Post III: What’s cookin’ good looking?

Good afternoon. It’s a bit muggy here in the East Bay. A side note: You know, I thought we’d be considered south bay but apparently I was wrong after Googling it just now. So I stand corrected.

Anywho, our crew is having a quiet Sunday. We got back from the city late last night because of a delicious reason – St. Patty’s/Easter Meal at My Mum’s.


Last month, we were talking about soup and Pepperpot Soup came up for some reason. Have you ever had it before? My dad used to buy cans of it from Lucky’s but Campbell’s some time ago discontinued it.

So after Googling, I found two recipes and sent them to my mum. Hey Mum, which recipe did you use?  The family got to try it and we were certainly pleased with her results. The soup certainly had kick as from following instructions, my mum put in two teaspoons of cayenne pepper. I loved the bits of tripe, something I grew up on, in it. We were lucky to bring some home last night. I can’t wait to have some.


The star of the meal was this flavorful, corned beef!

Now to back up a bit, the only memories I’ve had of corned beef and cabbage are from the times my grandmother made it. Her cooking in truth, is mediocre so I’ve never been fond of these dishes.

However, my mum had terrific success of course as she is an awesome cook. The meat was tender and can be pulled apart by hand easily. The cabbage was simple but had good flavor as she had boiled it in the juices of the meat.

I brought apple cake for dessert. The tween helped me cut two, Fuji apples and one, Red Delicious besides cutting off their skins. I think we need to invest in an apple peeler as it took her the whole time to do that while I mixed up the other ingredients. Can I say it was fun to watch my four-year-old niece gobble it down and see my one-year-old nephew impatiently eyeball his mom scooping some up in his little spoon before putting it in his mouth. If you want the recipe link, it was in this post here. Four adults and two kids who never had it before loved it last night; I think that’s enough proof of how good it is.

Now from Our Kitchen

When I had seen Somewhat Simple’s R is for Rolo Cookie Bars on Pinterest, I knew I had to pin it. Recently, I tried it out after stocking up on Easter candy:


These bars are chock-full of an interesting array of ingredients. They almost have a granola bar consistency but aren’t sticky chewy and are more crumbly. Not bad as a good, power snack or some sweetness after a meal.

I took a step and bought a big bag of potatoes from Costco. The 11-year-old was super happy this mama came home with spuds. Lemme tell you, these are organic potatoes and ho dang are they big suckas!

I first tried baking them in my crock pot. Unfortunately, this attempt wasn’t a success. Even for eight hours, the potatoes were still hard in the middle. I wasn’t happy.

So I went old-school and baked them in the oven for an hour on 350°. Winner!


Our crew had oven-baked potatoes for two dinners. I taught Princess Cupcake to wash them, drizzle them with EVOO, and season them with salt and pepper. She, her dad, and I loaded the inner fluffy results with organic butter, organic mozzarella cheese, and organic sour cream. On the last night, the 8-year-old who usually only likes her potatoes in french fry form, was licking the sour cream spoon, grabbed a bit of spud and dipped it onto her spoon. She liked it! She really, really liked it! So yesterday at her Bella’s, Princess Jellybean had a bit of mashed potatoes because she had helped out and mixed in some sour cream into the mashed spuds.

And last but not least…

Since E’s surgery, I’ve been putting our Nutri Bullet to work. I wanted to try new smoothies so from left to right you see the following:

  1. Yummy Mummy Kitchen’s Bikini-Ready Tropical Chia Smoothie
  2. Pearls Handcuffs & Happy Hour’s Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie.

For the former, the drink was light because I only used mango since my local TJ’s didn’t have pineapple. It’s a nice, simple smoothie. For the latter, I do love my peanut butter in general and liked this interesting smoothie. It had bulk since there’s oats in it. If you’re a smoothie fan and want to change it up some, check these two recipes out.

Well that’s it from our kitchen. Off to put the kettle on for some Irish Breakfast tea and read your posts. Feelin’ a bit under the weather here.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Bye.


16 thoughts on “Post III: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. So sorry! Feel better soon…when I am by myself I love a big baked potato for dinner…but I use Greek yogurt rather than sour cream…and I often top it with cottage cheese as well as organic butter…

    I have used them too as a container for chili and even pasta sauce and meatballs…

    What we can do with a lowly baked potato!


  2. It all sounds yummy! Nothin better then an oven baked tater.

    Have you ever tried Boiled Ham, potato, and cabbage soup? We call it boild ham dinner. It is delicious! Nit is always my eldest daughters birthday dinner request. Serve it with a hard roll, or my personal face is warm rosemary bread.


  3. Lots of yummy food in this post! Also reading this makes me miss my mom & her wonderful cooking. I love corned beef & cabbage especially with the addition of some Guinness. One of my favorite meals for using up leftover veggies is a roasted potato bake with veggies, bacon and shredded cheese.


  4. We are fans of the baked potato dinner night as well. Sometimes the husband will get one sweet potato for us to share since The Kid won’t touch them now. I blame his father for overfeeding him them when he was a toddler while I was at work, but he had his come to Jesus moment with avocado, maybe there will be a sweet potato moment in his future …

    We like smoked sea salt if we aren’t doing a fry up of 3 pieces of diced bacon. (cause if you can’t have bacon, can we have the essence of bacon?) green onions and shredded cheese always on hand, ’cause we are a quesadilla for lunch household. Also, sometimes just a little parmasean and black pepper cause it’s salty goodness. I still haven’t done twice stuffed, since baked stuffed is good enough for me!


  5. I forgot to mention, I love tripe too. At least the little cat tongue kind, that you get in Pho or dim sum. I want to try this Pepperpot soup! Thanks for the recommendation!


  6. I’ve learned the trick with corned beef – you can buy two different cuts and the one that costs a bit more is well worth the money. Of course, then you have to cook it right and you have to cut it right. Your mom’s looks delicious!


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