. I don’t like peeps at all but my husband does and stores them in the freezer…the chocolate dipped ones…

    Curry always looks so interesting but I am afraid of it!

    Have a great week end!


    • Does Den let them thaw afterwards? How does he eat it? Curry is yummy. Would you local deli have a small container of a pre-made curry dish for you to try or there’s always Trader Joe’s frozen?


  2. I make a Thai-inspired curry…it’s not really curry but it works. Husband and I like it. Little Man won’t touch it…….and then there’s Stormageddon. He will actually eat it, which is strange compared to his brother. Stormageddon is my good eater. We order sushi and he wants to eat my salad with carrot ginger dressing. I make curry and he wants to eat it. I make lasagna and he wants to eat it. I make just about anything and he’ll want to try it…..but God forbid I give him something benign like macaroni and cheese. ::sigh::


  3. Oh It was fun to see the egg hunt pictures bc we didn’t have any this year!

    I did some serious sock surgery last night on a relatively new pair of socks. I had dropped a stitch in each one and picked them up. WHY dont I see this when I’m kntting it?

    Have fun hosting ! I cant wait to hear about it


  4. Wait, there are lemon flavoured Peeps in the world?! I had no idea!!! I wish I had seen this when the treats were still out, I didn’t know they came in any other flavours than marshmallow! Looks like the egg hunt was lots of fun. I would love to participate in a craft night- I need either someone else in Toronto to organize one that I can attend, or wait until the kiddos are a bit older before I can host one here. Ah well, one day!


  5. Peeps are a favorite for us, too. This year we tried the peep eggs and the strawberry ones. We also love to float them atop of hot cocoa and watch them melt. My husband is the golden curry king. He learned to make it while studying abroad in Japan. He adds chicken, sweet potatoes, golden potatoes, onions, carrots and peas to his. Also a glug of beer which he swears makes everything more tender.


  6. I love candy but it’s something that I should not eat too often….Lovely bright weather you have, we have clouds clouds dreary dreary. Blah. My mom and my daughter LOVE peeps. I’m a chocolate lover myself.


  7. Stef, you would so fit in in our home!!! Yes peeps must be held until they get a little crunchy I’ve been catching up on all your posts…so much good stuff!! Cant wait to watch the podcasts!



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