Episode 2: STITCHES West 2016

Aloha! What are your Easter plans? Our keiki just dyed eggs with the neighbor and us parents will be hiding them tomorrow afternoon in the backyard for the kids to hunt down.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog but scout’s honor my needles have been clacking away while I’ve been binging on knitting podcasts. And guess what? I recorded another podcast!

I’ve been watching many YouTube tutorials on Movie Maker so this second podcast is full of my editing experimentation. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Domek by Seattle Yarn
  2. Creative with Clay by Charan Sachar
  3. Aurora by Space Cadet
  4. Simply Gradient by Inner Yarn Zen
  5. Ombre by Two Black Sheep (I’m not sure if this is the correct base.)
  6. ChiaoGoo Nostepinne
  7. HiyaHiya Kitty Snips
  8. SW Stripe by Fresh from the Cauldron
  9. Jesse/oocha of Hungry Cat Podcast
  10. Nicole of Hue Loco Podcast
  11. Candace of Pinfeathers and Purls Podcast
  12. Katie of Inside Number 23 Podcast
  13. Eric of Sticks + Twine Podcast
  14. Kristin of Yarngasm Podcast
  15. Jodi & Traci of Grocery Girls Podcast

26 thoughts on “Episode 2: STITCHES West 2016

  1. Loved it! Super cute hair! The Domek is really cool and on my list of quick knits!

    Keep exploring and kearning! Thanks for taking us along!


  2. I loved this podcast! I found myself watching it as though you were a Crafty TV Show star…Knitting With Stephanie…I an making that knitted Katniss thing…I love it! Great job!!!


  3. Love love your hair! At this point all the knitting stuff is still Greek to me but with the Tornado starting school in August I might be driving you crazy with questions soon! Our Easter is pretty low key. We hid eggs this morning but we’ve mostly been just hanging out enjoying the rainy weather. Have a great week!


  4. FInally had some time to watch your podcast ! You are so at ease and it is great to feel like I kind of know you!
    The cowl: Thank you for showing the seaming and how to wear it. I’m a clothes idiot…..I’d have never figured it out. LOVE the look. THe nuetral color will go well with so many tops.
    The sock yarns : Dept of ROcket Science is a great name. Nebula is going to make great socks. Whenever nylon and merino get together I have a happy time knitting. I need that SPRINGYness. It is easy on my hand and finger joints that way.

    Your stockinette coffee/tea mug is a great color and I love it. The buttons make it!

    Finally Wonder Woman yarn? So cute. I love a great self stripe. I cant wait to see if it is thick or thin when it works up.

    Thanks for a great time on the podcast. πŸ™‚
    kathy b


  5. So enjoyed watching this! The new hairstyle looks gorgeous! Also love Domek. I was very impressed by how unfussy it was to put on. I usually have to fiddle around with my cowls before they look halfway decent. It also totally has a Katniss vibe to it. Love your sock yarn haul but my favorite thing was the cute sweater mug. Hopefully the vendor will be at Maryland Sheep & Wool in May.


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