It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Annyeong haseyo. Before I get into today’s book post, I need to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of your support for March’s trio of podcasts.

Back then, blogging was my first step into the public. Then a few years ago I had to get used to speaking in public in front of parents for PTA. Podcasting is like a whole ‘nother realm! I was really nervous to put myself on video. However, your sweet support blows away the apprehensive clouds and fills me up with a rainbow. *bows* Kamsa hamnida. And thank you for the helpful feedback, like how 30 minutes is a good length for a podcast. Mahalo nui loa for taking time out of your busy schedule to watch my podcasts!

Now onto business…linking up with Kathryn of Book Date

It's Monday! What Are You Reading


Personal wants. Deception. Missed opportunities. Lust. And then some.

This pretty much describes Beatrice Small’s Deceived. I read this book because I was waiting for an eBook on hold to be available to me. This book was passed along to me some time ago and having read a few of Small’s works in the past, I thought it would do in the meantime.

Unfortunately, Deceived didn’t do it for me. I was chomping at the bit for the first couple of chapters. It did pick up some but after a while, the storyline got a bit ridiculous in how the main problem was remedied. I totally expected something like that to happen. How convenient *rolls eyes*. And just when you thought the book would be finally over, there was this addendum, mini plot. For real? Two stars.


Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase is the Kindle book I had been waiting to read. Many book bloggers gave it high praise which convinced me to read it next. I can’t say too much about it because these bits would spoil the plot for you. But think – sh*t happens + family secrets.

I took the time Saturday evening to immerse myself into the written word which was a lovely change, finishing the last 60%. I had questions right from the start of the prologue, a big one being What happened? of course. The flipping back and forth from the 1900’s to present day made sense as their chapters were linked. Each plot was believable. The story’s past was like all kinds of possible weather – sun , clouds, or storms. My interest was piqued and made me want to read more. I also liked how the book came to a satisfying end and didn’t leave me hanging anywhere. Four stars.

Now the question is, what do I read next?

Before I sign off, are you aware of Dewey’s 24-Hour-Readathon is coming up again this month? Yep, April 23rd. I do hope you join in with me this time around. You can sign up here.

Hope you had an enjoyable reading week and have an intriguing stack waiting for you this week. Annyeong kaseyo.


16 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. You’re adorable. It’s not Monday yet 🙂

    Also, I need to read more….but it’s either read or knit and knitting wins right now. ::sigh:: I do have a love of audio books and non-video podcasts (Knitmore Girls, in particular but also The History Chicks) but there are only so many of those.


  2. Stefanie you need to let Renee Anne know it is at least Monday somewhere! Glad your podcasts are going well, I would imagine the editing takes time. I enjoy that kind of thing but all my time goes at the moment on learning all the aspects of quilting. Hope you enjoy your next read. I think Bertrice Small is an older author, never read anything by her and I believe she has now passed on. One day though I will read one of her books.


  3. Watched your excellent podcast. I don’t know how you cram in as much as you do, and then KNIT on top of it!

    Am reading Mark Reutlinger, light, easy to read aloud.


  4. I had checked out Black Rabbit Hall from the library and accidentally returned it. 😦 I am going to have to get it on Kindle maybe – no chance of turning it back in without reading that way. Lol.

    Congrats on your podcasts!


  5. Im waiting for a book about a Ranger in the SMokey Mountains. It should arrive tomorrow. We are taking a trip there to visit Our daughter so I wanted to read this book!


  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed Black Rabbit Hall!! I really enjoyed it too and some of stuff that gets revealed – wow. Caroline’s a piece of work isn’t she! I really enjoyed your podcast and definitely agree that 30 minutes is the perfect run time. Have a great week!


  7. I’m a knitter too haha! Brilliant Post! I will be sure to check you out again next week. Black Rabbit Hall also sounds really good.

    My post is over at of you want to see some of my currently readings. You might get some recommendations! It was my first time doing an “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?” Post.

    All the best,


  8. Oooh, Black Rabbit Hall sounds really intriguing!! I just finished reading When Breath Becomes Air, and it was a total tearjerker. So, so good.


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