The Latest WIP

The thought: Life is good, pops into my head as I sit here typing this post:

  • Princess Jellybean’s hand is healing at a wonderful rate since she started antibiotics last Friday. BTW, thank you for your sweet concern and well wishes for her. Her raw spot is practically nothing now, but we’re seeing the nurse practitioner this afternoon since her culture came back positive for staph; better safe than sorry I say. Hopefully no new meds will be needed.
  • The husband is walking slowly on his healing foot and has taken to putting together his own, private spin studio in the office. He bought a new bike to go with the bike trainer stand and specialized snap-in bike shoes with pedals. One hour spin sessions with audio podcast entertainment happen on a daily basis.
  • I was first in line to Xerox and mastered my flat iron curls this morning, showing off one, shaved side.

Before I forget, I wanted to quickly post two links I had forgotten to include in my first podcast’s show notes (My bad, ladies!):

Hungry Cat Pocast by Jesse/oocha, an avid sock knitter and who has one intelligent cat named Bruce that can deftly rip open cereal boxes to get to its yummy contents


Kiwiyarns Knits by Wei S. Leong, a.k.a. KiwiPurler, who showcases and educates us about lovely New Zealand yarn.

Well, you know from here, the sock drama I was having that almost made me throw in the towel. However, I decided to give it another go by using the yarn that was intended for my brother for his wife. She tends to wear conservative colors so I didn’t want to deviate too much in color and in design.

I therefore cast on this:


Pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes

This is a pattern I’ve always wanted to knit. Since I was reusing the Cascade Heritage Solids & Quatro in Cerulean, I knew on size 2 DPNs, I had a 7 stitches per inch gauge. My gauge tends to go up/down half a stitch every quarter/half of a millimeter so I took out my never-used, Knitter’s Pride Karbonz 0’s and got 8 stitches per inch. My mojo is back with this successful start!

I must run along and get the organic, ground beef browned. It’s crock pot spaghetti sauce with pasta tonight for dinner. And then off to pick up the 8-year-old for her appointment. TTYL!


18 thoughts on “The Latest WIP

  1. WOOHOO!

    I’m still working through my Vanilla Latte socks. They’re my “travel” knitting so they kind of hang out in my purse. They usually come out during swimming lessons.


  2. that’a great sock to cast on for, good choice! And glad that you are totally counting the blessings and good things, you have such a wonderful attitude about life. 🙂


  3. Beautiful yarn and beautiful socks! Glad to see you’re back on the wagon 🙂

    I’m not so keen on Sweet Georgia yarns. I find the base thickish and I’ve had troubles with the yarn not being colourfast. In fact, just the other day I glanced at my toenails as I got into the shower and thought “my goodness, they look cyan … I hope it’s not a fungal infection or something else awful”, but nope it’s just dye from the socks even two years later! GAH!

    Glad to hear everyone’s on the mend. We’re having spaghetti for Easter dinner on Saturday at my sister’s… it’s my nephew’s favourite!


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