9th Anniversary

Good evening. With spring break sadly done, I am able to catch you up on the other than knitting.

2016-03-25 14.10.26

Good Friday last month was actually E and I’s ninth anniversary. We are amazed how another year has passed by and how we’ve almost been married a decade. The princesses were off so we had family time on the 25th. The four of us went to see Zootopia. If you haven’t seen it already, it is a must for all ages! This Disney film had us laughing and entertained us with constant action. I enjoyed the creative storyline that kind of dealt with a broad topic related to what’s going on in our world today. Hungered after the movie, our crew went to eat at a restaurant that specialized in wings but none of us actually had any. My mum always taught me to order something I never have at home. We eat a lot of chicken so I ordered that burger (above) because since our daughters don’t like their ground beef in that form, I don’t make hamburgers for dinner.

The next Saturday evening, my honey and I went locally for dinner while our neighbor babysat the girls. We were craving sushi, something we haven’t had for quite some time. The two of us weren’t disappointed. The restaurant had a large selection to choose from. I tend to want to get sushi rolls and boy there like two pages of all these different kinds of rolls. E and I ordered three besides some peppered ahi tuna, an appetizer.

Photo Apr 01, 11 49 05 AM

While our babies were up in the city during the last of their spring break getting spoiled by their grandparents, – Mahalo nui loa again Mum & Dad – my man took off the next Friday so he and I could have some couple time. We tried out a small cafe in town for crepes. I wanted a savory one of course. This is the Caravan Crepe. It was delicious. The crepe itself was large and crispy on the edges while soft everywhere else. It was perfect.

Late evening the two of us went to try a local burger joint that was highly rated on Yelp. We were seated next to the fire pit which gave us a simple and lovely ambiance. I ordered a cocktail that had fruit in it; I forgot Maker’s Mark was bourbon; oh boy did that have kick! E chose a combination of parmesean and sweet potato fries to start us off. I ordered a salad burger, not knowing it was bunless but that was fine. The salad was tasty with my bison patty and gouda.

So to sum off our 9th anniversary, this year was all about QT with my honey and oinkin’ out. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you babe. I love you.



9 thoughts on “9th Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary. You are wise to spend and enjoy time together and nourish your marriage. We are blessed to share our lives with great guys!
    Still love your hair lady!


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